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Your silver buyer reDollarThere a countless of online silver buyers to find on the World Wide Web and it needs basic knowledge to be able to unmask the black sheep among the numberless online silver buyers. In 2007 when the global financial crises has developed it also affected the precious metal prices. Back then, the silver price reached an unprecedented price level and this attracted many people to start their business of buying silver, online with websites as well as offline in stores. It’s self-evident that not all of this silver buyers had the consolidated knowledge to run a silver buying business but the greed for money was stronger than being rational. That’s a big problem in our business because the black sheep on the online market destroy our reputation. Unskilled silver buyers are not able to determine the value of silver pieces correctly. Very often they don’t have the necessary knowledge and/or equipment to perform their duties properly. reDollar.com operates in this business since many years. We are experts in the field of buying silver and with us you get the highest price for your silver combined with the most customer-friendly service.

sell 1 ounce for sell 1 dwt. for sell 1 gram for
.925 silver $21.87 $1.09 $0.70
.999 silver (bullion) $27.90 $1.39 $0.90
.999 silver (scrap) $23.62 $1.18 $0.76

What are the key facts to consider when looking for an online silver buyer?

Silver buyer reDollar pays the mostThe most important factor is transparency. When you look for online silver buyers, the silver buyer should publish his purchase prices on his website or alternatively when he does not publish them on the website, which is a con for an online silver buyer, he should be willing to tell you his prices on the phone or by email. With reDollar.com you can be 100% sure that our prices are no secret. Use our calculator to pre-calcultate your purchase price. We have nothing to hide and nothing to sugarcoat with. Our prices are published on our website and are updated every second. When the silver market price is increasing rapidly, you can also benefit from this upward spurt and we also raise our silver prices online. We have tested several online silver buyers and the results of our tests were shocking. The majority of silver buyers online which we have contacted by phone has NOT told us their current prices for silver. We always got the same answer: they must see the pieces before they can make an offer. But this is only half the truth. Every online silver buyer should be able to tell the price per pennyweight or per gram. Silver has a quantified value that will be determined on the commodity exchanges, every day. So there should be no flimsy excuse why it’s not possible to tell a price. Of course very beautiful and special handcrafted pieces of silverware, silver jewelry, or silver cutlery can realize high prices far above the market price but that’s the rarity.

No hidden costs when selling to a reliable online silver buyer

You can identify a reliable online silver buyer when he does not burden you with extra costs. With reDollar.com your first address for buying silver online, you have NEVER hidden costs, because with us you have just earnings as all our services are free. Fully insured  shipping to our high tech labs, the appraisal from our experts as well as the potential returning of special stones etc. We don’t burden our precious clients with costs, it’s our aim to help you. But unfortunately this business philosophy don’t share all our competitors with us. Many online silver buyers burden their clients with hidden extra costs.

Where can you sell silver when looking for an online silver buyer?

Where to sell silver online? Of course to reDollar.com, your most reliable expert when it comes to sell silver online. We offer you a fast and modern way to sell your silver online. All our services are free for you and our network of experts will offer you the best possible price. The selling process can be done in 24-48 hours, including a fully insured shipping to our laboratories and an immediate payout via PayPal, Zelle, direct pay, money order, or check. With reDollar.com you have the choice because we make the choice! Seize your time and choose us as your favorite online silver buyer!

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