Current Yellow Gold Prices – How much is my yellow gold worth?

Besides white gold, yellow gold is one of the most commonly used colors for gold jewelry in the US. The majority of consumers are not confused because the natural color of gold is easily recognizable as “gold”. However, understanding gold alloys is crucial when it comes to determining the price of yellow gold. In the US, 10k, 14k, and 18k yellow gold are widely recognized and commonly used in jewelry and medals.

The current yellow gold price for 10k gold is $29.26 per gram and $909.94 per ounce. For 14k yellow gold $41.14 per gram and $1279.60 per ounce. Last but not least, for 18k yellow gold, the current price is $52.75 per gram and $1640.51 per ounce.

Many people mistakenly believe that yellow gold is no longer fashionable and that consumers prefer white gold. While it is true that white gold has become more popular in recent years, industry experts have observed a consistent trend of consumers still purchasing yellow gold. However, it is also true that many yellow gold items are being melted down and recycled due to their age, outdated style, or excessive damage. Therefore, it is important to stay informed about the current price of yellow gold if you plan to sell any of your pieces. You only need basic knowledge of pricing to assess the value of your jewelry, rather than requiring advanced appraisal skills. We are here to assist you in understanding the worth of your items before you begin the selling process.

Yellow Gold Alloys – Specs & Prices

Yellow gold, along with white gold, is the most commonly used gold composition in North America and Europe. While there are other colors such as rose gold or greenish gold, they are less important in comparison. In order to understand the current price of gold, it is important to know how your jewelry was made. For example, 10k gold is often labeled as “416” or “417”, which refers to the percentage of pure gold used in the production of the jewelry. This means that out of 1000 parts, 416 parts (or 41.6%) are pure gold, while the the remaining 584 parts are usually metals like silver, copper or zinc. 10k gold is also the least valuable gold composition compared to 14k gold (which is 58.3% pure gold) and 18k gold (which is 75% pure gold).

The value of yellow gold and white gold will be equivalent if they contain the same quantity of pure gold. To better comprehend the production process of yellow gold jewelry, kindly refer to the table provided below. This table will provide a concise yet informative overview of the pure gold content used in crafting each jewelry piece.

KaratGold %Silver %Copper %Price/ g
21k91.6%no Ag2.8%$64.42
18k75.0%no Ag8.2%$52.75

DIY! Yellow Gold Price Calculation

Before beginning, ensure that you are prepared to follow 3 simple steps for a home appraisal. This will require a digital scale, good eyesight or a magnifying glass, and reDollar’s gold calculator. Valuing your yellow gold items can be completed in as little as 5 minutes.

The first task is to prepare your scale. Ensure that you utilize a reliable and functional digital scale. Precision is crucial, and if you do not have a scale, purchasing one for only $5 on our website is a great place to begin. After setting up and placing your scale on a level and dry surface, begin by locating the gold marking.

Although most yellow gold items are typically marked, this may not be the case for very old pieces made in the early 1900s or even the 1800s. While these pieces may have been marked at one point, over the course of 100 years or more, the marking may have worn away and become difficult to see. However, you can still feel confident that your jewelry is clearly marked. Look for marks such as 10k, 14k, or 18k, or if the jewelry is from Europe or Asia, it may be marked as 585, 750, 916, or 999.

After finding the marking, use the scale to weigh your gold. Once the weight is determined, the most efficient and accurate way to get a price estimate is by using our gold calculator.

How much is my yellow gold worth?

The current value of your yellow gold items will vary depending on their weight and purity. As you may know, there are various yellow gold alloys available, ranging from the lower karat 10k gold to the pure 999 fine gold. While 10k gold is typically seen as the least expensive yellow gold composition in the US, it is still quite valuable, with a value of $29.26 per gram. The majority of yellow gold items hold a value equivalent to the current market price of gold, often with little to no additional premium. However, pieces from named brands such as Tiffany, Cartier, or David Yurman can command significantly higher prices than their inherent gold value.

24K 999 Yellow Gold
Sell for $70.26/gram

Fine gold jewelry, also known as 24k 999 jewelry, is considered the most valuable of all gold compositions because it is the purest form of gold. This means that no other metals are mixed in with the gold in fine gold jewelry.

22K 916 Yellow Gold
Sell for $64.42/gram

Asian and Middle Eastern consumers have a strong preference for 21k and 22k jewelry as it is highly regarded for its purity, with only 8.4% of other non-precious metals present. The color of these pieces is typically lustrous and radiant. However, despite its popularity, 22k gold is also known for its softness, second only to 24k gold.

18K 750 Yellow Gold
Sell for $52.75/gram

American consumers have a strong affinity for 18k gold, which is regarded as the premier and most desirable gold composition in the country. Whether it’s for engagement rings or wedding bands, 18k 750 yellow gold is widely favored. Its high purity of 75% makes it highly prized.

14K 585 Yellow Gold
Sell for $41.14/gram

The majority of jewelry in the United States is crafted from 14k 585 gold, which is widely regarded as “high quality” due to its complete chemical makeup that allows for creating exquisite and durable pieces. Objects made from 14k gold hold significant value and should reflect their worth in their price.

10K 416/ 417 Yellow Gold
Sell for $29.26/gram

Class rings, university rings, heavy Cuban chains, and necklaces are commonly crafted from 10k gold. This type of gold jewelry contains only 41.6% pure gold, which may lead some to view it as “low quality.” However, we believe this characterization is not justified. In fact, these pieces are still quite valuable and can yield a good return on investment.

9K 375 Yellow Gold
Sell for $26.37/gram

In the US, 9k 375 gold is not officially recognized as gold. This type of gold alloy originated in Great Britain and is widely used on the island. 375 9k gold is commonly used in various items such as watches, rings, necklaces, and flatware. Despite not being officially considered gold in the US, we still purchase it.

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