Knowing The Weight Is Critical! No Weight = No Clue! Learn how to weigh and price your gold at home.

Please spend 5 minutes of your time reading this article. This will prevent you from taking a huge loss if you are about to sell jewelry, coins, or other gold merchandise. No matter if you “just” plan to sell a single gold ring or if you are liquidating an inheritance, knowing the weight of your items BEFORE you sell is critical.

Why is the weight SO important?

Most people know that almost all gold merchandise is priced by weight. The only exceptions to this rule are high-value jewelry containing diamonds and gemstones of a significant size, and jewelry made by famous designers. If you DO NOT KNOW THE WEIGHT OF YOUR ITEM, YOU CANNOT KNOW THE VALUE—PERIOD! Many pawn shops and gold-buying operations will take advantage of your lack of knowledge.  You’ll have to rely on whatever they tell you, and you are going to take a loss. There’s no question. It’s not about if you will take a loss at all, it’s about how big your loss will be.

For people who DON’T know about this rule: Either get yourself a scale (starting at $5.00) OR sell to a buyer like offering a transparent weighing process with image or video footage. But never sell to a buyer who does NOT tell you the weight (in writing!) of your merchandise and the current gold price. NEVER!

Buy a $5 Scale

We sell good working jewelry scales for 5 dollars to help YOU understand the value of your items BEFORE you sell. We do this because we know that if you understand the value of your items, you’ll also understand that reDollar offers the highest possible purchase prices in the United States. Our profit on your items is less than 10%, while most of our competition is making a 50% profit at your expense. No fine print, no ifs, ands, or buts. No empty promises. 100% reDollar, 100% real, 100% trustworthy.

Request Video Footage

Unlike our competition, would never take advantage of your lack of knowledge about your items. It’s our business concept to first educate people and then buy their valuables for the highest possible price. We operate on less than 10% profit, but every single customer is happy with how much we offer them, making us a company with NOT ONE single BBB complaint and 5-star feedback on every review platform. As we have nothing to hide, you can request video footage showing how we weigh your items—FOR FREE.

Guess the Weight!

wedding ring in men's hand

Weigh the Ring!

weighing gold wedding ring on scale


This 14K gold ring weighs 4.16 grams and can be sold for $167.71 with our company. Even for an appraiser, guessing the weight is NOT possible. A pawn shop probably would have offered you $50 for this piece.

A fair purchase price for a wedding ring like this would be approximately 90% of the gold’s real  value. This ring weighs 4.16 grams and contains 2.42 grams of pure gold.

Guess the Weight

a vintage women's ring made of gold in a hand

Weigh the Ring!

weighing vintage women's ring on scale


This 14K gold ring weighs 10.56 grams and can be sold for $425.72 with our company. Most pawn shops would offer something between $100 and $150 for a ring like this.

You are at a disadvantage if you don’t know the weight of your item and have to rely on a prospective buyer to tell you everything. You can only do the value-calculating math by YOURSELF if you know the weight to double-check what you’ve been told.

Guess the Weight!

Texas Tech University gold ring in hand

Weigh the Ring!

weighing Texas Tech University gold ring with scale


Don’t let a pawn shop get away with buying this ring for only $300 or $400 dollars. Our company would pay you $1153.00 for this 14K gold ring weighing 28.6 grams.

You NEED DO KNOW the weight of your item to check if the offers you receive are legitimate. Knowing the weight means having the power to operate a gold calculator to do your own math. We have our competition—places where you most likely bring your items—on our radar, and many of those buyers offer what we call “criminal prices”, not even close to fair.

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