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Birmingham, ALYou would like to turn your gold into cash? Generally that’s a good idea because the gold price is very high these days. But where can you turn your gold into top dollars? What options do you have in Birmingham, Alabama? We’ve checked your selling options in the Magic City. There are approximately seven spots in Birmingham where you can offer your gold for selling. Almost all gold buyers of Birmingham have websites, but do you know what? Not one of them, not one single gold buyer of Birmingham is publishing purchase prices on its website. Transparency? Wrong! For us as online gold buyers who we follow an ethical codex, this is an absolutely no-go. How should you as consumer be able to identify a reliable gold buyer in Birmingham, when you have no possibility to find out how much money he is offering for your gold? Should you waste your precious leisure time to visit every gold buyer in Birmingham to tear every price out of him? Obviously this should be the plan. The gold buyers in Birmingham write a lot on their websites but what they all have in common and what they consequently avoid, is publishing their purchase prices for gold. We ask ourselves why a gold buyer who proudly writes about his family history and tells on his website nice stories about what he offers his clients, since when he operates, and what items he buys but why the hell does he not share his purchase prices with the public? When you sell your car, do you know the price before you start selling negotiations? Yes of course! When you sell your home, do you have an idea how much your house is worth before you offer it for sale? Absolutely! And when you sell your gold you should know the value before you consult a gold buyer and present your gold to him. Knowledge is power and unfortunately more than 90% of the operating gold buyers take advantage from your unknowingness. Actually it should be just normal and a general rule that reliable gold buyers publish their daily prices per gram or pennyweight. That way consumers could better distinguish between the different service providers. The value determination of gold is not as difficult as you may think. Before you present your gold to a gold buyer in Birmingham you should find out how much your gold is worth. Do this by using a gold calculator or by meeting an appraiser. Once you know the current market value of your gold, watch or diamonds, whatever you want to sell, then you are well prepared for selling your assets. But if you visit a gold buyer and you show him that you have no clue about the value, then you risk getting paid a really low price for your gold. Why? Quite simply because when you don’t know how much your gold is worth, the buyer has an easy job and he can tell you anything about your gold and you will most likely believe him. Avoid such a situation because it can cost you a lot of money.

Test the gold buyers of Birmingham and make a price comparison

If you would like to find out who is the best buyer for gold in Birmingham then start a price comparison. There are some places where you can ask for gold quotes for your jewelry, ingots or dental gold. But don’t be surprised if not every gold buyer will accept certain kinds of gold, dental gold for example. We do so. Online gold buyers such as accept all kinds of gold, silver, platinum and palladium in every form and quantity. If you don’t have the time to visit several gold buyers in Birmingham in person, then try to get a quote per gram or pennyweight on the phone. The bad news is that not every gold buyer is willing to give you a per gram/pennyweight quote on the phone. Why? We don’t know. Of course, elaborate and very exclusive diamond jewelry has to be analyzed in person to make a binding price offer, that’s for sure. Diamond jewelry needs to be assessed carefully and a lot of experience and knowledge is involved in such an analyzing process. But a simple per gram price information for 18k gold shouldn’t be a big deal. Once you know the prices the buyer is willing to pay for your gold, you can compare the offers and visit only the buyers who offered you the best price. To get a first impression who are the good guys in Birmingham, this is a very good method to test the gold buyers. If a gold buyer is not willing to share his prices with you and also if he seems not to be interested in consulting you, then we advise against doing business with such a gold buyer. High prices, transparency, customer friendliness and willingness to help and explain are the main attributes that characterize a reliable and trustworthy gold buyer. Consider that if you do business with local gold buyers of Birmingham.

Why we warn our clients

We warn our clients to be careful when they sell their gold because it’s no secret that the gold buying industry has a really bad image. And this image doesn’t come from myths, it comes from real stories that you and I have experienced. We are tired of the shabby tricks and business operations by which local gold buyers perform their businesses. We warn our clients because we want to prevent them from getting ripped off. We don’t want to lump all gold buyers together but the awful truth is that the majority of gold buyers doesn’t act reliable and fair. Not according to our high standards of reliability. There are very nice guys out there who offer an excellent advice and very good prices for gold but the art is to find this guys. In 2011, the U.S. News & World has ranked Birmingham as the third most dangerous city in the nation. That’s a tremendously alarming “award”. We recommend you to sell your gold with safety and alertness. Don’t show everything you have in first instance, first test the buyer with one-two little pieces of gold, before you show him the full extent of your gold. That protects you against robbery. From time to time we hear that gold sellers get observed from strangers who are lurking around the stores and wait until the seller leaves the store with a lot of money or gold. In such a situation you are exposed to the risk of getting robbed. Avoid such risks by selling your gold with an online buyer or by being very careful and alerted. Don’t sell your gold alone. It’s always better to have a companion with you. Four eyes see always more than two.

Ready to get cash for gold in Birmingham?

You’re ready to sell gold in Birmingham? Good! Here we go! We’ve listed some spots where you could sell your gold in Birmingham but please don’t understand this suggestions as recommendation from us. This are just gold buyers in Birmingham we have found in the course of our research but we have not tested them on their reliability. Try your luck at Mike’s Fine Jewelry located 2324 1st Ave N or you give Of Alabama Gold Buyers at 32 Green Springs Hwy a try. Also Isbell Jewelers located at 448 Cahaba Park Cir and Levy’s located in 2116 2nd Ave N offer their gold buying services to people who want to sell gold in Birmingham. We also found a pawn shop in Birmingham who offers cash for gold: Delta Pawn located at3416 6th Ave S. I hope you guys will make a satisfying experience, we wish you the best of luck. If you prefer to sell gold with online buyers than we are presumably the best choice for you. If you want to share your experiences with us then please give us a call or send us an email. We will continue our endeavors to make the gold buying industry more reliable, transparent and fair.

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