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White Gold Price List | Calculate White Gold Price

Before we look at our white gold price list, understanding some basics about white gold will help you understand how it’s being priced. White gold is so-called colored gold. Technically, white gold has the same quality as yellow gold or rose gold; the only difference is the composition.

14K White Gold: Sell for $1259.59/ounce
18K White Gold: Sell for $1614.86/ounce

White gold is not more or less valuable than yellow gold and will get you paid the same price if you sell it. If you buy white gold, you should not pay more than you would for a comparable piece in yellow gold.  White gold is an alloy of gold compounded with at least one other white metal such as nickel, palladium, or manganese. Here in the United States, white gold is very popular. In other regions like India or the Arab countries, yellow gold is much more popular than white gold. We differ between two types of compositions: gold-palladium alloys, which are very soft and often used for gemstone mountings, and gold-nickel alloys, which are very hard and were often used for rings or pins.

If you plan to sell white gold, you will get paid for the fine gold that was used to produce it. You won’t be paid for the silver, palladium, or platinum it contains, as the percentage is too small. The following table shows you our current white gold prices.

It’s fairly easy to understand how pricing white gold works. While 14-karat white gold contains exactly 58.3% pure gold, 14.5% nickel, 20% copper, and 7% zinc, 18-karat white gold contains a much higher percentage of pure gold: 75% gold with 15.5% nickel, 5.5% copper, and 4% zinc.

Buy or Sell White Gold

Price Situation When Buying White Gold | We know that some jewelry stores will try to tell you that white gold is better and more valuable than other golds—probably so they can justify the high price of the piece of jewelry you’re looking at. To be honest, it’s not completely untrue, but it’s still very misleading. White gold is sometimes alloyed with platinum or palladium. Palladium especially is a very valuable precious metal, so the goldsmith has slightly higher material costs.

Price Situation When Selling White Gold | When it comes to selling, we’ve also heard some tales about the white gold price. Customers are frequently asking us why white gold is less valuable than yellow gold. They ask this question because some unreliable gold buyers are trying to make them believe that white gold is less valuable as it will cost more to refine white gold. Please do not believe that.

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White Gold Price List

Below is our white gold price list in grams and pennyweight. In the US, white gold jewelry is made in 10-karat gold, 14-karat gold, and 18-karat gold. European white gold alloys would be 9-karat gold and sometimes 8-karat gold. You can find the current prices for 10K gold, 14K gold, and 18K gold.

Price/ gramPrice/ dwt.Price/ ounce
10 karat white gold$28.80$44.64$895.71
14 karat white gold$40.50$62.78$1259.59
18 karat white gold$51.92$80.48$1614.86
10k White Gold Class Ring17g$489.61
14k White Gold Wedding Band8g$324.01
18K White Gold Necklace15g$778.87

We update the displayed white gold price list at least five times a day. Please use the provided information for your evaluation purposes. Before you commit to buy or sell a piece of white gold jewelry, take a few minutes to understand the math. When you buy white gold, a markup for the dealer and the manufacturer of sometimes up to 300% is not uncommon. When you sell white gold, the discount should never be greater than 10%. Don’t settle for a lower price.

More information about value: How much is white gold worth?

How to Calculate the Current White Gold Price?

It is very easy to calculate the current white gold price. You only need a few minutes, a magnifying glass, a good working digital scale, and a pen and paper to record the information. The whole process can be done from the comfort of your home. There is no need to pay a high fee to a jewelry appraiser just to get some basic information about the value of your items.

Get Your White Gold Ring Ready

14k white gold ring in black jewelry box

Prepare your white gold ring for the process of finding the marking, weighing the ring, and calculating the price.

Find the Gold Marking

14k white gold marking in men's diamond ring

Find the gold marking on your ring. Sometimes a magnifying glass is needed, as markings can be very small.

Weigh Your Ring

Weighing a 14k white gold ring with scale

Weigh your white gold item with a digital scale. An accurate scale is crucial for a good result.

The Math | Price Your White Gold

Once you know if your item is made of 10K gold, 14K gold, or 18K gold and you’ve determined the weight, doing the math is easy. You simply multiply the weight by the dollar amount per gram or pennyweight displayed in our price list. Alternatively, you can also use our online gold calculator for this step.

The Formula
Weight x Dollar Amount/Price List = White Gold Price

Calculate White Gold Prices from Your Home

Calculator result for 12.77g 14k goldreDollar offers a great tool for finding your gold’s value: the gold calculator. Determine the weight of your jewelry and calculate how much money we can offer you for your (white) gold. Please take into consideration that our calculator is only able to calculate the current metal value; diamonds and valuable gems are not yet included in the price quote. Branded jewelry (Tiffany, Cartier, Graff, Le Vian, etc.) will also sell for much more than just the material value.

Most items are priced based on the material value, and for that, the gold calculator is an amazing tool. Many folks planning to sell gold want to find the highest-paying buyer but don’t know an easy way to compare prices. We strongly recommend getting in touch with one of our appraisers to find out what you own and how much it is worth. Being smart and knowing the value of your white gold jewelry makes it a lot easier for you to get a fair offer. Don’t get ripped off by gold buyers. Be smart and negotiate at eye level. And remember: an 18-karat white gold ring reflects the same value as an 18-karat yellow gold ring. Don’t be fooled by the different color.

Are the current white gold prices high?

Generally speaking, yes, white gold prices are currently pretty high. But your financial return will depend on when you bought your jewelry and how much you paid for it. In 2012, the gold price was high. Back then, one ounce of fine gold traded for $ 1,793.83. Now, one ounce of pure gold has a value of $2387.60. From that example alone, you can see how much the gold price fluctuates.

If you bought your gold ten or twenty years ago, it’s probably very attractive to sell now. Twenty years ago, gold had a value of approximately $433.40/ounce. The decision to sell your white gold, or gold in general, strongly depends on your personal needs and desires. If you are in any need of funds, it makes sense to sell your gold now. And if you take a look at our white gold price list, you can see that we offer very high prices for your metal.

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