Today’s 417 10K Gold Price per Gram & Ounce

When discussing 10k gold, we are reflecting on a significant piece of American history. During the British “Victorian Era” from 1837 to 1901, 10 karat gold became a highly sought-after alloy. It gained popularity during and after the Civil War, as it was a more affordable and sturdy alternative to 14k or 18k gold. Presently, 10k gold is often identified by its markings of 416 or 417 and has a value of $32.51 per gram (spot price) and can be sold for about 90% of its value what is approx. $28.93 per gram or $899.83 per ounce.

The spot price of 10k gold represents the hypothetical value if it were to be traded as a commodity on the stock exchange. This is purely hypothetical as 10k gold cannot be traded, as only 24k gold is accepted for trading on the market. 10k gold is considered impure because it contains a combination of 41.6% pure gold and other metals such as copper and silver, which have been used to alloy it.

10K Gold Price List – Grams & Ounces

Floridians are accustomed to using pennyweights, while Coloradans are familiar with grams, and New Yorkers are accustomed to ounces. It is crucial to understand these differences when determining the price of your gold items. A pennyweight is equivalent to 1.55 grams, and an ounce is equal to 31.1 grams. This is precisely why we present our prices in grams, ounces, and pennyweights. This ensures clarity and minimizes misunderstandings, as even a slight difference in weight can greatly impact the price.

Unscrupulous gold buyers may exploit lack of knowledge, resulting in significant financial detriment. We strongly recommend referring to our price list for 10k 416 gold before selling or pricing your jewelry.

Spot PriceSell Today
10k gold per gram$32.18$28.93
10k gold per ounce$1000.93$899.83

How To Calculate The Price of 10k Gold?

reDollar’s gold calculator is the simplest and most efficient method to calculate the price of 10k gold. To accurately assess your items, you will also require a digital scale to measure their weight. It is crucial to know the precise weight, as one gram of 10k gold can yield a sales value of $28.93 per gram. If there is a discrepancy of 3 grams on your scale, for instance, you may miss out on earning an additional $86.80 for your item.

Why is it SO important?

Let’s say, it’s a matter of perspective. If you intend to sell gold, understanding its value and price is crucial. For instance, heavy items like class rings or Cuban link chains could carry substantial worth and overlooking this information could result in losing out on hundreds of dollars. Some 10k gold necklaces weighed an astonishing 1,000 grams (!), highlighting their significant value. Regardless of what you possess, being aware of its worth is crucial, especially for those with plans to sell.

Find the 10K Gold Marking

The initial step in determining the price of your gold is to locate the marking. Typically, the marking is easily noticeable.

Jostens class ring from 1974

Weigh your Item

The next step in pricing your item is to weigh it, after verifying that it is composed of 10 karat gold.

Weighing a Jostens class ring with a digital scale

Calculate 10k Gold Price

The displayed sample ring has a weight of 12.25 grams. The current price for this 10k gold ring would be $354.43.

Calculating today's price with a silver calculator

10K Gold: Class Rings, Heavy Chains & Wedding Bands

You may be surprised by the vast number of magnificent objects crafted from 10 karat gold, including class rings, university rings, military rings, service rings, wedding bands, and even spoons and belt buckles. As previously mentioned, 10k gold offers a significant advantage over other gold alloys such as 14 karat or 18 karat: its affordability. Despite being almost 50% less expensive than 18 karat gold, 10 karat gold maintains its exceptional shine and value.

The price difference can be easily explained by examining the composition of 10k and 18k gold. 10k gold contains only 41.6% pure gold, while 18k gold contains 75% pure gold. As the gold content increases, the price of the item also increases. In addition to its excellent value, 10k gold is known for being highly durable and easily casted. It has a long lifespan and only undergoes minimal color changes from oxidation. A simple polishing can quickly restore its original color.

Some 10k Gold Price Examples

It is important for consumers to understand that most gold items are priced based on weight. To find out how much is 10k gold worth, it is crucial to know its weight. If you do not own a scale, you can begin by comparing it to similar items, but keep in mind that even identical items may have different weights. For example, a size 5 ring will weigh less than a size 11 ring of the same style. Below is a list of common 10k gold items and their current buyback prices. Please use this list with caution.

10k Gold Class Ring
Today’s Price: $503.44

Navy class ring with a black onyx gemstone

10k Gold University Ring
Today’s Price: $703.08

Harvard law school class ring with university crest

10k Gold Service Ring
Today’s Price: $795.67

AT&T 10k gold ring for distinguished service

10k Gold Masonic Ring
Today’s Price: $300.91

Earle 1900s Masonic ring in white and yellow gold

10k Gold Bracelet
Today’s Price: $1880.67

Heavy 10k yellow gold Cuban link bracelet

10k Gold Necklace
Today’s Price: $3553.02

Heavy men's Cuban gold link biker necklace

10k Gold Pendant
Today’s Price: $1284.64

White gold, diamond and onyx cross pendant necklace

10k Gold Watch
Today’s Price: $448.47

10k yellow gold watch with black leather strap

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