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Yellow gold items come in 10k gold, 14k gold, 18k gold and 22k gold. Yellow gold jewelry made of 24k gold is very rare and comes from countries like Thailand, India, Saudi Arabia or Indonesia. It makes no difference which kind of yellow gold you would like to sell because the selling process is always the same. The only difference between selling 14k gold and 18k gold or gold made of other gold alloys is the purchase price. 18k gold means that the manufacturer use 75% of fine gold to produce the piece of jewelry. 14k gold means that the manufacturer use only 58.5% fine gold to produce the piece of jewelry. Therefore 18k gold is more worth than 14k gold. But don’t worry if you are not well versed to the different gold alloys. Our experts are able to determine your item’s gold alloy. Just get started now to sell your yellow gold. is a highly recommended place to sell yellow gold as well as other precious metals. We offer truly high payout amounts and an accurate evaluation process. We sort all gold alloys and even if you sell scrap gold, we can separate the base metals for you. Yellow scrap gold has to undergo a refining process which is free of charge for you. We also don’t charge you if you would like to sell extremely valuable yellow gold jewelry to our company. Our evaluation process is always free and there is no obligation to sell your yellow gold even if you are not satisfied with our offered payout amount. Hurry and start right now to cash out.

Sell luxury yellow gold as well as yellow gold scrap

Most of the offered yellow gold items are not planned to be resale because over 90% of the markets yellow gold is old-fashioned or also scrap. But don´t worry about that. Gold recycling is good to protect the environment. We will melt down most of the offered yellow gold to replace it to the production cycle. More recycled gold means that gold mining can be reduced and the reduction of gold mining reduces the use of chemicals such as quicksilver.

Luxury yellow gold jewelry will also be recycled. We can do the refurbishment of yellow gold jewelry in-house to replace the items on the market. Also jewelry refurbishment protects the environment and safes natural resources. Therefore you learn today that selling yellow gold is not only useful to get some extra cash or to cover unexpected emergencies. No, it´s also a contribution to safe natural resources and to prolong product cycles.

Engravings: We remove all personal engravings! We would never place engraved jewelry to the retail market.

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