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ChicagoAlmost all people know that it’s smart to be aware of the second hand trading industry in Chicago but what about other cities in Illinois? Is it necessary to take care about the dealers you are planning to deal with and what about the prices gold buyers in Illinois are willing to pay? Sadly, there is no city in Illinois where you can be sure getting paid solely the highest prices for gold, silver, jewelry, gemstones, diamonds, luxury watches, coins, silverware and other assets. Be aware of alluring ads like “we pay the best price in town” or “deal with us we pay more than others”. After an investigation, we know that almost all promises fail. It’s more common to come into a rip-off situation than getting served with a proper purchase price. That’s very annoying for consumers searching a gold buyer in Illinois because they can’t trust anybody. The gold trading industry suffers from a very bad image – rightly! But we know how you can find reliable buyers and they still exist! We are, a website for selling assets and finding precious information about selling valuables. We reveal secrets and protect you from tricky-traps. Click your city in Illinois to find out more about the local market in your neighborhood.

Selling alternatives to local gold buyers are online gold buyers or auction houses. It depends on your circumstances. Mailing in your gold involves more time than driving to a local gold buyer or a pawn shop in Illinois but it can pay off because very often online buyers offer the double amount of money than local competitors. Payout takes only between 24 hours and 48 hours. That’s an option if you don’t depend on the money on the same day.

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