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Who doesn’t know this silver beauty? It’s the American Silver Eagle, and you can sell this coin to our company for a very good price. Today, we pay $29.33 per ounce for American Silver Eagles, paid to you without any deductions. Hurry and order a free selling kit for your Eagle coins.

reDollar kit to sell American Liberty silver coins

Current Silver Eagle Value:

What we pay today
1 American Silver Eagle coin Sell for $29.33
1 Tube* of American Silver Eagle coins Sell for $586.51

1 tube usually contains 20 coins = 20 ounces (622 grams)

The American Silver Eagle Coin

American Silver Eagle Walking Liberty design Silver Eagle design heraldic eagle with shield and thirteen five pointed stars

American Silver Eagle on reDollar selling flyer and silver stock

Sell your American Silver Eagle coins to reDollar and ensure you have a convenient and beneficial sales transaction. We know that every day, thousands of people look for a good place to sell their Silver Eagles. Tired of local gold buyers and pawn shops only offering bad deals, they often wind up auctioning off their Eagle coins. Online auctions are expensive, time consuming, and a bit risky, as if there is a problem and a buyer files a PayPal claim, you could lose your Eagles as well as the money you received. We hear this every day. Moreover, the money you lose is often more than just a few dollars. If you auction off 10 Silver Eagle coins with an assumed value of $180, the selling commission and the transactions fees will cost you about $27. If you auction 20 Eagles, it will cost you $54, and so on. There is a much better way to sell your Silver Eagle coins: reDollar—the fintech start-up company offering the best deals for precious metals.

You can sell any silver Eagle coins with us

American Silver Eagles colored and gold plated limited editonYou can sell any amount and any type of Silver Eagle coins with us, whether you have a large collection or just one coin, damaged Eagles, Eagles in tubes or cases, limited edition coins, gold-plated Eagles, or colored Silver Eagles. For approx. 9 out of 10 Eagles, our current purchase price ($29.33) will be the base of our offer. For rare Eagles or special Eagles like gold-plated ones, we offer more than just the current silver value. You have our word that we’ll do everything we can to provide you with a very satisfying selling transaction. Please keep in mind that our published price quotes are final—absolutely no deductions apply. We will never badmouth your Eagle coins, even when they are damaged—first, because they still consist of one ounce of pure silver, and second, because they’re still of interest to investors. We have a small department for finishing coins with minor damages. We refurbish Silver Eagles with casing just using a very mild liquid silver polish and polishing machines. If you sell loose Silver Eagles to us, we’ll repack and brand the coins’ packaging to put them back on the market. Sell your Silver Eagle coins to our company, and we pledge to provide you with the highest prices and the very best service.

Remember, we pay even more for your Silver Eagles when they are higher graded, colored, gold-plated, or part of a limited edition.

Silver Eagle Value Trend

Value High Value Low
Today  $29.33 /
2016  $20.71 $13.58
2015  $18.23 $13.71
2014  $22.05 $15.28
2013  $32.22 $18.61
2012  $35.21 $26.67
2011 $48.70 $26.68

More Information About the Value

At least 90% of all available American Silver Eagle coins are trading for the silver spot price (+/- 1 or 2 percent) but no more. Please see the price trend box to the left showing the value over the last several years. Even within a year, the value of a Silver Eagle coin can significantly rise or drop. The best time to sell American Silver Eagles is when you need some money or have an opportunity to make a profit off your investment.

American Silver Eagle Gallery

You are allowed to use our American Silver Eagle images as long as you are not buying gold or silver and as long as you name the source with a link.

American silver Eagle on commodities information

American silver Eagle in reDollar packaging and flyer

American silver Eagle on 30 years birthday edition limited design

Good to Know

The “Silver Eagle” is an American silver bullion coin issued in US dollars. The Eagle was the first American coin compounded solely of pure silver (.999 silver) and first minted in 1986. The “Walking Liberty” was designed by Adolph Alexander Weinman in 1916, and the “heraldic eagle with shield and 13 five-pointed stars” design was created in 1986 by John Mercanti.

Current material value $30.84
Good price for selling the coin $29.33
Good price for buying the coin $31.60

The “Walking Liberty” design was originally used for half dollar coins from 1916 to 1947:

Walking Liberty design used for half dollar silver coin

Coin Specifications

Denomination $1 – one United States dollar
Metal silver (Ag – argentum)
Purity  .999 pure silver (fine silver)
Weight  31.1035 grams (1 troy ounce)
Diameter  40.60 mm
Thickness  2.98 mm
Minted since  1986
  •  Walking Liberty
  • Heraldic eagle with shield and thirteen five-pointed stars
  •  Adolph A. Weinman (1916)
  • John Mercanti (1986)

We even buy damaged Silver Eagle coins and other scrap silver coins. This coin weighs only 28.18 grams due to its damages.

damaged Silver Eagle coin

Yes, this is a Silver Eagle coin. Hard to believe, right? We buy any kind of scrap silver coins.

scrapped American silver Eagle coin

Alex Fordham is a reDollar expert responsible for coins, rounds, and ingots. He is the author of “Sell American Silver Eagle Coins” and is very happy to receive your coins on his laboratory table.

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