Let’s talk about your coins: how much is my coin worth?

Hi Alex, my name is Adam, I’m from Lincoln in Nebraska. I own a nice gold coin and I would like to find out more about this coin. I’m not sure if this coin is something special or not. I inherited the coin from my grandpa who was a passionate coin collector. That’s why I think the coin could have a value. Please help me to find out how much is my coin worth.
Adam from Boston in Massachusetts

Hello Adam! Thank you very much for contacting me. It’s my pleasure to detect the value of your coin. I work as appraiser and expert for noble metals since many years and I have the needed experience and know how to help you. Don’t let us waist much time, let’s get started right now with the determination of value.
reDollar appraiser, Alex Fordham

Adam wants to know, how much is my coin worth?

Adam: Hi Alex, thanks for your feedback. Could you already check my coin? I’m also considering the possibility to sell my coin, providing that the price is good. Please let me know how much is my coin worth.

Alex: Good morning Adam! I have just checked the photos of your gold coin. You own a really nice Liberty gold coin. Do you have any certificates relating to this coin?

Adam: No unfortunately not. The coin was in a collector’s map, without certificate. Can you tell me how old the coin is? I can’t read the year?

Alex: Of course. The gold coin was minted in 1871. It’s a round Liberty California gold 25 Cent coin or also quarter Dollar coin, issued by Frontier & Bellemere, a Jewelry company that produced California fractional gold tokens from 1871 until 1875. A very nice gold coin which is already a little piece of history. It’s a pity that you don’t have a certificate because gold coins with certificates can be sold to higher prices but reDollar also offers you great prices, whether with certificate or not. This coin has a rarity rating of R.3 with about 200-500 coins known.

Adam: Wow the coin is that old? I’m surprised, I mean it looks old but I thought it’s not older than 100 years.

Alex: No, your gold coin is 144 years old, that’s amazing. I would love to own a gold coin like that. It’s a really superb collector’s piece.

Adam: What about the condition of this Liberty coin?

Alex: Well, the condition is used but the coin has deep mirror prooflike surfaces. I’m pretty sure we have to do with an uncirculated coin.

Adam: What does that mean to me?

Alex: Well, summarized that means that you own a nice gold coin which has a significant value. It’s highly recommended to give this coin to a professional coin certifier, that way all the facts relating to your coin become a “proven” character and it can be sold more lucrative. I recommend that for all gold coins but especially for antique coins because their value and also their collector’s value can be significantly high.

Adam: Ok. Thank you! That’s good to know. What about the value of my coin? How much is my coin worth?

Alex: Well, I would estimate a fair market value of $800.00 for your round Liberty 25 cents gold coin.

Adam: Oh my god! So much money for such a tiny gold coin?

Alex: Yes but you have to consider the age and rarity of this coin. The purity is only 0.0121 troy oz but such a coin can’t possibly sold by the material value. This would be a crime on history. When you know what I mean.

Adam: Yes, I know what you mean. Thank you very much for your detailed appraisal. I’m so happy about the result. I think I’m going to sell this coin because I’m not a collector and I can use the money for my work as natural scientist. I plan an expedition to Greenland and I can use every Dollar for my research work.

Alex: That’s really fascinating. Did you know that Greenland has very rich ruby and gold deposits?

Adam: Yes I heard about that but unfortunately the nature and the terrain is very, very rough and virgin there. I think it could be very difficult and expensive to mine rubies and gold of Greenland.

Alex: Yes that’s the point!

Adam: Thank you again for helping me, whenever I’ll sell other coins from my dad’s collection, I will definitely consult you again to get a professional estimation.

Alex: Thank you very much! I’m happy that I could assist you! Whenever you need my help, please feel free to contact me by email or phone. Have a great day Adam!

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