Let’s talk about gold crowns: can you sell a gold crown?

Sell dental gold crowns with reDollarYour dentist removed an old gold crown and now you ask yourself “Is it possible to sell my gold crown?” Or maybe you inherited some old gold crowns. Gold crowns don’t look nice but they have a significant value and can be sold. You will be very surprised to hear that there is a market for yellow and white dental crowns. Dental crowns have no other value than their metal content. Some crowns are made of gold, others are made of platinum or palladium. Sometimes crowns are alloyed with silver or zinc. Only crowns made of precious metals such as gold, silver, platinum, and palladium have a significant value. Visit our gold calculator and pre-calculate how much we pay for your gold crown(s). Base metal crowns are worthless and have almost no value. How much are crowns worth made of precious metals? Learn more and see our value examples below:

How Much It's Worth

18k Gold Crown
Yellow gold crown made of 18k gold (72% pure)Many gold crowns are made of 18K gold what means they consist of 75% pure gold. An 18K gold crown like this weighing 4 grams sells for approximately $207.32 today.

14K Gold Crown
Gold crown made of 14k gold (55% pure)Gold crowns made of 14K gold are also very common in the US. That means that 58.5% pure gold was used for the production. A 4 gram gold crown like this sells for approximately $161.71 today. The price difference between an 18K gold crown and a 14K gold crown is significant.

90% Pure Gold Crown
High quality gold crown made of 90% pure goldPremium alloys like this 90% pure gold crown are rather rare. We receive crowns like that every now and then and very often from wealthy areas in New York CitySan Francisco, or Houston.

Palladium-Silver Crown
Palladium silver crown, 55% pure palladiumThis is an uncommon palladium-silver composition. Approximately 55% pure palladium and approximately 30% pure silver were used to produce this denture. This piece that weighs 9 grams sells for approximately $148.14 today.

10K Gold Crown
Lower quality crown made of 10k gold (40% pure)This is also an uncommon piece. It’s a gold crown made of 10K gold what means that 41.6% pure gold was used to produce it. Some dental labs use 10K gold to offer lower-priced dentures. This piece that weighs 7 grams sells for approximately $201.24 today. The value would be only approximately $114.99 if the weight of this piece would be only 4 grams.

Fake “Gold” Crown
Gold colored crown not made of real goldThis denture was probably created to commit a fraud. It looks like it is made of gold but is only gold-plated. The surface was made of 14K gold to appear as a premium denture. It’s unknown if it was created to commit fraud against unknown consumers paying for a gold crown or against gold buyers paying good money for a worthless piece.

Where can I sell my gold crowns?

Gold buyersreDollar dental gold experts sorting gold crowns, jewelers and pawn shops usually buy gold crowns. They should accept a single crown as well as a whole collection. The more gold crowns you plan to sell, the more you should take care about getting paid a high purchase price. Choosing a reliable dental gold buyer is the key for getting paid a decent price. You can get $500, $700 or $1,000 for the equal amount of dental gold worth $1,300. To get the best and highest possible offer you have to shop around and compare buyers and the prices they’re offering.

Can I sell my gold crowns online?

Yes, you can sell your gold crowns online to reDollar.com. In comparison to the average of local gold buyers, reDollar.com offers much more money for your crowns. Sell dental gold to a reliable buyer like reDollar.com and never sell it to an unknown place in your neighborhood without making a comparison before.

A few yellow gold crowns ranging from 14k to 18k goldIs it necessary to remove teeth before selling dental gold?

Many people don’t offer their gold crowns for sale because they feel uncomfortable regarding the unpleasant look. Others try to remove the tooth/teeth or cement from the gold but there is no need to do that before you sell gold crowns with us. Your crowns will undergo a melting process to dissolve the precious metals from the base metals because only the precious metals can be reused for new jewelry, coins or new dental crowns. Sell your dental crowns with reDollar and get paid the highest possible price. Please feel free to ask us for an estimate. We offer you free and fully insured shipping and an instant payment on the day when your gold crowns arrive in our lab. Read more about our great reviews and reputation if you are doubting that we are an honest and reliable business. The whole turnaround time for a dental gold selling transaction is not longer than two business days.

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