Gold buyers in San Francisco: tricky or honest?

Consumers often struggle when they seek gold buyers in San Francisco. And it’s understandable that choosing the right cash for gold location is a hard challenge. Consumers are in fear of losing money and they are alerted from consumer protection reports, newspaper articles and TV comparisons. Almost all gold sellers are afraid of getting ripped-off. It can happen to everyone in the US. The risen gold price is one reason besides greed and lots of competition. Countless of gold buyers in San Francisco have to share potential gold sellers, and lure them into their stores promising “the highest prices paid”, “nobody pays more” or “get a $100 bonus with this coupon”. Almost all of these ads are just a lure. Not more and not less than that. And it works because people get attracted. They visit the respective gold buyer awaiting a bonus payment. And the real danger is that consumers can’t reveal the tricky behaviors. Let’s say you have a gold necklace worth $500. The gold buyer knows that but you have no clue. He explains to you that this necklace is worth $150 but because of the coupon you can get paid $100 more, in total $250. Maybe you think, NOT BAD. But this offer is really bad, if you see the overall supply.

But what happens if you meet a really reliable gold buyer in San Francisco? Maybe he offers you $450 for your gold without a coupon? Isn’t it better? Right, it is but the ability to differ between a lure and an honest offer is very often hard for consumers. There is just one way out: run your own comparison and never get involved in negotiations. Gold buyers in San Francisco are trained to lead you to selling. Tricky argumentations combined with some pressure and badmouthing your items often work, sadly but true. But do it right, if you don’t sell your gold to one of the first gold buyers in San Francisco. Visit at least 10 different places, consult online gold buyers too and run your own investigation before you finally sell.

Sell gold in San Francisco: run your own comparison and ask for advice

Listen, asking questions should be welcomed. Questions are only unwelcomed if someone has something to hide, right? Guys, ask whatever you want! Reliable gold buyers are happy to answer all your questions.

The most important question for you is: please tell me the alloy of my gold and the weight

Guess why knowing the alloy and the weight is so helpful! No idea? Don’t worry we let you know. It’s so important because you can calculate by yourself how much your gold is worth. A gold calculator is all you need. But watch out, because we know that lots of gold buyers tempt customers with faked information. So, ask this question to all of them and compare the statements. The matching statements show you the truth. And the truth is that unreliable gold buyers try to avoid telling you the alloy and the weight. They know that the truth let you find out the market value of your gold. The truth let you realize how much money you lose. The truth shows you that you get ripped-off. But we are here to tell you the truth and this truth is:

3 out of 4 gold buyers are in violence with the law

The department for consumer affairs in NY, determined that 3 out of 4 gold buyers are in violence with the law. Many consumers confirm that this statement applies to lots of gold buyers from all states. Consulting an online gold buyer like or asking a local auction house in San Francisco can be reasonable. Ask them for a quote, compare and the facts could be almost unbelievable. A $500 offer can turn into a $1,000 deal. A $1,000 offer can turn into a $2,500 deal. It really happens. That’s not an empty talk. Trust us and run your comparison in San Francisco. There is nothing to lose besides precious time, but much money to win.

Sell gold in San Francisco: investigate your selling options

We estimate that about 500 gold buyers, pawn shops, jewelers and second hand dealers are present in the urban area of San Francisco. You have no idea where and how to start with your comparison if you think about North to the South of San Francisco and neighborhood towns like San Mateo, Redwood City or Palo Alto. Your options are countless and choosing the places has to happen accidentally. We collected some addresses for you:

Gold buyers in San Francisco: ask the guys of Valley Goldmine San Francisco, located at 1750 Montgomery St or SF Gold Rush, located at 1920 Market St or also San Francisco Gold Buyer, located at 255 W Portal Ave or maybe Citi Gold Buyers, located at 5901 Mission St. These places are well known for cash for gold and selling gold there should be no problem. Just beware of lures and bad quotes. Remember, you don’t sell to one of these buyers without comparing at least 10 different once.

Coin dealers like the SAN FRANCISCO COIN STOP, located at 3251 20th Ave or Oxbridge Coins, located at 2115 Van Ness Ave might be another option besides the gold buyers. Try your luck.

Pawn shops in San Francisco, where you can sell gold: Pawn shops popped up during the last 10 years. It’s a fast growing industry and thanks to TV shows like “Pawn Stars”, the branch is more accepted. You could sell gold in San Francisco to companies like Pawn Shop, located at 2050 Mission St or Pacific Loan Co., located at 55 6th St or to Buy Sell Loan, Inc., located at 1167 Sutter Street or also to a place named Montserrat’s Gold Jewelry & Loan, located at 3205 24th Street or to Mission Jewelry & Loan, located at 2318 Mission St.

Note: the collected addresses are not a recommendation.

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