Sell Family Silver

It’s a common practice that people sell family silver and frankly it’s a good idea because the old family silver is today worth more than 10, 20, 30 or even 50 years ago. And there is another reason why folks prefer to sell the family silver instead of keeping it for the next generation. It’s the polishing what makes people tired about keeping. It feels like you can restart polishing all the silver after you just finished the job. is just the perfect place to sell family silver because we ensure that you get paid the highest possible price and you do NOT run into a bad deal or even a silver scam. Check our awesome reputation and learn why uncountable people from New York to Hawaii sell their family silver and other assets with us and not local to the next pawn shop or gold buyer.

We pay much more for silver

Unfortunately, it became a common practice that most silver buyers only pay between 40% and 60% of the current silver value but not more. believes that you deserve a much better price why we pay between 90% and 95% for your family silver.

How much is my family worth?

Most family silver is worth the current silver value. We also do pay you for a collecting value if you deliver silver worth more than just the silver price.

1 troy ounce .925 silver sells for $25.97
1 pound .925 silver sells for $378.83
1 kilo .925 silver sells for $835.18

Sell Family Silver

The process to sell family silver with us is simple and easy to understand. And besides our unbeatable silver deals, privacy is another factor why people sell with us. It doesn’t feel good to shop around with a silver stuffed bag for comparing silver offers and especially in bad neighborhood guys are waiting to make a big haul. Don’t get into danger and sell your family silver to reDollar. At anytime, we fully support your plans and we organize the whole shipping process for your. It’s a matter of course that we do not charge you for shipping and we take care that your family silver is properly insured.

scrap silver from family collection

Some Value Examples for Family Silver

Most people have no idea about the value in their family silver and that is okay because evaluating precious metals isn’t that easy as you may believe. You need to know the weight of your items and you also need to know the silver’s quality. Plus additional knowledge about filled items is required to do a silver value calculation.

Silver Spoons

family silver spoons branded "Wallace"

Selling-Value: $400.88

Silver Forks

family silver forks branded "Wallace"

Selling-Value: $350.77

Family Silver Tea Set

Sugar box, milk creamer and a silver tray.

Selling-Value: $613.85

Vintage Family Silver

6 vintage silver spoons and a silver cup with missing lid

family silver: vintage spoons and a cup

Selling-Value: $442.64

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