Sell gold in Colorado Springs

Colorado Springs is an awesome city, located close to Denver. It’s just 70 miles from Colorado Springs to Denver. What do you think? Who pays more for your gold? Your local gold buyers in Colorado Springs or the gold buyers in Denver? It’s not easy to figure out because we tried to call them and asked for a quote but not one gold buyer in Colorado Springs told us how much they are willing to pay for 18K gold. They told us we have to come to their store to get a price information. It’s absolutely necessary to see what kind of gold you plan to sell to make a price offer. That’s a strange argument because there is a quantifiable market value, if we speak about 18K scrap gold. This value can be checked on the stock market at every time. It’s just a little calculation to calculate the buying amount. Don’t sell gold to a gold buyer in Colorado Springs, if he is not willing to tell you the price in advance.

Most cash for gold places, also in Colorado Springs, have the habit to make a huge profit with your offered gold. We know that almost 50% of all gold buyers in the US would offer less than 500 bucks for gold, worth $1,000. Do you think that’s fair? Would you sell your house, worth $300,000 for around $150,000? Never ever! And you also should not sell your gold to guys looking for such a profit. Always figure out how much your gold is worth. You can do this by using an online gold calculator. If you know the value, you can compare the places where you can sell gold in Colorado Springs.

But don’t expect best prices. We know that only a few gold buyers are paying awesome prices. It’s hard to find one of these guys. Perhaps, you should sell gold online. Sometimes it can be the better deal for you to sell online instead of selling to a local gold buyer in Colorado Springs. Well, you don’t have the cash in hand, right now. But in some cases you can get a lot more money, depending on what you sell. Would you wait 2 days for getting $300, $400 or maybe $500 more? YEA, you would. Keep this option in mind, perhaps it’s an alternative for you.

Cash for gold in Colorado Springs – the cash for gold spots

Colorado Springs is an important city in Colorado. And it’s not only important. With a total population of nearly 500,000 residents, it’s also huge. Therefore a lot of gold buyers are offering their services to customers from Colorado Springs. You have a lot of spots where you can compare the prices. First, there are some gold buyers: like Checkmate, located at 5746 Palmer Park Boulevard or also Glenn’s Jewelry and Loans, located at the Academy Shopping Center and also Top Dollar Pawn, located at 275 South Academy Boulevard. Furthermore you can check the prices at Hallenbeck Coin Gallery in northwest or the prices at Money Source Gold Buyers, located at 3029 Jet Wing Drive. If you prefer a jeweler advice, go to Valentine Jewelers, located at 1020 South Tejon Street or to Tri Gem International Diamond, located at 2127 North Weber Street or probably also to Kay Jewelers, located at 50 Citadel Drive.

Wherever you go, keep in mind that all gold buyers are working for their own pocket and not for your pocket. They don’t work for your recommendation or your grace.

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