Gold Buyers Philadelphia – Where To Sell?

Investigation Report: Gold Buyers Philadelphia

Many people look for a chance to sell gold in Philadelphia for a good price. But because we know that many gold buyers offer bad deals, we investigated the gold buyer businesses in Philadelphia. Many people still believe that a local jewelry or dealer is the best way to sell gold and jewelry. But that is not true. If you know a reputable company like, selling online is much more attractive than selling to a local dealer. And we proofed it: you can loose between $1380.70 and $468.44 if you sell gold in Philadelphia.

Gold Buyers in Philadelphia v.s. Online Buyers

We don’t say that selling gold online is always the better option for you. We just say that it’s the better option if you sell to – a buyer with great reviews and best ratings. offers a fully insured mail in program with the possibility to get cash in less than 24 hours. If you are not faced with an emergency situation and the need to get money within some hours, is the better way to sell your gold.

Test Result Overview

(+) Best Offer in Philadelphia: -19.60%
(-) Worst Offer in Philadelphia: -57.77%
(TOP) Online Offer: -5.00% to -10.00%

Gold Buyers Gold Prices in Philadelphia

The current gold price for one ounce of pure gold is $2389.99. Curious how much you can get paid in Philadelphia? According to our research, you can loose between $1380.70 and $468.44 per ounce of gold if you sell gold to a local buyer in Philadelphia.

(+) Best Offer Gold Buyers Philadelphia

Real Gold Value: -19.60%
Equals per ounce: $1921.55
Loss per ounce: $468.44

(-) Worst Offer Gold Buyers Philadelphia

Real Gold Value: -57.77%
Equals per ounce: $1009.29
Loss per ounce: $1380.70

(TOP) reDollar Online Offer

Real Gold Value: -5.00% to -10.00%
Equals per ounce: $2270.49 to $2150.99

You can get up to $1261.20 per ounce of gold more if you sell gold online and not in Philadelphia.

Order Selling Kit For Your Valuables

It’s so easy and convenient to sell gold in Philadelphia using a reDollar shipping kit. Order a selling kit and ship your valuables fully insured to get paid in less than 2 days.

    Order a Kit > Mail Your Items > Get Paid

    Ask How Much You Can Get Paid

    Education and knowing what you own is a great benefit. Let us educate you. Just let us know what you plan to sell and we let you know how much it’s worth.

      Sell Gold to Gold Buyers in Philadelphia

      Philadelphia sign, silver coin, gold rings and scrap goldThe gold buying industry suffers from a very bad image. But that’s a homemade problem. Selling gold, jewelry, diamonds and watches often cause problems: imprecise scales lead to weighing mistakes. But what can you do as a consumer when you search for gold buyers in Philadelphia? Is there a way for you to find the honest guys? Plus, what is the secret to achieve a proper payment? is an online gold buyer knowing the industry’s secrets and tricks. We are willing to share this priceless information with you. We see it as an obligation to prepare sellers for a challenge to find very high prices. Sell gold in Philadelphia guided by our selling tips. Follow our recommendations and our selling experience will become positive at the end of your project. There are many facts to consider before you visit the countless cash for gold places in Philadelphia. Please, use your precious time and take our guideline serious. Selling gold can become a nightmare and can end in losing a lot of money.

      “I plan to sell my gold right away to the next gold buyer in Philadelphia” – review your plan

      We estimate that just 1 or 2 out of 10 gold buyers offer an acceptable amount for your gold. Unfortunately it takes long to meet one of the reliable guys. An undercover investigation has resulted a bad rating for the average of the tested gold buyers. Some were just willing to offer about 30% of the true value. Let’s say you offer gold worth $5,000 to a gold buying company in Philadelphia paying just 30% of the true value. How much would you get paid? Right, that ends up in $1,500. For us, that’s fraudulent behavior. But this can also happen anywhere else in the US from coast to coast, in huge cities as well as in the countryside. But how can consumers differ between a good price offer and getting ripped-off if they have no clue about the value? Generally, there are two ways to achieve a fair amount of money for your gold. First, you get the ability to estimate your jewelry’s value and secondly, you run an extensive comparison. Both ways are recommendable, take time and work completely different.

      Get the skills to calculate the value of your gold before you sell in Philadelphia

      Almost all items made of gold are hallmarked. A hallmark is a stamp showing you the gold’s quality. Common hallmarks are 10K, 14K and 18K in the US. We estimate that round about 9 out of 10 pieces are marked with one of these hallmarks. This fact makes your evaluation process very easy. You need a magnifying loupe or a magnifier to find the markings. Sort them accordingly to the hallmarks, weigh the items from apart and note down the weight. Finally, you just need to use a gold calculator to find out how much your items are worth. Consider that imprecise scales affect the calculated amount in both directions: into more value but also into less value. Don’t see your result binding. See it more as a circa benchmark. Guys, you are well prepared now. Visit one of the local gold buyers in Philadelphia and ask for the first offers. Don’t be shy if they ask you about your expected amount. Ask at least for your calculated amount but better add about 20% do have scope for negotiations. Sadly, it wouldn’t be a surprise to hear that achieving your calculated prices becomes a challenge. As we told you at the beginning, only 1 or 2 out of 10 gold buyers pay high prices.

