Mostly of British origin: how much is 375 gold worth?

375 gold is unknown to many folks in the US as this type of gold origins in countries like England, Ireland, Scotland and South Africa. 375 gold refers to what is also known as 9K gold and is a low-graded gold alloy. 375 gold is especially in the United Kingdom very popular and sometime even used for valuable diamond jewelry or wedding bands. Today, 1 gram of 375 gold is worth $25.81. Compared with 10k gold from the US, 375 gold is worth $2.82 less per gram.

There is just one gold alloy lower graded than 375 gold: 333 gold what is made in German speaking countries, Belgium and the Netherlands. In the US, it’s very strictly seen even illegal to call gold alloys lower than 41.6% pure, SOLID gold although 375 gold and even 333 gold are kind of solid. It would be totally incorrect, calling 375 gold “gold filled” or “gold plated” as the manufacturers of 375 gold are forced to grantee that 37.5% pure gold was used to craft those kind of items.

375 Gold Melting Experiment

375 gold stamp marking British GoldTo proof that 375 gold is kind of solid gold, reDollar experts melted some 375 marked items down. The results were pretty good as the three melt samples came back as 37.4%, 37.8% and 38.02% pure. We melted different items like rings, necklaces and even 3 pocket watches (non-precious parts removed; considered clean). All items were clearly marked “375” and XRF tested on the surface before melting. The experiment proofed the assumption that 375 gold is valuable and great for selling.

Never Call It “Gold Filled” or “Gold Plated”

This test also proofed that all those folks calling 375 gold either gold filled or gold plated aren’t doing justice to this underestimated gold alloy. Don’t think that only laymen call 375 gold, plated or filled. We even know a couple of pawning-guys using those terms talking 375 gold.

375 Yellow Gold

Contains silver, copper and zinc
Contains NO nickel
yellow appearance

375 Gold | Color: Yellow

37.5% Gold
12.1% Silver
44.4% Copper
6% Zinc

375 White Gold

Contains copper, zinc and nickel
Contains nickel (beware of allergies)
white appearance

375 Gold | Color: White

37.5% Gold
34% Copper
17.7% Nickel
10.8% Zinc

How much is 375 gold worth? The summary!

375 gold is worth 37.5% of pure gold, also known as 24K gold. Its value per gram is $25.81 and $40.01 per pennyweight, today. It can be sold like 10K gold or other gold alloys as the expected gold content is reliable and recoverable trough melting. It contains a nice portion of copper what makes it even easy to melt. We can say nothing bad about it and invite all owners of 375 gold for selling with our company. Our prices are easy to calculate using our gold calculator and with 10% below spot amazingly high.

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