reDollar Price Check: How much is your 9K gold worth?

reDollar experts appraising 9K gold jewelry9K gold is a rarely used gold alloy in the US. Nine-karat gold is a gold alloy, that contains 37.5% pure gold. It’s often used in Europe for jewelry, accessories, and other items made of gold. It can be said that 9K gold is a low-quality gold alloy because the amount of pure gold is very low. Compared with nine-karat gold 14K gold contains 58.5% pure gold and 18K gold contains 75% pure gold so the quality difference is obvious. Maybe you want to find out how much 9K gold is worth because you’re planning to sell 9K gold or buy an item made of 9K gold. Either way, it’s important to keep in mind that there is a huge difference between the selling price and the buying price. We are your trustworthy and reliable partner if you want to sell your 9K gold pieces. You can put your full trust in our company. When we receive your mailing or when we return items, we will carefully open and close your package under a video camera. Your shipment is always fully insured so that you are protected at any time.

Our 9K gold purchase prices

$25.38 per gram 9K gold
$39.34 per dwt 9K gold
$789.41 per oz 9K gold

The stock market value of 9K gold per gram is $28.18.

Our customer Neil asked, How much is 9K gold worth?

Sell 9K gold jewelry with reDollarHi, I have old-fashioned gold that I’d like to sell. A class ring, an ingot pendant, and a 9K gold chain. All those items are marked as 9K gold. I bought the gold in an online auction in hope to make a profit but now I’m afraid that my bargain is not as valuable as I thought. I asked a gold buyer in my town for a quote and it was by far too low than what I paid for the 9K gold jewelry. How much is 9K gold worth, Alan?
Neil from Fort Collins in Colorado

Dear Neil! Let’s work on your pieces. 9K gold is unusual nowadays but of course it’s valuable. The value is calculated like the value of common gold alloys such as 14K gold or 18K gold. Based on the photos you have sent us, and the markings on your jewelry, I’m optimistic that your 9K gold pieces are made of solid gold and I think your investment will pay off. Would you allow me to ask for your winning bid?
reDollar appraiser, Alan Jensen

Neil wants to know, how much is 9K gold worth?

Neil: I paid approximately $500 for the whole 9K gold jewelry lot. I truly hope I made a good deal because I can’t afford losing much money. Alan, please tell me how much my 9K gold is worth.

reDollar gold experts at workAlan: It’s my pleasure to give you an estimate for your gold. Our company would pay $41.53 per pennyweight for 9K gold. In other words $25.38 per gram 9K gold. Our prices are very high and close to the material value. We believe that we belong to the very few companies in our industry paying the most cash for gold in the US. Neil, are you interested to find out more about your gold or do you want me to tell you your total?

Neil: First, please tell me the total and second, please give me more information.

Alan: Of course. The good news is that you can get paid $2008.30today.

Neil: Alan, you make my day! This is awesome. I read so many untrue things about 9K gold. I’m so happy about your help and brilliant support.

Alan: But please bear in mind that an evaluation from afar is vague because there is NO proof of authenticity at this point of time. Our pre-calculation is based on the fact that all pieces are made of solid gold and not gold filled or gold plated. We have to check your 9K gold in person to give you a binding statement but for the moment it looks very good to me and it would be a big surprise if your gold would be gold-filled. For our excited readers I would like to share more information with you. Let’s start with your class ring. I asked you to weigh all 9K gold items separately. That is a necessary step to get an idea of the authenticity. If I know the weight of each item individually, I’m able to determine if the weight matches with the size of your piece of jewelry. Over the years I became a good feeling and intuition for authentic gold pieces and faked pieces with gold fillings etc. Your class ring shows the statement “56 EGH” and the hallmark “BIRKS 9K.” I did some research without any usable results. I didn’t find a school or an association related with this statement and I think this statement doesn’t have a special meaning but what we know, thanks to you, is the weight of 6.72 grams. That means your ring has a current value of $180.05. That’s a good price for a small gold ring. What do you think?

Neil: Yes, that’s great.

reDollar experts checking gold hallmarks and stampsAlan: But it comes better. Your ingot pendant is interesting. I have seen 14K, 18K and also 10K gold ingot pendants but it’s the first time that I see a 9K gold ingot pendant. The pendant has an engraving “Zurich” with the information of the purity “9K plus .375.” The number .375 shows the purity of 37.5% of pure gold. You have here a value of $789.41.

Neil: Wonderful, Alan.

Alan: Your investment paid off and we still have the chain left. Your scale shows us 41.3 grams for the 9K gold chain. It’s an old fashioned piece and it looks to me that it’s damaged. Our current price for 41.3 grams of 9K gold is $1048.32. Your new total is $2008.30 and let me summarize, you paid about $500. That’s really a bargain.

Neil: Yes, it’s a bargain but shortly after I bought the jewelry I got cold feet. My local buyer confused me with his low offer. I was not sure how much my 9K gold is worth. I really thought that I have make a big mistake.

Alan: I understand, Neil. 9K gold is not very common in the US anymore. In the past, 9K gold was often used for class rings, college rings, anniversary rings, or crest rings to safe material costs. Students and parents were expecting affordable rings and 9K gold is a lot cheaper than 18K gold. From time to time, our company buys modern jewelry made of 10K gold but very often we buy statement chains or necklaces. They look extremely massive. Think about artists in music videos wearing massive gold chains and necklaces with huge pendants like crosses. On time, we had a single 9K gold necklace in our laboratory weighing nearly one pound what is a massive weight for a single piece of jewelry. This necklace was set with over 500 small diamonds. It was one of the most quaint items we have ever seen. The owner of this chain has paid a little fortune for this piece.

Sell your 9K gold with our gold kitNeil: That is very interesting. What about the price of such a 1 pound gold necklace? How much is such a 9K gold necklace worth today?

Alan: If we just see the material value, we speak about $11513.45

Neil: Just one necklace… that’s crazy!

Alan: Yes, there is no limit on creativity and prices.

Neil: Yes, that’s true. Thank  you very much again for the brilliant support. I just found my new gold selling partner.

Alan: Thank you very much, Neil. It is my pleasure to assist you.

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