Can I sell gold teeth? A serios question that we need to address!

Dear dental gold expert! Just recently I came back from my dentist with a small ziploc containing two gold teeth and one gold bridge. My dentist told me that this pieces of dental gold could be valuable. It was not his dental work why he was not able to tell me more about the compositions but I rember paying a lot of money for this stuff a decade ago. The current treatment was also expensive and I would be more than happy to get some cash for my gold teeth. Alan, can I sell gold teeth? And furthermore, where can I sell my gold teeth for a good price?
James from Las Vegas in Nevada

James, thank you very much for contacting me. Unfortunately we all know that dental treatments can be very expensive. Too expensive for the understanding of some experts. I can fully understand your wish of getting some money for your old dental works. You know, I asked you to open your ziploc to take some photos for me. Furthermore I’m very happy that you could weigh the teeth and the bridge separately. Before you read my assessment it’s important for me to tell you that an evaluation from afar is just an approximate determination of value. It’s absolutely necessary to check the true precious metal content with my X-ray analyzing machine to make a binding statement. But for a first idea, my evaluation is better than nothing, I guess.
reDollar appraiser, Alan Jensen

James wants to know, can I sell gold teeth?

James: As I told you, I got two gold teeth and a gold bridge back from my dentist. He meant that I have very good chances to sell it for a nice amount of money. I hope my dentist is true because I could need some money to compensate the current dentist treatment bill. Alan, please make your best and let me know how much money my gold teeth are worth. Furthermore, can I sell gold teeth? I ask because the two teeth have signs of cement and organic remains. Now I wonder if selling such gold teeth is possible without cleaning the material before.

James: Dear James, I’m very sure that you can sell your gold teeth. Normally, gold teeth are made of 18K gold. Sometimes we see 17K or 16K gold too. In any case your dental gold reflects a certain amount of money if it’s US dental gold. Foreign dental gold can be from different purity and quality. Canadian teeth are mostly of good quality too but dental gold with a Caribbean or South American origin can be very different. I have seen yellow and very gold-looking teeth, just made of base metals. Such teeth would be worthless. But that’s very uncommon and your gold teeth looks very good to me. But nevertheless, tell me where you have made the dental works?

James: It was in the late 1990s in Dallas, TX. I had a well- paid job and did all the overdue dental treatments. I was treated from a well-known dentist. He was working for many employees of our company and all of us were satisfied. I guess he used good materials because he was recommended from our corporate management too.

James: This is exactly what I wanted to hear. Dental works done in the US and especially done in states like Texas are almost always of good quality. You did me a favor weighing your teeth by using your letter scale. And I’m surprised to learn that your two teeth weigh 6.4 pennyweights. That’s heavy for two gold teeth. Let’s calculate a deduction of 10% for the cement what equals 5.8 pennyweights. Expect about $200, if your gold teeth are made of 18K gold. Expect about $185, if your gold teeth are made of 17K gold. And finally, expect about $170 if your gold teeth are made of 16K gold.

James: This is a nice amount of money for these two teeth. This is very satisfying. Can I sell this gold teeth to your company? And can I sell this gold teeth also to a gold buyer in my neighborhood?

James: Of course, we do buy gold teeth like yours. And I’m very sure that you can sell your gold teeth also to a gold buyer in your neighborhood. But don’t expect the highest prices. We know that many gold buyers offer bad quotes. Shop around to get the best quote in your hometown if you prefer selling with locals.

James: I understand. And what about my gold bridge?

James: I can only guess and hope that your gold bridge is also made of gold. You told me on the phone that your dentist did all the dental works in one step. If the dental gold was from a reliable source it could be made of 18K gold too. You told me that the dental bridge weighs 14.58 dwt. Based on this weight, I would see the value in a range between $450 and $520 depending on the gold’s quality. It is closer to $510 if it’s made of 18K gold and closer to $450, if it’s made of 16K gold. It really depends. Please remember, we have to proof your dental gold by using our analyzing machines to find out the truth.

James: I keep that in mind. But don’t worry James. I will send you my gold teeth.

James: That’s so friendly. You could get paid between $620 and $710 depending on the dental gold’s purity.

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