What is a pawn shop and what is a pawn loan offered there?

Pawning means that you use one ore some of your assets as a collateral to secure a loan. This type of loan is named pawn loan. Pawning your assets has more than one advantage. First you have to know that there is no obligation to repay the pawn loan. Pawn shops like our company can´t force you to redeem your assets. Secondly it´s good to know that pawning your assets will never affect your credit score. We would never share any financial information from our customers with credit agencies. A pawn loan is the most discreet way to get a very fast loan.

So what is a pawn loan in detail and how can I apply for a pawn loan?

To get a pawn loan you just need an asset with some value. Our company accepts gold, silver, platinum, palladium, watches, diamonds, gems, jewelry or coins as a collateral. You can pawn your college ring, a Rolex watch, some coins from grandpa, a wedding ring, an engagement ring, jewelry made of gold and platinum, fine jewelry, loose diamonds and luxury watches. Please find our list with assets that we can accept.

The next and nearly final step is that you get started online. Just fill in our simple form and ship your assets free of any charges. Normally your assets arrive in our labs on the next day after the shipping. Our appraisers will check your items immediately to accept your asking pawn loan amount. Bear in mind that you don´t have an obligation to agree. If you are not satisfied with our appraisal you can reclaim your assets back. If you agree and you would like to get paid you can expect you payment within 24 hours. Choose between a direct deposit to your bank account, a PayPal payment, a check or a money order.

So what is a pawn loan in summary?

Pawn loan definition: A pawn loan is based only on your items value.

Pawn loan term length: A pawn loan takes up to 90 days and you can repay anytime – even after 3 days.

Pawn loan confidentiality: A pawn loan will never affect your credit score – even when you don´t redeem your loan. We would never share any information with credit agencies.

Renew a pawn loan: Yes, you can! If you are not able to redeem your pawn loan on it´s due date you just have to pay the interests that have accrued.

Secure storage: All pawn shops are licensed by strict state and local government laws. We will store your items in a heavy safe. All items are fully insured against robbery, burglary, fire, explosion, mudslide, tsunami, terrorist attack, hurricane, tornado and any other man made or natural disasters.

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And what is a pawn shop, now?

A pawn shop is a company that offers pawn loans. Our company is named reDollar.com and we are offering one of the best pawn loan solutions for private individuals in the US. You can pawn in your assets from coast to coast with our Top Dollar Guarantee. Our goal is to provide a high level pawning process including payable interests and consumer-friendly terms. Hurry, your cash is waiting. Get started and pawn now. First time pawners get a special quote. Just ask our service representatives when you get your pawn loan quote confirmed.

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