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1g Valcambi Suisse gold bar, 999.9 is a highly respected buyer of precious metals and just the perfect place to sell Valcambi gold products like bars or coins. We pay the highest possible price while we guarantee a 100% satisfying selling transaction. Compare our prices and you’ll find out what’s so great about dealing with us. Today we pay $72.21 per gram fine gold (24K/ .999) what is 95% of the current market value. We don’t know any other public company offering that without charging you a fee. That’s – Transparent & Beneficial Like A Bank.

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It’s easy to sell Valcambi gold bars and coins to our company. Get started here with a high-value shipping label for our mail-in service. Your products are fully insured trough UPS ParcelPro. Costs? NO, costs – we pay for it. No questions asked.

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Sell Valcambi Gold – How Much We Pay

We have a pretty simple pricing system: we pay 95% of the current gold price for trade-able Valcambi gold products. That’s unbeatable in the US. You can use our gold calculator for doing a pre-calculation and securing your quote. You can also download an order-summary for your records. There are no hidden fees and no deductions from your payout amount.

Please compare our prices with local gold buyers, pawn shops or coin dealers. Comparing our offer helps valuing our service.

Sell for
1 Gram$72.21
2.5 Grams$180.51
10 Grams$722.05
20 Grams$1444.10
1 oz = 31.1 grams$2245.58
50 Grams$3610.25
100 Grams$7220.50
250 Grams$18051.26
500 Grams$36102.51
1,000 Grams$72205.03

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More About Valcambi, Their Gold Bars and Coin Products

Valcambi is a precious metal refiner company based in Balerna, Switzerland. Founded in 1961, Valcambi deals with gold and platinum. The company turns the metals into bars, coins, as well as other semi-finished products.

Valcambi deals with refining gold than any other metal or company. Besides refining them, the company can also transport and store the metals. The company has been known to possess top-notch craftsmanship, with an extensive history of over five decades in Switzerland. Each gram of their Gold bar features unrivaled purity at competitive prices.

Take for instance 1 gram gold bar Valcambi (in assay). It comes with .999 purity and eye-catching elegance. The company has made it their mission to produce ultra-modern designs topped with mirrorlike touches. When you get the gold bar from them, the authenticity is guaranteed. The bar or coin will come with a certifying card sealed in a tamper-proof package.

Most of their Gold bars and coins are easy to sell. Perhaps because of the established brand is known for quality products. And of course, you’ll get the value for your money. Valcambi ensures that their products especially Gold bars are hand poured and hand stamped to make it unique.

Each of their coins features Valcambi’s CombiBar technology which makes it easier to separate and create something more elegant and unique. Most of its customer leaves behind happy reviews, with them expressing heartfelt gratitude to Valcambi for being such great gold refiners. Most if not all of the buyers vow to recommend the products to their friends. Of course, something great is worth spreading all over.

The 1oz Valcambi Gold Bar is one of the bestsellers, beating other types such as Emirates, Perth Mint, and others. Most of Valcambi products are priced depending on their gold content and of course the market value (current gold price) of gold at any given time. The spot price is maintained by London Bullion Market Association.

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