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Engagement ring with a fancy, vivid yellow center diamondSell your engagement ring with reDollar, your trustworthy diamond ring expert. Approximately 50% of all marriages end in a divorce proceeding. Every year approximately 5 million people say “yes” in hope for a love-filled and lucky life. But the bitter truth is that many marriages are accompanied by cheating and lying, which is why many marriages end in a major disaster. What happens is that a loving couple turns into rivals. If you are one of those who have faced such a situation you may have made plans to sell your engagement ring. Many people do so because selling the jewelry from the ex can be a relief or it can bring extra money in times when divorced people are short on cash. Some people even sink the sparkling piece in a river or the ocean to get rid of sad memories. But please don’t do that. You might destroy thousands or ten thousands of dollars. There is a better way to get rid of your engagement ring:! We buy engagement rings, wedding rings, and all other kind of diamond jewelry for very high prices. For all ladies and gentlemen who are searching for a radical sale of their wedding jewelry, we are your trustworthy and reliable partner to make a fast and highly-satisfying deal.

If you look for a worthy way of selling your engagement ring, is the perfect place for your needs. We provide you fully insured shipping solutions with our trusted partner UPS Parcel Pro. Order your shipping kit or your shipping label today and ship your engagement ring to us to get the best offer. You have no costs and fees, at no point of time. Our fine jewelry and diamond experts are more than happy to appraise your jewelry.

If you sell an engagement ring with us, we offer you the best prices!

In many cases ladies don’t know how much about their engagement ring’s value. It’s the husband’s job to buy the precious piece for the woman he loves. Or heirs, they often inherit a vintage engagement ring, probably from the 1920s, 1930s, 1940s, or other decades. There is no way for a laypersons to realize how much such a piece is worth. We estimate that approximately 7 out of 10 Americans have no exact idea about the value of their engagement jewelry. If you have plans to sell engagement rings with us, and if you have no idea about the value, be careful and choose the buyer carefully.

You need a buyer like honest, reliable, and qualified. We perform a very accurate appraising and evaluation process before we present you our offer on the same day when we receive your engagement ring. Our experienced fine jewelry experts and gemologist have the profound knowledge to make you a great and more than competitive offer for your diamond jewelry. We take the wishes of our customers very serious. Plus, we have the ability to work with all kinds of engagement rings: designer engagement rings, rare engagement rings, vintage engagement rings, antique engagement rings, fine jewelry engagement rings and machine made engagement rings. We are endeavored to calculate the best purchase price for you and we would never disadvantage you if you don’t know the value of your jewelry. Sell your engagement ring with us. Just start online to start the selling process.

How much is my engagement ring worth? Find it out before you sell your engagement ring

How much is your engagement ring worth? We like to share some knowledge and secrets with you. First, the average of jewelry buyers tries to figure out if you have an idea about the value or not. They might ask you questions like “How much do you want for it?” or “Why do you want to sell this pretty piece?”. The only reason they behave like that is to find out if you have knowledge about the value or if you sell because you need the money. A reliable buyer like acts totally different from that. We never ask you questions like that. Our team of experts examines your engagement ring to determine the value. Our purchase offer is based on a list of price-building facts but never on your personal situation. We don’t act like other jewelry buyers thinking “This customer is in need of money; I can give him $3000 although I could also pay him $7000”. That’s neither fair nor reliable. Sell your engagement ring with us and benefit from an unbiased opinion, honesty, reliability and expert knowledge.

The Diamonds, The Designer, The Rarity, The Provenience, and The Precious Metals are the most important value-based facts

The variety of diamond engagement ring designs is vast. Some engagement rings are machine-made others are handcrafted or made by a famous jewelry designers or brands. The money a buyer can afford and his or the ladies taste lead to the final buying decision. The value of a diamond engagement ring cannot be calculated only with the help of clear rules and parameters. It needs profound expert knowledge to determine the best possible price for a valuable diamond ring. Value-building facts such as carat weight, clarity, cut, diamond color, rarity, and a possible former important provenience are very important and crucial facts.

Carat weight: large, larger, huge. The demand for big diamonds is extremely high, so high that even a 100 carat diamond ring, displayed in Dubai, was recently sold for approximately 25 million dollar. Diamonds belong to the the most important status symbols and there’s no limit in size and price. If you plan to sell a diamond engagement ring, is the best place. If you have knowledge about the stone you own, please use our diamond calculator to get an idea about the value of your diamond.

Sell engagement rings only with reliable and qualified buyers

reDollar appraisers talking about jewelryChoose your selling partner carefully and check for reviews or a BBB rating. The mistake of selling too hasty can be a very expensive lesson. It doesn’t matter if you live in the countryside or in the jewelry district of New York, rip-off can happen everywhere. No matter where you live, you’re never protected against fraudulent behaviors. We always recommend to check your selling options carefully before you finally make the deal. Shop around, listen carefully to explanations and don’t let gold buyers put you under selling-pressure. Limited time offers like “When you sell right now, I can give you $200 more” are almost always lures to hook you. Officials found out that lots of dealers, like gold buyers in New York, are in violation with local laws. In contrast to many competitors, is operating on highest standards. Stated in our company policy, customer satisfaction with the guarantee that we will earn your recommendation is much more important for us than profit. This is not empty rhetoric. Get started online, we really appreciate you choosing us for selling your engagement ring.

Sell engagement rings made by well-known brands and important provenience

You can sell engagement rings made by various Brands and Designers:

  • Tiffany & Co. engagement rings
  • Bulgari, Bvlgari engagement rings
  • Cartier engagement rings
  • David Yurman engagement rings
  • Verragio engagement rings
  • Jeff Cooper engagement rings
  • Harry Winston engagement rings
  • Michael B. engagement rings
  • Neil Lane engagement rings
  • Chopard engagement rings
  • Van Cleef & Arpels engagement rings
  • Charles & Colvard engagement rings
  • Tacori engagement rings
  • Romance engagement rings
  • Demarco engagement rings
  • True Knots engagement rings
  • Blue Nile engagement rings
  • Jean Dousset engagement rings
  • Maevona engagement rings
  • Gemvara engagement rings
  • Danhov engagement rings
  • Coast diamond engagement rings
  • Henri Daussi engagement rings
  • Aspen & Co. engagement rings
  • Kirk Kara engagement rings

How to sell your engagement ring online? is proud to offer the most convenient way to sell engagement rings online. It couldn’t be faster, more convenient or safer. The communication with our experts is outstanding and the skills of our employees are exceptional. You start online, choose the way of shipping and wait for your cash. We can either provide you a fully insured shipping label from FedEx, UPS Parcel Pro or for lower values up to 1,500, from USPS. Alternatively we can send you a shipping kit that includes everything you need to ship your jewelry safely and securely. Once you have shipped your jewelry, the average shipping time only takes one business day. As soon as we receive your package we will confirm the receipt by email and you can count with a binding offer on the same day. For very complex appraising situations we need one full business day to present you a binding selling offer. We offer instant payment options such as PayPal, check, Zelle, money order, cashier’s check, wire transfer or direct deposit. The whole turnaround time is usually not longer than three business days.

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