How much money can you expect to get paid from gold buyers in Springfield?

You are one of the countless Americans owning jewelry made of gold? Perhaps you need some extra cash between your paychecks or maybe you just want to get rid of it because it’s unused or damaged? We are a good source to get into the topic of selling gold in Springfield. And for whatever reason you are looking for a buyer, we can help you to unlock some gold buyer secrets. The best way to avoid getting ripped-off is knowing what you own and how much it is worth, before you visit a local gold buyer location in Springfield. The problem is that a gold ring can be worth just the gold value but maybe also more because it’s a rare item. This is what you have to figure out by yourself.

What makes a gold buyer reliable? Maybe you think it’s the honest advice but we think that it’s just the amount of money you get paid. A Springfield gold buyer who is willing to pay you a proper amount for your gold is reliable. What can you do, to differentiate between an unreliable gold buyer and an honest gold buyer? It’s simple and tricky: just ask for a quote without showing what you own. Ask for the price that you can get paid per pennyweight or per gram. The answers show the honesty of the gold buyer:

  • The gold buyer may be reliable if he tells you his quote.
  • The gold buyer may be unreliable if he is not willing to tell you a quote

We guess that nearly two-thirds of all local gold buyers are not very honest. They avoid telling you a purchase price per dwt or gram to avoid comparison. You can only shop around if you know how much money you could get paid. Look at online gold buyers like They share all prices with you. They let you know how much money you can get paid.

Ask the Springfield gold buyers

Call them or visit them. What do you guess? How many cash for gold spots will give you a quote? We think not more than 30% of all gold buyers in Springfield. Let us know. We are excited to hear your experience report.

Cash for gold in Springfield – your local options

You can sell to a pawn shop, to a jeweler or a gold dealer. Maybe you find also other places like antique stores, offering cash for gold in Springfield. You can visit MJ Springfield Gold & Coin, located at the Shamrock Center, 3444 South Campbell Avenue or the Ozark Coin Company, located at 2551 South Campbell Avenue, or even Springfield Gold & Silver Buyers, located at 1305 East Battlefield Road or finally also R & K Coins, located at 520 West University Street. Or you ask the guys from Doug Gooch, located at 2200 East Sunshine Street, or Custom Gold Works, located at 1311 South Glenstone Avenue or you visit the well know Gold Exchange, located at 815 South Glenstone Avenue to ask for a quote.

And furthermore there are pawn shops buying your gold: Premier Pawn, located at 2857 South Campbell Avenue, or even Loftis Jewelry & Pawnbrokers, located at 410 West University Street or finally B & T Pawn, located at 803 West College Street.

Sell gold in Springfield or online?

It really depends on the local offered quotes. The experience shows that it can make sense to sell gold online instead of selling it to a local gold buyer. You should calculate the value by using a gold calculator. If you get an awesome quote in Springfield – sell and take the cash. And if you don’t get a competitive quote – sell online. It’s up to you and your personal attitude. You get cash on hand at the same day if you sell gold in Springfield. It takes longer, if you sell online. But if you get some hundred dollars more – wait! It’s a lot of money.

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