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Folks, get informed before you sell your precious gold to a gold buyer in Alabama! So many stories are in circulation about people who sold their gold for too little money to a buyer that seemed trustworthy at first glance. Rings, necklaces, coins, ingots, dental gold, flatware or even collectibles get turned into dollars, hundreds of times every day. We estimate that at least 7 out of 10 selling transactions, taking place, are paid with far too little money. So often, consumers don’t realize that they had become a victim of a gold buying rip-off. Owed to a leak of knowledge and convenience, many people sell their gold or jewelry outright to the next outlet. They stop by at the next pawn shop or gold buyer available in their community in expectation of a decent offer. They don’t consider that many buyers may exploit their unawareness to get gold, gems, watches and other assets for a bargain. We don’t want to generalize a whole industry to behave solely obscure but in fact many selling transactions are more unreliable than correct.

We strive to reduce the common practice by providing knowledge and sound advice. We’ve listed many gold buyers in Alabama in various cities to get an idea how selling works. Search our list and click your city or read our general recommendations about selling gold and other assets. Keep in mind that you can collect hundreds or even thousands of dollars more only by choosing the correct selling place. is your partner to find out how much your gold is worth, to find a selling place or to sell online right away.

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class ring owner missingReal honesty lasts forever: A trinity high school class ring was found almost 35 years ago in Cullman County from an ice business man. The worker found the class ring at the bottom on a freezer and since then he is in hope to return the ring to its original owner. Inside the ring “R.F.” was engraved. What is very special and interesting, is that this ring belonged to a student of the class from the latest 1970s, before the high school was closed at the onset of desegregation. Anyone with information about the ring or the reputedly owner, is asked to call the honest finder Lee. He can be reached at 256.841.1464 or at 228.238.4792.

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