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If you need extra money for unforeseen expenses, like a medical treatment, a car repair, or simply because you would like to indulge in something then you could think about selling vintage brooches. Nearly every middle class household in the US is in possession of old gold jewelry. Sometimes it’s vintage jewelry that you don’t wear anymore, sometimes it’s vintage jewelry you got from an inheritance. Not seldom vintage jewelry like brooches, rings, necklaces, bracelets or bangles, do not look very appealing anymore. Because of the age it can be tarnished, deformed, damaged or even incomplete or imperfect. If you plan to sell vintage brooches like that, it can become a real challenge to sell this imperfect pieces for a good price. Private customers are very demanding and picky and are often not willing to buy an imperfect vintage jewelry piece for an adequate price. So selling vintage brooches via online auction houses is maybe not the best solution. We as online gold buyer are specialized in any kind of gold jewelry. We pay the highest prices for vintage jewelry as well as brand-new jewelry. Our team of experts is able to find the sleeper in your treasure chest. An old vintage brooch, lavishly set with diamonds or gemstones can have a tremendously high value if its’ from an interesting provenience or made from a famous jewelry brand like Cartier, Van Cleef & Arpels or Harry Winston. Never underestimate the value of your vintage jewelry. Even if your jewelry does not look pristine anymore, and is not in mint condition, even though it can have a high value. To unlock your jewelry’s value, you need a skilled and trustworthy buyer like us. We combine the financial power and strength with an expert knowledge that is needed to appraise vintage jewelry correctly and accurate. Our accuracy is your benefit in form of high prices for your vintage brooches or other kinds of vintage jewelry. Sell vintage jewelry with us, get started now and make a fabulous selling experience.

Sell vintage brooches in a multitude of styles and price ranges

Brooches are ornamental clasps that have an attached pin for affixing it to a garment, hat, hood, turban or sleeve. Sometimes they serve as fastener but also as decorative pieces. The majority of vintage brooches which is in circulation in the US, are brooches that are used as decorative pieces, mostly affixed on garments. The shape of a brooch can strongly vary. There are many different forms, e.g. ring, heart, flower, disc, bow-knot, penannular ring, or any other fantasy shapes a designer creates. Nowadays, brooches were only worn by women but this was not always the case. Formerly, brooches have been worn by men and women. Brooches are mostly decorated with precious gemstones, enameling, or engraving. Also vintage brooches lavishly set with diamonds or pearls are very common and popular among fashion conscious ladies. No matter if you want to sell a gold brooch, a silver brooch or even a platinum brooch, we are your first address to buy your vintage brooch. The big jeweler Maisons such as Cartier, Harry Winston, Van Cleef and Arpels or Bvlgari, just to name a few, have set new standards in the brooch manufacturing with their sophisticated designs and high quality gemstones, diamonds and precious metals. Cartier is well known for its orchid-brooches and brooches with floral designs, lavishly set with diamonds, rubies and sapphires. Harry Winston’s diamond brooches captivate with flawless diamonds from a high number of carats. If you own a vintage brooch and you want to sell it for a great price, then sell it with us. Our in-house experts are specialized in high jewelry as well as in fashion jewelry of clearly inferior quality und uniqueness. We are the pro for all vintage brooches. We buy Harry Winston brooches for some thousands of dollars as well as brooches for some hundreds of dollars. Don’t have fears of contacts, send us an email or give us a call. We also offer you free appraisals for your vintage brooches or other jewelry. Meet our appraisers to get a quick and professional appraisal for your jewelry. Read the interview “How much is vintage jewelry worth” to get an idea about the incredible value of vintage jewelry.

Sell vintage brooches online-how it works-what are your alternatives

The process of selling vintage brooches online is very easy and convenient. Once you have decided to sell with reDollar, you are at the beginning of an awesome selling experience. Let us know some basics about you and your vintage brooch, choose a suitable shipping method, optionally by secured courier pick up or shipping by yourself. Your items arrive in our laboratories 24-48 hours after they have been picked up or posted. After a detailed analysis of your vintage brooch, where we check the used materials, age, design, rarity, brand and provenience, we make you an offer. You can then decide if you agree or refuse. In case of agreement, we will make an instant payment. When you should have changed your mind and you want your vintage brooch back, then we return it immediately, without charging you with any costs for shipping or handling. All our services are free for our valued clients. As we strictly follow our ethical codex you can be sure that your valuables are in good hands with us. We believe in god, human rights and consumer protection. The reDollar policy guarantees that our customers get served with the best advice, the most experience, and get paid highest prices. This ethical codex is what we stand for. Sell your vintage brooches with us and get the most cash for your jewelry.

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