We buy gold from individuals and business

Buying gold needs consolidated knowledge and expertise, reDollar guarantees and combines both. In three simple steps you can benefit from our excellent gold buying service.

We buy any kind of gold in any form, dental gold, gold nuggets, jewelry, gold which is used in the industry, bullion and gold granulate . We don’t pay attention on the age or condition of the gold, for us only the raw material value plays a significant role. We also buy gold from private persons as well as from commercial establishments. The quantity is not pivotal. Thanks to our big team of highly qualified experts who daily appraise and analyze the gold we buy. We use the latest high technology instruments to appraise the value of the gold that we buy from you as best as possible. No matter if you would like to sell gold amounting $100,000 or only a small amount like $10, every customer will be treated as a king, equal if we buy one ring or a big volume of gold. We buy your gold to top conditions, get started now and make your reDollar experience, you will see, we keep our promises.

That we buy gold is a passion not only a job

reDollar.com is not a newcomer in the business of buying gold. We are an experienced team and we work with the raw material Gold since many years. Buying gold needs expertise and special knowledge. The form of gold which is on the market, in general, seems to be always the same, but the impression is deceiving. With the raising gold price in 2008 many dubious people have entered the business market of gold buying. The different kinds of gold falsifications that are in circulation are immense. It happens not seldom that experienced gold buyers buy faked gold and lose much money. So at that point our specialized knowledge is our and your benefit. It needs many years to become a good gold buyer who can differ the good from the bad. So don’t wait any longer. We buy your gold, every condition, every age, every quantity. We pay you the highest prices for your gold, equal if we buy 24k gold, 18k gold, 14k gold, 18k gold, 10k gold, every piece of gold is valuable for us.

How does it work?

The process of buying gold online with reDollar.com is well-thought-out. Because we are an online company we only buy the gold by shipping it to our laboratories. That way we can save money because we don’t have to run thousands of expansive branches and you can benefit from this savings. It’s you that receive our savings in form of the highest payout amounts. Just get started with our sales form. Fill in you basic information such as your name and a short description of the gold that you would like to send to us. Continue with choosing a convenient shipping method such as a free pick up from your home or office or alternatively we can send you a shipping label for USPS or FedEx that allows you to manage the shipping by yourself. That’s it! After your gold has been shipped to us, you can lean back and relax. Our appraisers will check your gold in detail and we will make you an offer circa 24 hours after you have shipped your gold to us. To buy your gold we offer four types of payment: PayPal, check, direct debit or money order.

Hurry up and get started now to get instant cash- We buy gold- reDollar.com

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