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Sell sterling silver scrap with reDollar.com and expect to get paid the best possible price. Today, we pay $22.78 per ounce of sterling silver or $332.20 per pound of sterling silver.

reDollar.com is highly respected when it comes to sell silver or other precious metals. We are a top-rated company, receiving scrap silver from all over the United States. Our customers appreciate our extremely precise evaluation and detailed statements about what kind of silver was delivered. Our modern laboratory makes it possible for us to deal with any type of silver in any amount. We can process just a few silver rings as quickly as full boxes of scrap silver.

Sterling Silver & Its Value

Sterling silver is a compound of 92.5% pure silver and 7.5% copper and has been in use for hundreds of years. Scientists even believe that sterling silver has been around for thousands of years. Modern technologies like XRF machines are able to determine the compound of very old silver items with extreme precision, which is how it was possible to prove sterling silver was used in ancient times.

copper and pure silver added together are called sterling silver

Individuals & Businesses Are Invited to Sell Sterling Scrap

reDollar.com always fits your selling needs. You can sell family silver or you can sell grandma’s silver you recently inherited. You can sell just a few silver quarters a silver coin collection worth tens of thousands of dollars. Whatever you plan to sell, we’ll pay you the highest possible price for your sterling silver scrap.

Sell for $24.60/ oz of pure silver
Sell for $22.78/ oz of sterling silver

Sell Sterling Silver Scrap

reDollar.com is the perfect place to sell sterling silver scrap. We are happy to accept any items made of sterling silver and even other silver alloys: forks, knives, spoons, tongs, bowls, ladles, cups, servers, trays, tea sets, coffee sets, figurines, accessories, jewelry, watches, coins, salt and pepper shakers, pots, coffee pots, tea pots, chocolate pots, flatware, fruit bowls, plates, and much, much more.

sterling silver knife, granules and handle on reDollar envelope

How It Works to Sell Sterling Silver Scrap

Selling is super easy thanks to our mail-in program. All you need is our shipping label to get your sterling silver to our laboratory. Shipping is free and fully insured. For commercial sellers, it’s good to know that we can offer insurance solutions up to $150,000.

Ship Sterling Silver Scrap for Free

Get started to either request a shipping label for immediate use or order a free selling kit to your home or office. And remember, we pay the highest prices for your sterling silver scrap. Compare our prices with local pawn shops or buying operations.

mail in sterling silver scrap with UPS to sell with reDollar

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