Gold Buyers in California

California households are rich in gold, silver, platinum, and precious metals and you may be one of those people looking for a trustworthy gold buyer. Most Californians know that finding a reliable buyer is crucial for a successful selling experience. It’s a matter of common knowledge that you can leave hundreds or even thousands of dollars on the table if you sell to the wrong place. Good thing you found – a company that is disrupting the gold buying industry by paying extremely high prices.

Let’s take a look at what steps it takes for you to sell gold in California and how and why you should sell to a specific place. This article was written by a long-time member of the gold buying industry and is brutally honest. Read through it carefully so you know what to expect in your search for a gold buyer in California. If you already know that reDollar is the right place to sell your gold from the comfort of your home in California, you can get started right away and skip the educational path to selling gold.

Gold Buyers in California – A Brief Overview

The most common ways to sell gold in California are to sell to an online gold buyer, a pawn shop, a neighborhood gold buying location, a consignment store, or an auction house. While online buyers like offer new ways to sell, pawn shops or local buying businesses haven’t really changed in recent years. If you understand how jewelry pricing works, you can successfully sell gold in California without headaches.

Of course, personal circumstances vary and not everyone can make the effort to compare and search for the honest gold buyer, but fortunately most sellers can. Make it a top priority to never sell your gold to the nearest gold buyer in California unless you need the money extremely urgently. For those sellers who need money urgently, probably on the same day sell only the gold you ultimately need to sell to cover your emergency situation. Keep as much gold as you can for a few more days – you won’t regret it. Read on and you will learn why.

Sell Scrap Gold

Scrap gold is valuable and almost every household in California has some. It’s very easy to sell scrap gold if you know the basics.

Sell Fine Jewelry

Californians have a passion for fine jewelry. Sell your fine jewelry if you no longer wear it or if you are looking for something new.

Sell Diamonds

California is a true diamond state. Some of the most impressive diamonds are at home in California. Contact us to sell your diamond ring.

Sell Watches

From San Diego to San Francisco, luxury watches are widely available and people love to upgrade. Sell your Rolex for some cash before you upgrade.

The Most Important Things to Know Before You Visit a Gold Buyer in California

Not being prepared for a sale can be a very costly mistake. You can loose hundreds or even thousands of dollars if you do not prepare for the sale. Be very careful and don’t even trust your family jeweler when it comes to selling your gold jewelry or diamonds. We could fill books with stories of consumers who have been brutally ripped off by people they thought they could trust. Millions are made buying jewelry, gemstones, and watches from unsuspecting Californians – every single week. We truly believe that only 9 out of 10 companies operate fairly and pay acceptable purchase prices. Read as many articles as you can before you head out to sell gold in California.

Know What You Own

You should always know what you own before you visit a gold buyer in California. Never put your jewelry box on the sales counter. A smart buyer will immediately realize that you have no idea of the value of your jewelry. Most buyers will unfortunately take advantage of this situation. Spend some time with your items. It’s pretty easy to learn more about your items and their value.

For this step you will need:

About 20 minutes of your precious time to read our educational article value of gold jewelry.

Know the Market Value

After spending some time with your items, you should be aware of the value of your pieces. Be one step ahead of the gold buyer you plan to visit in California by having a rough idea of the money you should get. It’s a bad misconception that this requires expensive equipment and tremendous knowledge. Remember, you only want to acquire some basic knowledge; you don’t want to open a jewelry store.

For this step you will need:

A digital scale and our gold calculator.

Understand the Offer

It is very important to understand the purchase offer that is presented. If you do not understand the offer, you may not know if you have been treated fairly. Gold jewelry and coins are usually easy to price, while fine jewelry and diamonds are more difficult to appraise and price. Not all gold buyers in California will provide you with a detailed breakdown. This has nothing to do with laziness, but the fact that the lack of detailed information makes it almost impossible for you to verify the price. Unlike competitors, reDollar always provides a detailed laboratory report explaining how your offer was calculated.

How Can You Sell Gold in California From The Comfort of Your Home?

Unfortunately, many people don’t know about the great benefits to sell gold online – to a company like reDollar. It’s very easy, super convenient, and very financially rewarding. A gold calculator allows you to  pre-calculate  the value of most items from the comfort of your own home. You will know exactly how much money you will receive without getting into the stressful situation of having to negotiate with a stranger.

Gold necklace to be sold from South California using UPS shipping

From Southern to Northern California: Sell Gold from Anywhere

The big advantage of selling gold from your home is that you are completely independent of your location. You can sell from your penthouse apartment in Los Angeles, your beach house in Carmel-by-the-Sea, your townhouse in San Francisco, or even your farm in the Central Valley. All you need is a UPS store.

(1) Start online, from the comfort of your home in California, by telling us a little more about the items you want to sell. This is important because we make sure all your items are fully insured on their way to our lab. We value a single gold ring just as much as your extensive coin collection. No sale volume is too small or too high. Get started online and prepare your items for shipping.

(2) Most items are shipped via UPS or USPS California. You will receive a free shipping label with full insurance coverage.

(3) Pack your items securely and take your package to the nearest drop-off location for delivery to our lab.

(4) We will confirm receipt as soon as your items arrive at our facility. We guarantee a same day purchase offer and immediate payment once you have agreed.

reDollar is the one-click-away gold buyer for California. Avoid the frustration of driving from one selling place to another to find an okay-offer when you know where to get the highest possible price in California.

Visiting a Gold Buyer in California? Prepare Yourself for the Sale!

What makes a sales transaction a good deal? The amount of money you received for your gold, silver or jewelry. But how can you get a high price for goods, if you are a consumer? And how can you tell an enticement from an honest and reliable offer? You’ll learn this and much more when you work with our California gold sales guide. We’ll show you how to identify an unreliable gold buyer from a reliable gold buyer. In addition, there are also easy ways to determine the value of your treasures by simply performing a self-organized value evaluation. Remember, information is power, and using our guidelines makes you powerful. It’s a great advantage for you to know the approximate value of your gold before you put it up for sale. And it’s more than doubtful that you’ll be able to get a high sale price if you start over without meaningful information.

Auction hammer symbolizing sold gold jewelry

Gold buyers from coast to coast wait on unaware gold sellers hopes of a quick and high profit. You could fall into a gold buyer’s trap if you don’t compare selling prices. And how the selling works, you can learn where? Here! Take the opportunity seriously and increase your gold sale amount by up to 100% by following our tips. Don’t trust your next gold buyer in California unchecked. Verify his information and always consult other gold buyers for further assessments and estimates.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Selling Gold

There are literally no stupid questions about selling gold. There would only be stupid answers. We promise to take all your questions and concerns seriously, even if we don’t expect you to sell your jewelry with us. Ask us any question before you visit a local gold buyer in California, and keep in mind that some buyers may pressure you. So really ask before you go. Do as Marc, Katie, Leonor or Kelly did; they all became reDollar customers after asking some very important questions.

California Customer Questions About Selling Gold

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