You are in need of reliable gold buyers in Las Vegas?

You have jewelry, scrap gold, dental gold, coins, ingots, silverware, diamonds, watches, silver, platinum or palladium to sell? And maybe you already know that finding a reliable gold buyer in Las Vegas can become a challenge? We have good news for you. We are willing to share some gold buyer secrets with you. Information is power and we provide you the information of your needs. Learn how to identify honest gold buyers and learn how to recognize a lure and avoid to get ripped off. You can get a high price for your gold if you follow just some simple rules. And guess what can happen if you are not well prepared for a selling process? You can lose a lot of money. We know stories about people selling their gold for little money just because of missing information. And we know that the average of all US gold buyers offers just between 50% and 70% of your gold’s true value. Why selling for $2,000 if your gold is worth $4,000? Sell your gold in Las Vegas only when you are prepared with the information you really need.

Information 1: Most gold buyers ask YOU for a price

It’s a well-known gold buyer behavior to ask YOU for the amount you would like to get paid. But why should you, as a consumer, know how much your gold is worth? They ask you on purpose to find out if you have knowledge. They try to figure out if it’s possible to rip you off. So, what happens if you call $500 for gold or jewelry worth maybe $1,000? Right, they try to get you out of it for $500 and not for more. So, please never ever call a price if one of the gold buyers in Las Vegas asks you. And remain steadfast if they ask you again and again. Don’t allow them to interfere in your selling target. You want to get paid proper and you plan to sell gold in Las Vegas and it’s your right to expect an awesome purchase price. Don’t accept that a cash for gold dealer makes a lot of money with your property. So, lesson one: never call a price!

Next hint: never sell gold in Las Vegas without a comparison

Did you know that finding a very good price for gold, silver or jewelry in Las Vegas is generally very simple? How it works? It’s just a comparison to find out how much the gold buyers are willing to pay. Take your gold and shop around. Ask at least 10 different cash for gold places for a quote. And don’t fall into a premium trap. Maybe you get offered a $100 one time premium if you sell right now or maybe they offer you a brand new iPod if you sell right now. Watch out, it could be a lure. Keep in mind that an honest and reliable gold buyer is not able to offer a premium. A gold buyer who offers very, very high prices can’t afford to pay you a bonus like an iPod. It’s always the consumer’s gold that pays off a premium.

What you could do is to run a comparison of local gold buyers in Las Vegas by yourself. Just shop around and always ask for a business card. Note down the offer on the business card and keep on asking the next cash for gold places. Beside gold buyers also jewelers and pawn shops offer cash for gold, silver, platinum and palladium. If you have huge amounts of gold or jewelry to sell, contact a gold refinery to figure out if selling with them makes sense in your situation.

Ask the gold buyer for the quality and the weight of your gold

Always ask the gold buyer for the weight and the purity of your gold. And ask for the carat weight, if you offer diamonds. It’s very helpful for you because knowing facts like the weight and the karat makes an online comparison possible. Online gold buyers like provide tools like a gold calculator. Use such tools to compare the Las Vegas buyers with online buyers. Sell online, if you don’t find a local gold buyer offering the online prices. Please remember, selling online is very convenient these days.

Where to sell gold in Las Vegas? Where are the reliable guys?

You can sell gold nearly everywhere in Las Vegas. Besides jewelers or second hand dealers you can even sell gold in malls. It’s questionable if selling gold in a mall is the right way. The drawbacks of selling gold in a mall or in a hotel are the missing possibilities to contact the buyer after the sale. It could turn out that they offered their buying service just for some days. And how to complain if the guys are gone? So, we recommend you to sell to local gold buyers with a store that you can visit. Also ask pawn shops, coin dealers or watch buyers. You never know who has honest intentions. There is just one way: shop around. We did some research work for you.

Offer your gold to gold buying companies like Vegas Gold Buyers, located at 7155 South Rainbow Boulevard or to Nevada Coin & Jewelry, located at 4150 Blue Diamond Road or also to Sin City Gold Buyers, located at 4800 South Maryland Parkway or also to Ace Estate Gold Buyers, located at 4161 South Eastern Avenue. If you prefer to deal with pawn shops ask these guys: Metropawn, located at 6380 N Decatur Blvd. or Max Pawn, located at 6040 West Sahara Avenue or to SuperPawn, located at 1100 West Sunset Road or also to Bargain Pawn Inc., located at 1901 North Las Vegas.

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