Current white gold prices

reDollar white gold experts at workWhite gold is so-called colored gold. White gold has the same quality than yellow gold or rose gold for example, the only difference is the composition. White gold is an alloy of gold compounded with at least one other white metal such as nickel, palladium, or manganese. Here in the United States white gold is very popular, in other regions like in India or the Arab countries yellow gold is much more popular than white gold. We differ between two types of compositions: gold-palladium alloys which are very soft and often used for gemstone mountings and gold-nickel alloys, which are very hard and were often used for rings or pins. If you plan to sell an 18 Karat white gold ring for example, then you will be paid for the gold only. The amount of palladium or platinum is too insignificantly low. When commercial buyers sell their white gold in huge quantities then the refinery also pays for the other precious metals beside the gold. But this does not apply for little quantities from private sellers. The table below shows you our current white gold prices.

Sell white gold with reDollarOur current white gold prices at a glance:

  • 1 gram of 10 karat white gold: $21.99
  • 1 dwt. of 10 karat white gold: $34.08
  • 1 gram of 14 karat white gold: $30.92
  • 1 dwt. of 14 karat white gold: $47.92
  • 1 gram of 18 karat white gold: $39.64
  • 1 dwt. of 18 karat white gold: $61.44
  • 1 gram of 22 karat white gold: $48.41
  • 1 dwt. of 22 karat white gold: $75.04

Calculate the white gold prices by yourself

reDollar gold price calculatorreDollar offers a great tool, our gold calculator. Find out the weight of your jewelry and calculate by yourself how much money we can offer you for your (white) gold. Our quoted prices apply to scrap gold. If your white gold jewelry is mounted with beautiful diamonds or other gemstones, then we can offer you more for your jewelry than the material value. The same applies to branded jewelry but to get a first impression about our prices per gram, this is a fantastic tool. You can also use our gold calculator to compare the prices of your local gold buyers. So many clients would like to find out who buys best but don’t know an easy method how to compare the prices. We strongly recommend our clients to get in touch with our our appraisers to find out what you own and how much it is worth. Being smart and knowing how much your white gold jewelry is worth makes it a lot easier for you to get a fair offer. Don’t get ripped off from gold buyers any longer, be smart and negotiate on eye level. We’ll help you! Please consider that an 18 Karat white gold ring reflects the same value than an 18 Karat yellow gold ring. Don’t get confused because of the different color. 18 Karat means that 75% of the ring contains pure gold. So regardless of what color the precious metal of your jewelry is made of, the purity of 75% is the same.

Are the white gold prices good these days?

Gold stock exchange pricesIn general we can say yes, the white gold prices are very attractive these days but it strongly depends on when you have bought your white gold. The point of time is decisively. In 2012 the gold price was extremely high, back then, one ounce of fine gold faced a stock market value of $ 1,793.83 whereas now one ounce has a value of $1822.59 today. On that example you can see how strong the gold price fluctuates. If you have bought your gold ten years ago, then it’s attractive to sell your white gold now. Ten years ago, gold had a value of approximately $433.40/ounce. The decision to sell white gold or gold in general, strongly depends on your personal needs and desires. If you are in an urgent need of liquid funds, then it make sense to sell your gold immediately, if not, then you don’t have to act so hasty. If  you take a look at our white gold prices, then you can see that we offer very high prices for white gold. 90% of the stock market value is what we are offering for gold, 95% for bullion. If our prices have convinced you, then please give us a try! Sell white gold and make the deal with us and become a happy reDollar customer! We offer a fast shipping and handling time of only 48 hours and an immediate payment by check, PayPal, money order, Zelle, direct deposit or wire transfer. If you have any questions, please contact us by phone or email. Our friendly customer support is always available for your needs, 24 hours/day, 365 days/ year. Also if you would like to pawn white gold, we are the perfect partner for that business. Check out our very low and attractive interest rates.

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