Where to sell gold? We compare and rate your options

Where to sell gold? The ONLINE option

highly recommended: reDollar.com
Our rating: +++++
Pros: truly high payout amounts, reliable and trustworthy, very discreet
Con: no local branches

Sell gold online and get paid the highest prices for your gold. Online companies like reDollar.com are specialized in dealing with gold and their success depend from a good reputation. Companies like reDollar.com can´t risk to run fraud because nobody would mail in gold anymore. You can benefit from transparent quotes that can be calculated directly on the website. reDollar.com has a 100% rate of satisfied customers and is well known as one of the companies that offer the highest prices all over the US. Where to sell gold? We say: sell it online

Where to sell gold? The EBAY option

highly recommended: eBay.com
Our rating: ++ to ++++
Pros: countless potential buyers for your gold, PayPal protection
Con: high commissions (eBay) and fees (PayPal) reducing your net payout, waiting time up to 2 weeks to receive your cash

Selling gold on eBay is an option, but is it the best? There are numerous customers out there awaiting your gold on the eBay auction place. When you don´t care about writing a description, making images and paying for shipping, eBay might be an option for your gold sale. But there are also commissions and fees that reduce your net payout amount. Count with 10% for this charges. If the winning bid is $1,000 you will receive approximately $900 or a bit more. In most cases it´s better to look for a reliable buyer offering instant cash without an online auction. Where to sell gold? Well, better online but also eBay is a good option.

Where to sell gold? The LOCAL DEALER option

highly recommended: unknown
Our rating: ++ to ++++
Pros: cash in hand
Con: a great number of local dealers are offering bad quotes for gold

Selling gold to a local dealer can be an option if you know a truly reliable place. A huge number of local dealers out there only offer very bad quotes for gold. This is because of extremely high rental costs for the stores they run or also because many of the local dealers don’t have the consolidated knowledge which is essential in this business. In addition to that such stores are mostly frequented by only a few customers a week. Therefore the dealer has to make a bigger profit on each client. We don´t say that there are just unreliable local stores out there, but we say that there are at least 75% of the local dealers you should deal with extreme caution. Some customers have also reported that dealers didn’t sort the gold alloys and it has also happened that the gold was not weighted. This way of dealing with gold is absolutely unacceptable.

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