Gold buyers Columbus: how and where to sell gold in Columbus

Columbus in Ohio is an awesome city. Awesome people live in Columbus and the city is well known for its business. In 2013, Forbes gave Columbus an A-rating as one of the best cities with great business opportunities. Each wealthy city has also a lot of gold like engagement rings, diamond jewelry, inherited gold or gold from a divorce. The sources are extremely different but insignificant for selling gold in Columbus. Fact is that you own some gold or some jewelry and you would like to get paid as much as possible. That’s it, right? This is what all Americans want when they plan to sell gold. Some are selling because of financial needs and others are selling to get rid of unused items or maybe of unwanted memories. But you need a place where you can sell gold or jewelry in Columbus and reliable cash for gold spots are unfortunately hard to find. It takes you some efforts if you like to sell your gold without losing money.

Why is it hard to find reliable gold buyers in Columbus?

Many companies make the most money with buying gold. Well, pawn brokers also lend money and jewelers offer a jewelry repair or battery changes but the real money can be made with buying gold. This is what the gold buyers in Columbus know. And this is your biggest risk. But there are some ways how you can work on to avoid getting ripped off. First and most important is knowledge. You are in a better position, if you have some knowledge about the gold or the jewelry that you would like to sell. You should have an idea about how much money your items are worth because when you offer your gold to local gold buyers in Columbus, you will get asked how much you like to get paid for your items.

We think that this question is a no-go for a reliable gold buyer. The gold buyer should talk openly about the value and about how much he can pay you. We think that it would be more than fair to tell a customer that his gold is worth $2,000, for example. Furthermore the gold buyer could offer $1,700 or $1,800 for this gold. This would be transparent and very honest. We know that it’s possible to find very reliable guys in Columbus working like that but we also know that the majority of the gold buyers wouldn’t work like that. Think about what could happen if you ask for $1,000 and your gold or your jewelry is worth $2,000 or maybe $3,000. Do you really think that the gold buyers would pay you more than the amount you are asking for? Mostly not, that’s for sure. Our first tip before you sell gold, find out how much it’s worth. Use a gold calculator or ask online gold buyers for a free quote.

Online gold buyers in comparison with local gold buyers in Columbus

Online gold buyers put pressure on the local gold market. They promise to pay a lot more than the majority of the local gold buyers. Well, maybe they are right. You can find it out easily. Ask for a quote online. You can easily make a local comparison when you know how much you can get paid online. Consider that gold buyers are tricky. Maybe they try to badmouth your received offer, if you got an awesome quote online. Don’t sell your gold if you are unsure about what to do. Take your gold with you and ask also other cash for gold spots in Columbus.

Where to sell gold in Columbus? How to proceed?

You can sell to jewelers, pawn brokers, gold buyers, watch dealers or coin buyers. Nearly almost all of these stores are buying gold and jewelry. Furthermore you always have the same chances to get paid proper or even too less. Shop around to get a good feeling for the amounts offered. But please consider that it may be possible that stores which are located close together have nearly the same prices. Drive a huge circle to get different quotes for sure.

Sell gold to pawn shops in Columbus

Pawn shops know how to deal with gold. They don’t only lend money for electronics, guns or sports equipment. The majority of all pawn loans are based on gold or jewelry. Therefore pawn shops can be a good place to sell gold in Columbus if the operating company is honest and reliable. It’s a good sign if they don’t ask you immediately how much you expect to get paid for your gold. You can start your gold buyer comparison visiting: Buckeye Pawn Shop, located 411 South Central Avenue or Hilltop Pawn Shop, located 3109 West Broad Street or maybe Buckeye Pawn Shop, located at 1801 Harrisburg Pike or Mega Pawn, located at Great Southern Shopping Center, 3837 South High Street or also A Brice Pawn Shop Inc, located at Century City Shopping Center, 6220 East Livingston Avenue.

Sell gold to jewelers in Columbus

A reliable jeweler can be a good place to sell gold in Columbus. Maybe you get paid top, if it’s an honest and reliable store. They should be more used to fine jewelry than a scrap gold buyer. Furthermore they should be able to determine the value of diamonds and gemstones too. You should include them in your list of places that you like to compare. We have some addresses that you could visit: Carioti Jewelers, located at 175 Cleveland Avenue or Alexanders Jewelers of Columbus, located at 689 North High Street or even Jack Seibert Goldsmith, located at 1741 West Lane Avenue or also Sterling Jewelers, located at 38 South Hamilton Road or try your luck visiting Diamond Cellar, located at Easton Town Center, 3960 New Bond Street or maybe also Posin Diamonds and Fine Jewelry, located at Bethel Centre Shopping Center, 1440 Bethel Road.

Sell gold to gold buyers in Columbus

Specialized gold buyers have expertise in buying gold of any kinds. You can also sell dental gold or nuggets to such specialized places. Some of them are like a small gold refinery. They melt the gold in their store before it will be sent away for a re-refining procedure and recycling process. These guys should be very well trained. Normally you should expect a very professional and awesome service. Some of these guys are not only well trained; they are also very honest and reliable. But it’s very time consuming to find the reliable guys paying good prices for gold or jewelry. If you are not lucky to hit the right spot quickly, you have to shop around for a long time. Always keep in mind that gold buyers know exactly what you have and how much it’s worth. They are able to determine the approximate value without weighting your stuff, just by looking. Watch out before you sell your gold to a gold buyer in Columbus if you don’t have any access to a recommendation from friends or family. Compare the gold buyers, even when you have such a recommendation. Just to get sure. Just to avoid losing money, for your interest. Gold buyers in Columbus you can visit: Gold Buyers at the Mall, located at Eastland Mall Shopping Center or Grove City Coins & Currency, located at 2665 Columbus Street or Appraisal Services – We Buy Coins, located at 1373 Grandview Avenue or A Gold 2 Cash Exchange, located at 3420 North High Street or maybe also Buckeye Gold Company, located at 5350 North Hamilton Road.

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