Let’s talk about Cartier: How much is your Cartier jewelry worth?

Although Cartier jewelry is very valuable, it’s widespread in the United States thanks to Cartier’s popularity and its long history. Founded in 1847, Cartier can be described as the king of jewelers. If you own a wonderful Cartier piece and are curious about how much it’s worth. reDollar.com is a great place to do research. We provide some very helpful information about the value of Cartier jewelry and we do buy your Cartier jewelry and we also buy your Cartier jewelry.

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Maria is reDollar's jewelry expertMaria is our Head of Jewelry and is able to provide you with valuable information about Cartier jewelry.

Questions about Cartier jewelry?

How much is Cartier jewelry worth?

Cartier diamond and gemstone ring PashaHi! I’m contacting you because I’d like to find out how much Cartier jewelry is worth. I have a beautiful ring and a necklace that I would like to sell. My husband and I decided to file for divorce because our marriage is broken and we see no other solution for us. To bear the expenses for the upcoming months, I’m forced to sell pieces from my jewelry collection that I have bought and received as gifts over the years. It’s so sad that I have to face such a situation, but I think I share my fate with thousands of other divorced people. Please evaluate my Cartier jewelry so that I know how much money I can gain for it. Thank you!

Linda from KentWashington

Linda, thank you very much for contacting the reDollar appraisers. My name is Maria Tait, and I will lead the appraisal process of your Cartier jewelry. I’m very happy that you have contacted us for this important assignment. Appraisals for fine jewelry are our specialty, and you can be sure that we will perform this task with the highest accuracy and diligence.

reDollar appraiser Maria Tait

How much is Cartier jewelry worth?

Cartier produced countless pieces of merchandise, from watches to rings and even decorative accessories. Here, you can find some value examples.

Cartier Tank watch made of steelCartier Tank Watch

Sell for up to $1,500


Cartier Love bangle made of 18K gold with diamondsCartier 18K Gold Love Bangle

Sell for up to $4,500


Cartier Love earrings made of goldCartier 18K Gold Love Earrings

Sell for up to $1,000


Cartier Trinity LighterCartier Trinity Lighter

Sell for up to $250


Cartier Tank 18 karat gold watchCartier 18K Gold Tank

Sell for up to $5,500


.925 sterling silver Cartier gobletsCartier Goblets

Sell a set of for for up to $450


How much is Cartier jewelry worth?

Watches, rings, pendants, pens, earrings, brooches, goblets, tiaras, bracelets, glasses and uncountable different pieces were created by Cartier.

Cartier Santos Dumont watchCartier Santos Dumont Watch

Sell for up to $4,500


bi-colored Trinity Ring made by CartierCartier Trinity Ring

Sell for up to $500


Cartier 18K gold Love necklaceCartier 18K Gold Love Necklace

Sell for up to $1,250


Cartier Red Lacquer PenCartier Red Lacquer Pen

Sell for up to $300


Cartier Pasha travel steel clockCartier Pasha Travel Clock

Sell for up to $350


Cartier cigar cutter with 18K gold applicationsCartier Cigar Cutter

Sell for up to $250


Linda wants to know, how much is Cartier jewelry worth?

reDollar Fine Jewelry Experts at workLinda: Hi Maria! Thank you very much for getting back to me so promptly. As I mentioned initially, I’d like to sell my Cartier necklace and my Cartier ring. The jewels are made of gold and diamonds. I will send you pictures so that you can get a better visual impression of what I’m talking about.

Maria: Thank you, Linda! This is exactly what I request from our clients before we get started. Detailed photo documentation and a description of the jewels are essential for my work as an appraiser. Please tell me a bit more about your Cartier jewelry: When was it bought? Is it custom-made jewelry? Do you have a certificate? Please try to answer questions like that.

Linda: Unfortunately I don’t have certificates or appraisals relating to these two jewels. The gold and diamond ring was a gift from my ex-husband, and the necklace comes from a former inheritance. I think the Cartier ring is no older than five years, but as for the Cartier necklace, I’m not sure. It could be very old, because it belonged to my granduncle who died in 1989.

