How much is white gold worth?

reDollar jewelry experts appraising white gold jewelryHi guys! I hope you can help me today. I need your assistance to understand how much my white gold is worth. I have made serious plans to sell some jewelry pieces made of white gold. A white gold engagement ring, a white gold (stamped with a 18K gold hallmark), and a white gold necklace (hallmarked as 750). I know that 18K stands for the purity of gold but 750 is a new marking for me. All items belong to a heritage from my uncle. He has sworn by gold and I hope that I can get a nice sum for my vintage pieces. I have never worn the jewelry and  since years I keep this pieces in my jewelry box. Now I think it’s time to sell. I’ve already offered my gold to various gold and jewelry buyers and this people offered me between $800 and $1,000. I strongly suspect my white gold is more valuable hence I hope that you’ll give me your honest opinion how much money I can expect.
Paul from Atlanta in Georgia

Hi Paul! It was very smart to contact us. Sadly, many buyers for gold and jewelry offer by far too low prices for gold than justified. The majority of local gold buyer does not offer more than 60% of the stock market price for gold, we are offering 90%, that’s a huge difference of 30%. Some dealers just want to make big margins, others have missing experience and need to cover their regular losses. It seems to be obvious that your jewelry is made of 18K gold as you said. Even your 750-marked necklace is made of 18K gold. This gold stamp is a European marking for 18K gold and nothing more than the indication for a pure gold content of 75%. I received all your photos and additional information regarding weight indication and measurements what helped me to calculate the value of your items.
reDollar jewelry expert, Maria Tait

reDollar jewelry experts checking 18K gold stampOur white gold prices at a glance:

24k gold per gram $40.92
22k gold per gram $37.52
18k gold per gram $30.72
14k gold per gram $23.96
10k gold per gram $17.08

24k gold per pennyweight $63.42
22k gold per pennyweight $58.15
18k gold per pennyweight $47.61
14k gold per pennyweight $37.14
10k gold per pennyweight $26.47

How much is white gold worth?

White gold diamond ring with orange sapphirePaul: I have an engagement ring, a necklace and a women’s watch I’d like to sell. My jewelry has different engravings. The engagement ring and the watch are marked with an 18K stamp and the necklace has a 750 hallmark. I hope that all pieces are made of white gold, also the necklace with the 750 marking. Could you please tell me how much my white gold is worth?

Maria: It seems that all items are made of 18K gold, also your 750 stamped necklace. Europeans use different markings for gold than Americans. 750 means not more than the article was made of 750 parts out of 1000 parts of pure gold. Interesting to know is that white gold is an invention from the 1920s.  The idea was to create an alternative to very expensive platinum. Your women’s watch is a contemporary pieces of that time period. Well it’s not a 1920s creation but a late 1930s watch with small diamonds and a winding movement, made from Hamilton. What surprises me is the fact that it’s marked as 18K gold. Almost all high quality watches made in the 1930s I know, are made of 14K gold or 10K gold. This time period is called Art Deco and Art Deco watches like yours are not very rare. You told me that the watch is running good thus it’s worth more than only the gold price. It’s worked thin and petite and not much gold was used to produce it. Therefore the value of your watch is approx. $350. Moreover Hamilton watches are in demand from collectors. Movements are known as very reliable and good working but my personal opinion is that a resale as it is, could take a long while. If we would buy the watch, we would offer you today’s gold price plus a premium for the brand. Based on your provided specifications, our offer is $300 for your white gold watch.

Paul: If I understand correctly, white gold is only a normal white-colored gold alloy and worth the same amount of money as yellow gold?

Get cash for your white goldMaria: Yes, that’s absolutely correct. If a goldsmith wants to create white gold, he adds silver, platinum, nickel, manganese or palladium to pure gold. Depending on the color shade someone wants to create, this person has to decide between these metals. These days, the jewelry industry almost stopped using nickel due to widespread skin incompatibility. White gold can be very bright like white but also very dark like grey.

Paul: That brings me to a question. What would happen if I would scratch the watch’s surface? Does it turn out to be yellow under the surface?

Maria: No, because a white gold alloy is homogenous and entirely white. You can scratch or file as much as you want; it stays white.

Paul: I learned a lot today. Thanks for that! What about the engagement ring? How much is my white gold engagement ring worth?

Maria: Your white gold engagement ring also sells for the current material value. It’s solid worked but shows strong signs of wear. The 18K gold ring has a weight of  8 grams. We pay 90% of the stock market value for gold. In that case this would be a current stock market value of $449.60 today and our purchase price would be $405.05 for your white gold ring.

Paul: Ok, I understand. I think that’s a very fair price. 90% is the highest payout I hear so far. Locals have offered me 60% for my gold. And finally, how much is my white gold necklace worth?

Maria: Your European white gold necklace is a massive piece. Sadly, it has some grave damages when you look at the links. But the important value comes from almost 30 pennyweights. Based on today’s gold price, it’s worth $2361.93. That’s the price you would get paid from our company if you would sell it today.

reDollar jewelry experts appraising white gold fine luxury watch Paul: Then you would pay me for my necklace more money then I got offered for all pieces? Is that really correct?

Maria: Yes, that’s right. We would pay you $2361.93 for the necklace, $405.05 for your engagement ring and $300 for your watch. I think that’s a great offer Paul!

Paul: It’s an awesome offer, compared with the pawn shops and jewelers I’ve visited in town. The difference between your offer and the other offers astounds me, Maria.

Maria: To be honest with you Paul, it doesn’t surprise me but consider that I speak with tons of customers every month. Stories like yours are a daily routine for me. We know that local pawn shops, jewelers and gold buyers lure customers to get the gold cheap. That’s against our company philosophy and ethic codex.

Paul: For me it’s hard to understand but nonetheless I’m very glad that I’ve asked you for an evaluation. Now, I know that I’ll send my gold only with your company. Please give me a call to go ahead with the selling process.

Maria: I will do so. I thank you for your question.

Paul: Bye Maria.

Maria: Good bye Paul! I’ll call you.

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