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Gold is a mystic metal, reflecting wealth and power and is used since thousands of years to create jewelry, monetary instruments and accessories. Charlotte is home to 800.000 residents owning significant amounts of jewelry, coins, dental gold, silverware, ingots and other things made of precious metals. Every day it comes to hundreds of selling transactions in and around Charlotte. But what most people would never expect is the awful truth: approx. 7 out of 10 gold buyers offer less than 50% of the real gold value. What means that you get less than $500 for gold worth $1,000. Would you sell a home worth $250,000 for less than $125,000 or a Corvette worth $70,000 for less than $35,000? Of course not, but the misery begins with a leak of knowledge. We estimate that only 1 out of 10 gold-sellers has detailed knowledge about the existing value.

What happens is that gold buyers in Charlotte can tell their customers whatever they want because almost no audit is possible. And you can end up in an unprofitable transaction you would have probably never agreed to, if you would have had knowledge about the real value. Scrap gold is simple to evaluate – even for individuals, from at home. You only need a precise scale and a magnifying glass to get ready for a homemade estimation of your unwanted gold. Basically you go through the same steps like a gold buyer in Charlotte: you spot the markings to distinguish between the different gold alloys and with the scale you’re able to determine the weight. The combination of karat and weight is leads to the present value of your gold. Our gold calculator is a very helpful when it comes to calculate the value. You don’t have to multiply and divide, to learn more about the value. This process is most convenient for you.

Real risks if selling to gold buyers in Charlotte

Drive up to gold buyers in Charlotte

First, it can happen that you become a victim of fraudulent gold buyers. Some guys offer only a fractional amount of the true value. Second, you can see yourself confronted with crime. We know about incidents where innocent people got chased from a stranger after leaving a pawn shop, gold buyer or jeweler. It happens that you get observed from outside a store while you offer your gold to a buyer. This can lead into a dangerous situation, no matter if you sell your gold or you keep it. In any case, you leave a store with valuables – gold or money – and both is worth for a thief to attack you. Consider that the urban area of Charlotte was listed under the 30 most dangerous cities in the US. Avoid entering areas you are not familiar with and make a detour around neighborhoods known for a higher crime rate. Offer your gold only to gold buyers with a more or less well-kept looking store in a busy street. And please, don’t park your vehicle in a shaded corner.

Inside a gold buying store in Charlotte

Always keep in mind that you deal with a stranger. You never know what these guys think and plan. But don’t be too afraid – ending up in a crime is an exception. But safety is always more important than anything else. Never offer a huge quantity of gold at once. Probably you prepare 10 different items you plan to offer, at home. Maybe you also take a picture of all your items before you start with a comparison. It helps you to proof ownership in case of embezzlement.

What can happen while dealing with a gold buyer?

  1. The buyer could ask you how much money you expect: don’t answer that question, they just want to find out if you have a clue about the value.
  2. The buyer could ask you why you sell: don’t answer that question, they just want to find out if you sell because of an emergency situation.
  3. They could ask you what you know about your jewelry: don’t answer that question, they just want to find out if you know that diamonds or valuable brands are present

The best way for a consumer is to simulate lowest demand in money – even when you need the cash urgently. Never show a gold buyer in Charlotte that you are forced to sell. Don’t sell your gold to a cash for gold spot when they put pressure on you. That’s a sign for unreliability.

Cash for gold places in Charlotte

You can try to sell gold in Charlotte with one of these companies: Perry’s Gold Mine, located at 800 Briar Creek Road or Brownlee Jewelers, located at Park Road Shopping Center, 4147 Park Rd or even Perry’s Fine Antique & Estate Jewelry, located at 6525 Morrison Blvd or The Jewelry Stop, located at Carmel Commons Shopping Center, 7617 Pineville-Matthews Rd or Atlantic Metals Xchange, located at 11318 N Community House Rd or you try to sell to Gold Rush Guys, located at 6839 Ledgestone Pl. That’s not a recommendation of our editorial team but only a list of addresses you can visit to run your personal comparison.

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