Sell used watches

Wouldn’t it awesome to know a place where selling of almost all used watches is possible? Lower priced watches as well as extremely valuable watches? That would be an awesome place! Only a dream? No, because buys all kind of watches: extremely valuable watches, designer watches, wristwatches, pocket watches, gold watches, silver watches and any other watches worth between $50 and $100,000. And do you know what? We always calculate the highest prices. You plan to sell used watches like Rolex watches, Breitling watches, Diamond watches or maybe “just” a Gucci watch? Perfect, we are the place of your needs. Plus, we also buy damaged watches or watches in top condition. We run the price finding process with our watchmaker and our watch experts as Steve Redrich. That makes selling of damaged watches for high prices possible.

Sell used watches made in any decades

You can sell a 1970’s Rolex, a 2000’s Gucci, a 1990’s Breitling, a 1940’s Omega or much older used watches to us. Our experts have the ability to work with almost all watch brands from all over the world, to tell you only one huge benefit of Moreover, we are very experienced in the field of making identifications of very rare watches. If you sell a used watch with our company and you don’t know that you own a rare piece, we let you know – this is what we are well known for.

Our experts start with a general examination, if you sell used watches with us. They check the branding, the hallmarks, the casing, the glass, the clasps, the watchband, the shape and other exterior characteristics to get a first impression. In the second step, we calculate the approx. purchase price that we can offer you. We never open your watch, until that step! Next, we give you a call or we write you an email to let you know our calculated payout amount. Only if you agree to our price, we open your watchcase to examine your used watch’s clockwork. The clockwork is the soul of every watch and the best indicator of authenticity. If your used watch passes this last test positive, we close the deal by making an instant payment. On the first view, this determination process may looks complex to you but dear customer, that all works only in a couple of hours. The appraisal process and the final payment can be done in 48 hours, if your watch is authentic and if you agree to our price. Isn’t that extremely fast?

Very helpful information if you sell used luxury watches with us:

Sell Rolex watches – Sell Breitling watches – Sell Tag Heuer watches

What makes the difference between and competitors?

What separates from the majority of watch buyers is the fact that we are willing and able to buy almost all watches: not only luxury watches, not only designer watches and not only gold watches. We take almost all your watches for buying. The only requirement into your watch is that the value ranges between $50 and $100,000.

Can I sell used watches if they don’t run?

Of course you can. Plus, it doesn’t matter if your watch is damaged or if your watch is just in need of new batteries. We figure that out for you. is one of the best places for your used watches, even if they stopped running. Meet a reDollar expert if you have questions concerning your used watches: First, asking is always free and without obligations. Questions like, how much is my Rolex worth can be answered very fast and accurate.

Never sell used watches without a comparison

There are reliable watch buyers and unreliable buyers. Sadly, there are higher odds to meet one of the unreliable guys! What we recommend is to run a comparison. Shop around and ask for quotes before you finally sell your used watches. And please, also consult our company. Asking for a quote is absolutely free. Do us that favor! It’s good for your pocketbook.

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