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You look for a great place where to sell your vintage bracelets to top dollars? Great that you found us. We are the reliable guys in the nebulous and opaque gold buying business. You don’t believe us? No problem. Give us a try, sell vintage bracelets with us and we will convince you with our great prices and fabulous customer support. We take our business very serious, this will also be reflected in the great services that we offer you. Maybe you would like to calculate a fair price for your gold jewelry before you’re going to sell it? That’s very wise. Secretiveness, hidden fees and lack of transparency are foreign words for us. Try our gold calculator to find out what we pay for your vintage bracelets and other pieces of jewelry. Once you know the purity of gold and the weight of your piece, you can use our gold calculator to get a first impression about our price philosophy.








Picture How much we can pay
 vintage Bvlgari bracelet This gorgeous vintage Bvlgari bracelets, crafted of 18k gold, can sell for up to $7,000 with us.
 vintage Tiffany bracelet This woven vintage 1970s Tiffany bracelet made of 18k gold is a really rare piece and sellable for up to $6,500 with us.
 vintage 1970s gold bracelet Unbranded but exceptional gold bracelets like this 1960s bracelet can sell for up to $3,000 with us.
 vintage Georg Jensen bracelet Vintage 1970s bracelets like this Georg Jensen bracelet, made of sterling silver, can sell for up to $500 with us.
 vintage gold charm bracelet  Vintage charm bracelets like this piece, made of 14k gold, can sell, depending on the weight, for up to thousands of dollars with us.
 vintage gold belt bracelet This very heavy vintage belt bracelet can sell for up to $1,500 with us.
 vintage butterfly bracelet Animal shaped bracelets like this vintage butterfly bracelet can sell for up to $1,000 with us.

You’ve calculated a price but you are still unsure to deal with an online buyer like us?

redollar experts checking gold 18k hallmarksNo problem at all. Consult one of our experts to get extra advice or shop around in your community and check the prices your local gold buyers can offer you. But don’t be surprised if the prices you get offered from local buyers are far below our offers. The sad truth of the gold buying business is that so many black sheep are present. Greedy purchasers, who brazenly abuse the naiveté of people who have no knowledge about gold, offer in the majority of cases almost unacceptable prices. This is not a story to scare you and to persuade you to make the deal with us, this is the truth, proven with facts. If you want to sell vintage bracelets in any form of precious metals like gold, silver, or platinum, or as diamond bracelets, or vintage jewelry bracelets from a famous jeweler or brand, then please solely deal with an expert who behaves trustworthy and honest. We know, if a customer has no idea how the price of jewelry will be calculated, it’s really hard to distinguish between a good offer and a bad one and to distinguish between a fair buyer and an unreliable one. If you have no clue how much your jewelry is worth, then meet our appraisers to get a fair and independent value estimation. On basis of our value estimation you can then decide the further steps. Selling with reDollar is not connected with any obligations or costs. You are the boss, you decide what to do. Our main aim is to make our clients happy and to help them over times when extra money is needed.

You want to sell with us? Great! Let’s explain you how the process works.

redollar experts are analyzing and appraising gold braceletThank you for choosing us to sell vintage bracelets and other jewelry, diamonds, or watches. We are more than happy that we could convince you of our great gold buying services online. Selling online doesn’t mean that you automatically don’t get the customer support you expect and desire. Our service representatives as well as our experts guide you through the entire sales process. Please choose a convenient shipping method and wrap your valuables very well. A secured courier pick up or a self-determined shipping with a prepaid shipping label guarantees a safe shipping of your valuables. Thanks to our global insurance partner, your items are fully protected and covered. After 24-48 hours your valuables arrive in our laboratories where the detailed analysis takes place. We check your items on characteristic, authenticity, purity and other important price building facts. Within hours the analysis process is finished and we present you our great offer, which you can surely accept our decline. That’s all! For clients who appreciate discreet payment options we also offer money orders besides the most common bank transfers, PayPal, or checks. If you have any questions, please contact us today and we help you immediately without any delay.

Sell vintage bracelets of any kind

redollar advertisement with 18 karat gold braceletDon’t think that your vintage bracelets may not qualify for selling. If your jewelry is made of precious metals like silver, gold or platinum you can be sure that you can sell it for top dollars. Some gold buyers refuse to accept silver jewelry which is tarnished but not with us. We accept all kinds of vintage bracelets no matter if they are tarnished, broken, or damaged. Precious metals have a quantifiable value that will be calculated by the weight. Thanks to our in-house experts and goldsmiths, we can offer you peak prices, even for your old fashioned vintage jewelry pieces. Don’t make the mistake and underestimate the value of your vintage jewels. Not seldom we find real treasures among the big quantities of jewelry clients are sending us. Rare pieces, jewelry from special characteristics, branded jewelry from the most renowned jewelry maisons or vintage jewelry lavishly set with diamonds and precious gemstones can have a really high value. Our experts have the consolidated knowledge and experience, working over decades in the branch, to detect your personal treasure. When you are unsure if your vintage jewelry qualifies for selling with us, then give us a quick call or send us an email with a photo and a short description. We will give you an instant feedback on your request. Sell vintage jewelry with reDollar and make a fabulous selling experience. Also our experts have always an open ear for you, read our interviews and learn more about the fascinating world of jewelry and gemstones. “How much is vintage jewelry worth” is a question that concerns many people who are considering to sell for a fair amount of money. We have the answers to your questions and we provide the entire online solution for your needs. reDollar is following an ethical codex what makes us to your reliable and transparent partner when it comes to selling vintage brooches or other types of valuables like jewelry, watches and diamonds. What are you waiting for? Get started now!

redollar expert is typing on a computer keypadSelling bracelets online When you want to sell bracelets online via our website, then you have the full flexibility. You decide the when and how you would like to ship your valuables to us. Of course we offer you free shipping when selling online but you can start now and ship your valuables just minutes later. Fill in our sales form, let us know some details about you and the items you want to sell. Choose a shipping method and you are good to sell online with us.

sell our pawn not selling kit with money and jewelrySelling bracelets with our KIT If you want that we prepare a selling kit for you that includes everything you need for a safe and convenient shipping scenario then you should order your selling kit right now because this is THE selling option for you. Our selling kit includes a cushioned envelope or box, depending on the items you will sell, a printed shipping label and a detailed selling description so that no questions remain unanswered. Just fill your kit and bring it to the next post office. That’s everything! Don’t hesitate, order your kit now.


Maria TaitMaria Tait jewelry expert redollar looking at gold jewelry is the author of this article and the current reDollar head of jewelry. Maria is always available for your inquiries related to jewelry in general, fine jewelry and antique jewelry. If you have any questions about your vintage bracelets, ask Maria a question. It’s free and she is always excited and curious to receive new inquiries about any kind of gold jewelry.

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