Gold buyers Atlanta: we unlock the secret to get the most cash for gold

You would like to get an overview of the gold buyers in Atlanta to find a reliable place for your gold, silver or jewelry? We provide you a gold selling guideline for Atlanta in Georgia. But before we finally start, please read our basic information for first time sellers:

  • Gold can be worth just the gold value or it can be worth more than the gold value.
  • Over 90% of all existing jewelry will be evaluated by the gold value: even new jewelry.
  • A sparkling stone can be a precious diamond but can be also just glass trash.
  • Almost all coins were evaluated based on the current gold stock price. Coins which are much more worth than the gold price are, very rare.

Consider that we speak about the gold value in almost all scenarios, even if you have some good locking jewelry. The beautiful appearance does not affect the value. Facts like a special designer, a special provenience, a special gemstone or other unique facts influence the value of your jewelry. In such cases we speak about fine jewelry. So you have to differ between looking for a gold buyer in Atlanta just to sell gold as it is for the gold value, and looking for a specialized jewelry buyer to sell fine jewelry for more than just the gold value.

Please consider that just a minority of gold buyers is qualified to offer cash for gold as well as cash for fine jewelry. And only a few dealers of this minority of buyers are able or willing to offer high prices for your items. Alternatives to local gold buyers in Atlanta are online gold buyers like or even online auctions. Online auctions cause commissions and maybe also hassle.

But let us switch back to the local gold buyers in Atlanta. How is it possible to identify an honest and reliable buyer? If we just speak about gold, worth just the material value, we can figure out the honesty and reliability by asking for a quote. It’s that easy. If you call a gold buyer in Atlanta to ask for a quote you could get 2 answers:

First possible answer: “we can’t tell you a price on the phone. Come to the store and I let you know how much we can pay for your gold.”

Second possible answer: “we can pay you $X for your gold each gram or each pennyweight.”

Take care if you get the first answer. The gold buyer tries to get you in the store for convincing you. They don’t tell quotes on the phone to make a high profit. They don’t want to share transparent facts. Come and sell, this is what they want.

Outwit the gold buyers in Atlanta

Figure out what you own and how much money you can expect before you shop around. If you know how much your gold is worth allows you to put more pressure on the negotiations and prevent getting ripped off. You can find about 50 places where you can sell gold in Atlanta. You can deal with gold buyers, jewelers, antique stores or pawn brokers. Sometimes companies from the outside offer cash for gold too. We have heard about real estate agents or even insurance brokers offering cash for gold. It’s because the gold price was increasing quickly the last years. You can make a nice profit selling these days if you bought long time ago.

Get into the topic of selling gold. It’s learnable and an average US household has all supplies at home to do a first circa evaluation. You need a magnifier and a scale. Look for the gold markings like 10K, 14K, 18K or 24K and sort the associated items. Weight the items depending on your sorting separately and note down the weight. The noted gold facts can be calculated by using a gold calculator. The gold calculator shows you the approximate value of your gold. Your self calculated amount is the basis for a constructive comparison. Do that before you visit the gold buyers in Atlanta. You safe precious time and you increase the possibility to get paid a good price.

Cash for gold in Atlanta – some locations for your comparison

If you have decided to run a comparison, you can visit some listed places. Please keep in mind that you can also sell online to companies like reDollar. It’s generally known that online gold buyers often pay more cash for your gold than local competitors. Try your luck visiting Italian Gold & Diamond, located at Americas Mart, 250 Spring Street Northwest or visiting Atlanta Gold & Silver, located at 887- West Peachtree St or visiting Empire Jewelry Buyers, located at 201 17th Street Northwest. Other spots are the Southest Gold Buyers, at 1425 Piedmont Avenue or even Prime Time Gold LLC, located at 1580 Flat Shoals Road.

Pawn shops like the Blair Village Pawn Shop, located at 1805 Jonesboro Road or North Side Jewelry & Loan, located at 946 Martin Luther King Junior or Lakewood Avenue Pawn Shop, located at 1711 Lakewood Avenue are offering cash for gold. Another option is Jerry’s Pawn Shop, located at 21 Decatur Street Southeast or maybe EL Pawn, 1708 Howell Mill Road. If you are close to northeast try, Metro Pawn LLC, located at Northeast Plaza, 3375 Buford Highway.

Some of these guys are very honest and reliable. We know this for sure. But their prices are changing all time. You have to figure out by yourself what they can offer you. Very helpful is our listed comparison, too.

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