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Indianapolis is the capital and most popular city in Indiana. A city population of 820,000 and an urban population of almost 1,500,000 make Indianapolis to the most important gold selling and buying market in Indiana. Indianapolis is a wealthy city with thousands of gold selling transactions. Millions in gold, jewelry, diamonds and watches are traded every year in Indianapolis. Maybe you are one of the guys planning to sell gold in Indianapolis? Gold of any kind from jewelry to coins, is sold besides watches, diamonds, gemstones or other valuable status symbols. Buying is one thing but selling is another challenge because it’s in your interests to achieve a very high selling price, right? This goal is the problem because from a statistical point of view, selling for really high prices is not that easy. Would you expect that only 1 or 2 out of 10 gold buyers offer high prices, very close to the resell value? No, but it’s a fact. Well, it depends. You can be lucky by visiting an honest buyer right away but you can be unlucky too by visiting just “bad-price-payers”. There are some considerations to follow, before you finally seal the deal with a buyer.

Gold buyers in Indianapolis: advantageous circumstances!

Well, a gold buyer in your neighborhood can be an option when you need CASH RIGHT NOW IN MINUTES because of a grave emergency. You won’t think about finding the best dealer in town if you need cash so fast. But thank god, such emergencies are the exception of the rule. Normally you have more time to shop around, when you plan to sell gold in Indianapolis. Did you know that the majority of all gold sellers don’t sell because of urgent financial needs? They sell their gold or their jewelry to get some extra cash or to turn gold into savings of dollars. We estimate that less than 10% of all people selling gold, sell because of an urged need of cash.  If you aren’t in a hurry like most sellers, take time for selling, it pays off. You could increase your payout amount significantly. Save the additional money or join an Indianapolis Motor Speedway race, buy books or buy gifts for people you love. It’s up to you. But don’t dump the money your gold is worth. Compare the gold buyers in Indianapolis before you finally sell and also ask an online gold buyer for a quote. We know that the selling amount can extremely vary. One cash for gold dealer offers maybe just $500, another $800 and another one maybe $1,200 or more. It’s really hard to believe but it’s true. You can run your own comparison. Visit 10 accidentally chosen gold buyers in Indianapolis and note down the offered quotes. Don’t be surprised if they ask you how much money you want to get out. That’s a common behavior to figure out if you have knowledge about the value. Better informed gold sellers get a better quote than other ones, sadly but true.

I don’t know the value of my assets! What can I do if they ask me?

We always recommend to reveal your intentions: “I compare a couple of gold buyers in Indianapolis”. If they get unfriendly, get you gone! Honest guys stay cool and explain how they build the price. Very honest guys share facts too. They might tell you the purity or the amount you have. Extremely reliable buyers compare the offered amount with the true market value. You get a feeling for reliable gold buyers when you visit some places in Indianapolis. But also beware of the charming ones. It could be a strategy to get you out of your gold. Don’t sell your gold too fast. Better wait and compare. A reliable gold buyer could offer the same amount just hours later. Pressure can be a sign for unreliable intentions. Moreover it’s your right to compare buyers to find the highest price. Always keep in mind that the stuff you plan to sell is your property! You are the lawful owner!

Cash for gold places in Indianapolis, you can compare

You can visit the following places to compare in Indianapolis: gold buyers, pawn shops, jewelers, coin dealers, goldsmiths and second hand dealers. There is no general rule to say gold buyers pay more than pawn shops or jewelers pay more than gold buyers. Besides a careful done comparison, luck also pays a decisive role.

In the North and in North-East of Indianapolis you could visit gold buyers like Gold Pros, located at Castleton Square Mall, 6020 E. 82nd Street or Solid Gold, located at 10800 Pendleton Pike or Gold Authority, located at 1028 Shadeland Ave. Pawn Mart Inc., located at 4228 North Post Road, First Cash, located at 5347 North Keystone Avenue or Treasures To Cash in Greenfield, located at 401 N State St are three more options in North-East. In Downtown and West you can visit: First Cash Financial Services Inc., located at 2810 West 71st Street or Cashland, located at 5725 Crawfordsville Road or maybe also Gold-N-Deals, located at 7001 W Washington St or last but not least, Westside Loan Co, located at 3428 W 10th St. These companies are gold buyers or pawn shops.

Beware of faked gold buyer reviews in Indianapolis

It’s not only a problem in Indianapolis to identify faked reviews. It’s a nationwide growing problem of faked reviews. Gold buyers, hairdresser, restaurants, car dealers and shops of almost all industries try to influence their public rating profiles. You can meet a gold buyer, showing best yelp reviews but offering worst prices. The best way is to compare and to find out what you have. Tools like a gold calculator or a diamond calculator are very helpful for consumers. Good luck and let us know about your experience.

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