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If you plan to sell gold or jewelry in Helena you have to deal with limited selling-options. Although Helena is Montana’s capital, it has only a small gold buying market. Estimated there are only 5 to 10 companies offering a cash for gold service in Helena. Therefore everyone with serious intentions to sell gold, silver, platinum or palladium is faced with a real problem: where to sell gold to get a very high price? Before we answer that question – do you know that the town of Helena was founded on a day in 1864 by some gold miners who hit a gold vein containing a significant amount of gold? Now you probably think that a city with such a long lasting history in the gold industry is home to a vibrant market of gold traders. Sadly, no! Sorry about that but the region of Helena was running out of gold in the 1860s and 1870s and miners as well as traders went away. What was left was a town serving travelers and dreamers with groceries, hotels and supplies. Today, Helena is home to a coin shop, a jeweler, a pawn shop and two gold buyers. It’s very questionable if this limited market is able to serve you with the highest prices for your gold. You can ask the gold buyers in Helena for a quote but don’t expect to get out a fortune of your assets.

What is my alternative to gold buyers in Helena

It strongly depends what you want to sell and how fast cash is needed. If it comes to an emergency situation you are probably forced to sell very quickly. Ask all gold buyers in Helena and probably the pawn shop, the jeweler and the coin store how much money they pay you. A comparison in a town like Helena can be done fast, owing to less traffic and the small number of places you can visit. If you don’t depend on cash at the same day, online gold buyers are a serious option to sell with. Mostly, these buyers are endeavored to kick local competitors out. They push into the market to vie for gold, jewelry, coins and ingots. Very reliable buyers like offer amazing purchase prices and serve consumers with best advice. And it’s easy to sell gold in Helena with an online operating company. Moreover it’s very fast and thanks to free pick up’s offered in Helena and greater Helena, sellers aren’t forced to leave their homes or offices.

Helena is also home to two auction companies but one auctioneer solely auctions heavy equipment and construction tools and the other auctioneer brings only real estate’s to auction. So, there is no auction company to sell jewelry, coins, collectibles or accessories directly in Helena. Consumers should also consider that especially very valuable jewelry like engagement rings with diamonds, vintage brooches or watches need an expert’s eye. We know that Helena’s inhabitants trust their neighborhood and community dealers but they should also ask for a second opinion besides the locals. Maybe you’re very surprised that modern ways of selling help you to get paid a very high price. It’s your property and like selling land, cars or tools, the paid price has to be in relation with the real value. Would you sell your truck, your land or your house for less than the market value? Presumable, not! Jewelry, coins and even some gold crowns you got back from local dentists like Kevin Miller, Matthew Coplin or Erwin Quinn, are very often more money worth than expected. Can I sell my gold crown? Well, it depends on the gold quality and the size, but maybe a dinner or a gift for a loved one. We know that local gold buyers in Helena don’t intentionally paying too little money for your precious metals. They have other costs to cover and they have to keep your gold until they can melt it down. You can sell your gold in Helena but if you look to get paid a proper price, better do it online.

How much it’s worth? How to sell gold in Helena?

If you live in Helena or close to the city limits of Helena you ponder to offer your assets to locals. But before you show up at a gold buyer, learn more about the items you own. It’s easy to gather some information. Almost all people have a precise scale at home. Weigh you gold and use a gold calculator to check its current value. Prepared with that knowledge you can hunt for other purchase offers because you know how much money you have to get paid. There are no deductions; you really get paid the calculated amount of cash, if you provide the before calculated quantity of gold or silver.

Some addresses in Helena to sell gold: Wayne Miller Coins, located at 38 N Last Chance Gulch or Eaton Turner Jewelry, located at 1735 N. Montana Avenue or Capital Pawn Jewelry and Loan, located at 1313 Cedar Street.

Spot valuable sleepers: Helena is a historically interesting town

Helena HeraldHelena was founded by gold miners in the 1860s and went through vibrating years of gold prospecting. After the miners have left, Helena became an important place for traders serving the backcountry and other new recovered mining areas. In Helena was always money and wealth in the 19th century and from this time, many valuable things are still present: jewelry like rings, pocket watches, accessories and other collectibles. Maybe an antique sleeper, hidden in your home, is awaiting your recovery. Ask a appraiser if you want to unlock your sleeper’s value.

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