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Cartier LiteratureHi guys! I have a fancy Cartier ring that I would like to sell. My mum inherited this jewel to me but unfortunately I have no use for this fancy  jewelry. Please tell me more about my Cartier ring and help me to get an answer to my question “How much is a Cartier ring worth?” Thank you! Jared
Jared from Lakewood in Colorado

Jared, thank you very much for contacting the reDollar experts. My name is Maria Tait and I will perform the evaluation of your Cartier ring today. A Cartier ring is in fact a fancy piece of jewelry. It’s my pleasure to offer you our appraisal service. Together we will determine the value of your Cartier ring and you will see, it’s an interesting and educational process, especially if you are not familiar with Cartier jewelry.
reDollar appraiser, Maria Tait

Jared wants to know, how much is a Cartier ring worth?

Cartier Garnet Bague Ellipse ringJared: Hi Maria! Thank you very much for offering me your professional help. I’ve sent you some pictures of my Cartier ring. Could you already check my ring?

Maria: Hello Jared! Nice to meet you! Yes, I’ve just opened the pictures and your ring seems to be very interesting. Do you have a certificate belonging to this Cartier ring?

Jared: I’m sorry. There was no certificate included but I still have the maker’s case. I’m pretty sure this ring was a gift from my deceased father. My mum loved this ring but I can’t afford to keep it. I have two kids, I’m a young entrepreneur and I need every penny I can get at the moment.

Maria: I understand. It happens not seldom that we face situations that we would personally like to avoid but the clear mind forces us to act rational. Don’t worry about that. I think I have good news for you because your ring looks really promising. Also if you don’t have a certificate or a bill of sales, we can make a significant evaluation from afar.

Jared: Oh that sounds good. I’m really excited what you could find out about my jewel.

Cartier Diamond and Coral cocktail ringMaria: Your Cartier ring has a lovely floral design. The main component is 18 Karat yellow gold and the ring is adorned by a ruby as centerpiece and little emeralds. The flower head- design of the ring has in the center a circular-cut ruby with eight emeralds surrounding the ruby. Please consider that I’m not able to check the quality of the gemstones from afar, so my appraisal will indicate an estimated value only. Cartier is renowned for its beautiful flower designs and motifs which appeared in the Cartier history for the first time in the 19th century. Opulent floral creations with the most beautiful diamonds and gemstones were created especially for British monarchs but also for other aristocrats, celebrities and powerful persons.

Jared: That’s very interesting, thank you for sharing this information with me. I fully understand your position what concerns the appraisal process from afar. For me it’s important to get a ballpark figure because I have no knowledge about jewelry and the evaluation of it. So I fully depend on your opinion as expert.

Maria: Thank you for your understanding Jared.

Jared: But one question is still open “How much is a Cartier ring worth”?

Cartier Trinity ring with diamonds, rubies, and sapphiresMaria: Well, based on the information gathered, the literature I’ve studied, and other comparative values I could find, I estimate a fair market value for this Cartier ring of $2,000-$2,500.

Jared: That’s awesome. Thank you very much for your help. I’ve expected not more than $1,000 for my Cartier ring, I am all the more delighted about your estimation. Thank you Maria! I will sell my Cartier ring with reDollar, I feel very confident that your company is the right choice for my Cartier sale. Your friendliness and patience has fully convinced me.

Maria: Thank you very much for your compliment! I’m so happy that you’re satisfied with my appraisal. Please contact me again when you need further assistance.

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