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Sell Walking Liberty Half Dollar

It’s so easy, safe, and convenient to sell Walking Liberty half dollar silver coins with us. Your just mail in your coins with a free shipping kit or a fully insured shipping label. Our experts evaluate your coins and get back to you on the same day with the best possible purchase offer. You’ll get paid on the same day if you agree on our price for your Walking Liberty coins or other valuables.

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The Brilliant U.S. Minted Walking Liberty Half-Dollar Silver Coin

The Walking Liberty Half-Dollar Silver Coin is the last regular United States minted silver coin to feature “Lady Liberty” on its face. It was originally set out for design in 1915 and three sculptors were approached to bid to create the design. The design was awarded to a sculptor named Adolph. A. Weinman who was also granted the contract for the design of the dime at the same time. Weinman immigrated to the United States in 1880 from Germany and studied under Augustus Saint-Gaudens. Collectors of coins widely know Augustus Saint-Gaudens as the crafter of the designer of the minted $20 Saint-Gaudens gold piece which is considered by most collectors to be the finest coin of all of the American coins.

The Walking Liberty Half Dollar Silver Coin has a 90% silver purity with the remaining 10% being copper for stability and it weighs 12.50 grams. The width of the coin is 30.63 mm. It is interesting to note that the designs for two of the most premier gold and silver bullion coins of the United States were taken from designs created by this teacher and pupil duo.

The coin was minted consecutively from 1916 until 1947. However, there were breaks in 1922 and between the years of 1924 to 1926 and from 1930 to 1932. The front of the coin shows a distinctive “Lady Liberty who is cloaked by the American Flag. In her arms, she carries laurel and oak branches. The U.S. Treasury motto of “in God We Trust” is also on the front of the coin near her right leg and the sun rising on the left side of the coin.

The back side of the coin features the famous American Bald Eagle with a full wingspan. The eagle is resting on a rocking mountainside with mountain pine growing up through the cracks in the rock. Unlike many modern-day coins, the initials of the designer for the coin, AAW are also found under the wingtip of the eagle.

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Walking Liberty Silver Half Dollar Value

Walking Liberty silver half dollar coins are made of 90% pure silver and 10% copper. The coin weighs 12.50 grams thus 11.25 grams of pure silver were used for mintage. Besides the Liberty coin, we placed the exactly amount of pure silver as granules to give you an idea about the silver content (please see pictured photo). The current selling-value of one Walking Liberty silver coin is exactly $9.06.

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Liberty Silver Coin Family

The American Silver Eagle is an American bullion coin and also displaying a “Walking Liberty” as do the half dollar coins. While a half dollar Liberty weighs 12.50 grams, an American Eagle “Walking Liberty” weighs 31.10 grams. You can sell an American Silver Eagle for $29.72 with our company because the coin weighs 2.48 times more that its smaller family member.

Walking Liberty half dollar in comparison with American Eagle Walking Liberty

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