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Kansas City, MissouriThe proud City of Fountains, the heart of America which sounds so promising, is also sphere of hundreds of gold buyers who offer their services for numberless clients that want to sell gold for cash. Can you find good spots to sell gold in Kansas City? That’s questionable but we are sure you can, however the art is to find a reliable dealer among the black sheep in town. Don’t get us wrong. Of course we don’t want to generalize the gold buying industry but our long-term experience shows us again and again that a reliable gold buyer is as rare as a fine truffle. We offer our precious clients 90-95% of the stock market price for your gold, whereas the great majority of local buyers only offers 40-60%. There is really nothing that can prevent you against a bad gold selling experience except for knowledge. If you would like to make a satisfying deal with a gold buyer of Kansas City, then it’s absolutely inevitable to gain knowledge about your gold’s value. But not when you are already negotiating the price, you have to gain that essential knowledge in advance, before you start conversations with potential gold buyers. Meet our appraisers or use a gold calculator to determine the value of your gold by yourself. For calculating the price of scrap gold a gold calculator is a perfect tool. You just need to know the purity of your gold and the weight. The purity you can find with help of hallmarks that are stamped on gold items like jewelry or ingots. For more complex items like diamond jewelry, watches, or dental gold we recommend to consult an independent appraiser to get a proper assessment.

Our current scrap gold prices at a glance:

24K per gram $69.04
22K per gram $63.30
18K per gram $51.83
14K per gram $40.43
10K per gram $28.75

Don’t be fooled by wrong impressions- Gold buyers in KCMO are tricky

reDollar jewelry experts appraising gold jewelryPlease don’t be misled by a well-dressed Gentlemen- look or a fancy jeweler shop with an exclusive luxury furnishing. This are no indicators for reliable dealings. We have made good experiences in very appealing stores as well as in old-fashioned and shabby-looking stores. The only thing that counts to get top dollars for your gold is the price a buyer offers you for your gold. Make a comparison of gold buyers in Kansas City, ask around what the pay for one gram of 18k gold or per dwt. 18k gold. The best buyer gets your gold, nobody else. Cash for gold spots in Kansas popped up like mushrooms during the last four years. Not least because of the risen gold price. In every magazine, TV report and newspaper the topic “gold” was present. The price jump in July 2011 was a game changer in the gold buying business. Back then we had an awesome price of $1,913.50/ounce (August 2011), today the price is $1,185.00/ounce (6/3/2015). You see the big price difference? This tremendously high gold price was the reason why so many self-titled gold experts opened their stores to offer cash for gold. This big flood of new gold buyers in Kansas City also involved unreliable and untrustworthy people who entered the “new” market. Be aware when you sell gold in Kansas City and check the potential gold buyers carefully before you offer your gold for sale. It can happen too quickly that you sell your gold for a bad price. It’s also the art of persuasion on the part of the gold buyer that can lead to a bad selling experience.

Gold buyers of Kansas City – what they offer, what they comply

14k gold chain on banknotesIf you look for a good place where to sell gold for top dollars in KC then you have various possibilities and options. You can go to the next door jeweler, to pawnshops, to gold buying stores and if you are very brave then you can also think about visiting a gold party. But this way of selling is what we see as the most risky way of selling gold. Gold buyers in general don’t have a good reputation but the worst reputation have gold parties. They don’t stand for reliable dealings. The potential clients get offered champagne or other alcoholic drinks, some snacks and the whole gold sale should be proceeded in a relaxing and fun atmosphere. But that’s the big danger. Gold party organizers act so, because they want to detract from the really important gold sale itself. Essential things like a proper weighing, analyzing and testing of the gold, jewelry or other assets fade into the background. Once the seller feels a little tipsy it’s much easier to “justify” an inacceptable price which is far too low compared with a reasonable market price. This gold parties should deceive clients in a very unfair and disgraceful way. With our ethical codex, we strictly refuse such business practices.

How and where to sell gold in Kansas City?

reDollar jewelry experts discussing 18k gold stampBefore you sell gold in Kansas City, you should find out the value of your gold. Consult an independent appraiser or meet our appraisers for a quick value check. Alternatively, when you want to sell scrap gold, then use a gold calculator. When you know the purity of your scrap gold and the weight, then you can easily calculate a fair price. If you need help to do so then please get in touch with us. Please compare the prices carefully before you finally make a deal. If you feel ready to cash in then you could try your luck with the following gold buyers in Kansas City: Gold Factory located at 100 E Kansas St, We Buy Gold KC located at 7111 NW Barry Rd. Also South Kansas City Gold Buyer located at Center 63 Shopping Center 6222 Raytown Trafficway could be an option or GOLD BUYER KC located at 6506 N Oak Trafficway. Please don’t understand our examples as recommendations. We don’t recommend this spots, we just list them as potential spots where to sell gold in Kansas City. Beside the classic gold buyer, also pawn shops are an option for brave sellers. Avenue Pawn and Fine jewelry located at 2706 Independence Ave offers cash for gold, as well as Avenue Pawn and Fine jewelry located at 2706 Independence Ave. But in every case it’s most important to find a transparent buyer who is willing to give you a price information. On basis of the price the gold buyer is willing to pay, you can compare and find out who is the best buyer for gold in Kansas City. Don’t forget that! Beside the buyers in your town you can also sell with an online buyer like reDollar. Reliability is not a promise for us, it’s a principle.

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