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Georgia, the State that inhabitants call lovingly “The Empire State of the South” hides hundreds of places to sell gold, other precious metals, watches, gems or diamonds. But sadly, Georgia isn’t an exception where the majority of gold dealers act reliable and honest. It’s here like elsewhere in the US: most gold buyers offer in acceptable prices and don’t take care about customer’s satisfaction. Moreover they are unwilling to provide transparent prices for gold and precious metals what is absolute intolerable for a reliable buyer. But telling a purchase price each pennyweight or gram could entail a controlling of offered prices, what gold buyers try to avoid in every case. We know that the industry has a bad reputation and we as an honest online gold buyer suffer from the unreliable acting guys. We have to make great efforts to convince prospective sellers for dealing with us. But our work pays off and more and more people from Georgia know as the best place for selling gold, jewelry and diamonds.

For those guys who try to get cash for gold in their hometown, we provide a collection of precious tips for selling. We as an online buyer know that some people can’t spend the time to sell online. For 90% of all customers, Mail in your gold to get cash, is a great option but not to the remaining 10% of all sellers. In case of an emergency, time is more worth than some bucks more. People who sell because of an emergency can compare the local gold buying markets in Georgia but can’t afford to wait 48 hours for their payout amount – even when they would get $1,000 more. That’s a sadly fact. But for all people without an absolutely urgent need of money, it’s worth to wait between 24 hours and 48 hours for their money. See this as a serious option beside selling to a local buyer in Georgia.

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