Maria: Thank you for all the information, Linda. The ring is a beautiful piece of Cartier’s Panthère collection, which features a famous and acclaimed design that can be found in different variations. The collection should remind one of the elegance and predatory nature of a panther, which is the signature symbol of Cartier. The Panthère collection is  presented with emerald eyes, an onyx muzzle, and a diamond-set coat. These characteristics can also be seen in your Cartier de Panthère ring. Your Cartier ring is a wide circular-cut diamond Eternity band made of 18 karat yellow gold with little onyx stones. It’s a very nice piece from the Maison Cartier. Cartier used the panther motif on a wristwatch in 1914 for the first time. Then, as now, the panther was a key part of many Cartier designs and could be considered an icon of the Maison de Cartier.

Cartier literature with reDollar flyer and equipmentLinda: Oh, how interesting! I feel embarrassed that I haven’t paid more attention to my jewelry before. It’s so interesting to learn more about the history behind the jewel itself. What do you think about the value of my Cartier ring? How much money can I get for a Cartier Panthère Eternity band with diamonds and onyx?

Maria: Well, I’ve encountered this Cartier Panthère collection very, very often, so I think I have a good intuition for the price. I would say a fair market price for this Cartier ring is $12,000 – $13,500.

Linda: That’s actually more than I expected. But you would deduct the margin or your company from that price, right?

Maria: Yes, that’s right. Also if you sell with prestigious auction houses, you have to account for deductions for marketing costs, commission fees, etc. These costs can easily reach a percentage of 25% or more of the realized price.

Linda: Yes, I’m aware of that. That’s why I would like to sell to a buyer who pays me instantly. I don’t want to wait months until the auction date. I also don’t want to do all the work myself. That’s the reason why I prefer a quick and simple sales process.

Maria: I fully understand your point. reDollar offers really convenient and quick sales processes, customized for clients who appreciate a fast jewelry sale. I’m happy that we can provide you with the services you are looking for. If you agree, I will continue with the appraisal of your Cartier necklace.

Linda: Of course, Maria, please go ahead. I’m very excited to hear your evaluation result for my Cartier necklace.

A Cartier Panthere diamond and ruby ringMaria: Now I would like to share my evaluation result for your Cartier necklace with you. This necklace is in fact older than 60 years. I’m pretty sure it was produced in the 1940’ s. Could you please tell me the length and the weight of the necklace? This gold and diamond necklace from Cartier has a lovely design. It shows sculpted gold leaves in two rows. The front row of the necklace is enhanced and adorned by circular-cut diamonds. The main material is 18 karat gold and platinum. The French assay marks for platinum and gold prove the precious metal content. It’s a wonderful vintage piece of Cartier.

Linda: How interesting, so old. I already thought it was an older piece of jewelry because my granduncle was renowned for his passion for jewelry and he bought the majority of his jewels during the 50’ s and 60’ s. As far as I know, he bought solely pre-owned pieces, so from that perspective, your estimation makes absolute sense. By the way, the necklace has a length of 38 cm and a weight of 42 grams.

Maria: I’m happy to hear that. Thank you, Linda! Unfortunately I could not find more specific background information on your Cartier necklace, but that does not affect the appraisal. A similar necklace was recently sold through a prestigious international auction house, so on the basis of this comparison value, I can define a fair market value. If the condition of your Cartier vintage necklace is mint, I would estimate a fair market value of $30,000 – $35,000. Does this evaluation meet your expectations, Linda?

Linda: Yes, I think that’s a fair amount of money for a Cartier vintage piece like that. It’s roughly what I expected for my Cartier necklace. Thank you so much for your professional help, Maria! Now I know how much Cartier jewelry is worth: in my case, around $45,000.

Maria: Linda, I thank you for your trust in our company and I’m delighted that you’re satisfied with my appraisal.

Linda: More than that. I’m highly satisfied! I will start selling right now. Thank you!

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