Where to sell gold coins? Our experts will answer your question!

You want to sell gold coins but you have no idea where? We fully understand your concern. Especially uninformed people who are not used to the dealing with gold coins are at a loss when it comes to the question “Where to sell gold coins”? If you are not a coin collector then you don’t know the secrets of this affair. You don’t know where to buy, and where to sell, and most likely you don’t have a confidant beside you that assists you. But the good news is, that now you have a reliable confidant that consults you, its reDollar. We help you to find a good place where to sell gold coins. We list you the pros and cons, of different spots where to sell gold coins. Read more to get more into the topic.

Where to sell gold coins? Option 1: reDollar

The first option we would like to present you is reDollar. We are a great spot where to sell gold coins. We have experienced experts and appraisers in-house who are able to determine the value of any coin. No matter if you want to sell an entire gold coin collection or only a small gold coin of less value, we are prepared to deal with any situation. Contact our appraisers to get a quick price information or use our gold calculator when you know the basic facts of your gold coin(s) or other valuables. We operate 24hours/ 7 days a week and we serve the entire United States. No matter if you live in the countryside of Montana or in the busy big apple, with us you can make the deal from anywhere. That’s a big pro compared to other gold buying spots. All our services are for free. We don’t charge you for the shipping, marketing or for doing the appraisals. It’s a matter of course that we don’t burden our clients with costs. With reDollar you can only win. We avoid super expensive advertising, we concentrate ourselves on an excellent customer service and a convenient and fast sales transaction. That allows us to pay our clients top prices. Feel free to compare our prices with the prices from local gold buyers and soon you will find out that it’s really hard to beat us.

See below some price examples:

Our current price for 1 oz. Krugerrand gold coin: $2314.84
Our current price for 1 oz. Buffalo gold coin: $2314.84
Our current price for 1 oz. American Eagle gold coin: $2314.84

Where to sell gold coins? Option 2: Online auction

There is also the possibility of selling gold coins via an online auction but there are two things to consider. First, you should have a knowledge of what coin(s) you own. Otherwise you won’t be able to describe your gold coin very well. For uninformed people, this is not a perfect option. If you don’t describe your item very well, then you risk that nobody can find it and you get only a very low price for it. Or you could describe it wrong, and the buyers take you into account for the wrongly given information. That way you risk to become serious troubles. In addition to that you have to organize a secure shipping. The third con are the high fees. It costs money to present your gold coin(s) on an online auction platform. We would definitely not recommend to auction gold coins on an auction platform if the seller is a layman.

Where to sell gold coins? Option 3: Local gold buyers and gold coin dealers

Local gold buyers and especially gold coin dealers can be a good option for selling gold coins but you have to be very careful. Many local gold buyers are no experts. It can happen that you present them a very nice and rare uncirculated coin which is a truly treasure for coin collectors but the respective gold buyer is not able to determine the value because he is simply not experienced to do so. It needs consolidated knowledge to buy gold coins. You need to have know-how to perform this delicate business. Many gold buyers think it’s very easy to perform the gold buying business, but this is not the fact and a big fallacy. Selling gold coins to gold coin dealers is a very good option. Normally gold coin dealers have a good knowledge about gold coins and can give you good recommendations and background information. The con is, that reliable gold coin dealers don’t run offices in every little town. So it might take you some hours to reach the next gold coin dealer. That’s in fact a big disadvantage.

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