      Suspicion can lead you: many gold buyers in Philadelphia try to lure you

      Lures are common in the gold buying business. So often, we read about bonus payments or premiums for new customers. Almost all places are liars. There is no need to lure customers if you really pay high prices. Plus, it’s not affordable for the dealer if you trade with one of the good guys: gold sells per weight, prices are created at the stock exchange and you will be charged between 10% and 15% to turn your old gold into cash. That’s fine. But really high prices are not accompanied by bonus payments or premiums. Not for new customers and not for regular customers.

      Sell gold in Philadelphia without the ability to calculate the value

      It’s questionable if you are able to achieve the highest possible price just with a comparison, even when it’s an extensive one. Beside the right strategy, you need also luck. Gold buyers in Philadelphia are widespread and for you as a consumer it’s hardly possible to differ between the good and the bad ones. We always recommend visiting at least 10 cash for gold locations in Philadelphia to get first impressions about your gold’s value. But even if you think you meet one of the honest guys, don’t sell. They can be so extremely friendly and charming to convince you for selling. Beware! You could lose a lot of money! After your first comparison, also ask online gold buyers for an offer. They are in hard competition with local gold buyers and very willing to outbid them. They might be a serious option for you.

      Give Gold Buyers In Philadelphia A Quote?

      Only 40% of the gold buyers we contacted in Philadelphia were willing to give out a price quote. 60% of all tested buyer refused to provide a quote. People with plans to sell gold should be very alerted if a buyer refuses to talk about how much money you can expect to get paid.

      All tested gold buyers remain anonymous!

      Industry% OfferComments
      Buyer 1Jewelry & Watchesno offer/
      Buyer 2Jeweler74.50%very friendly
      Buyer 3Gold Buyer80.40%/
      Buyer 4Gold Buyerno offer/
      Buyer 5Jeweler & Gold Buyerno offer/
      Buyer 6Coins & Collectiblesno offer/
      Buyer 7Jewelerno offervery unfriendly
      Buyer 8Watches & Gold Buyer63.98%very friendly
      Buyer 9Pawn Shop42.23%unfriendly
      Buyer 10Pawn Shop//

      Experience With Gold Buyers in Philadelphia

      The worst offer we received in Philadelphia was only 42.23% of the gold’s real value. If you would sell precious metals to this buyer, you would loose $1380.70 per ounce of gold, today. Most gold buyers refused to share their price philosophy with us what we believe is a big drawback if you have gold selling plans. It makes comparing offers hard because you have to visit every location to find out how much a gold buyer is willing to pay you.

      BuyerDeductionReal Gold ValueOffer/ ozLoss/ oz
      Buyer 1////
      Buyer 2-25.5%$1,265.00$942.42$322.58
      Buyer 3-19.60%$1,264.90$1,016.97$247.93
      Buyer 4////
      Buyer 5////
      Buyer 6////
      Buyer 7////
      Buyer 8-36.02%$1,266.70$810.43$456.27
      Buyer 9-57.77%$1,266.80$534.96$731.84
      Buyer 10////

      Compare cash for gold places in Philadelphia

      find gold buyers in Philadelphia on our map

      The last 10 reading minutes, we guided you trough a revisit process of your original selling plans. Now, you know the basic secrets of the gold buying industry and the danger awaiting you. Now it’s time to share some addresses with you. We have chosen them accidentally because we don’t want to recommend you particular gold buyers in Philadelphia.

      Sell gold to gold buyers and jewelers in Philadelphia: you can ask 5 Points Gold Buyers, located at 914 Cottman Avenue or Gold Buyers at the Mall, located at Philadelphia Mills, 1455 Franklin Mills Circle for a quote. In Philadelphia are at least 5 “Mall Gold Buyers” located. We don’t want to generalize them but our experience is that such places are not famous for high prices. But try your luck and ask them for a quote. Moreover you can ask FH Gold Buyers of Philadelphia, located at 468 W Lehigh Ave or Jeffrey Charles Jewelry, located at 1998 Marlton Pike East or even Treasure Box Gold Buyers & Trading Post, located at 308 Evesham Ave for estimation. Consider what we told you about lures. Even don’t sell if the guys are gorgeous charming before you reached the amount of gold buyers you planed to compare. Two more options in Philadelphia are Family Goldbuyers LLC, located at 1406 Clements Bridge Rd or Andorra Gold Buyers, located at 8500 Henry Avenue.

      Sell gold to pawn shops in Philadelphia, there are a couple of places you can visit: Woodland Money Loan, located at 4701 Frankford Ave or Olney Pawnbrokers Inc, located at 5708 North Broad Street or also Philadelphia Money Loan Inc, located at 5557 North 5th Street. Pawn brokers can be good cash for gold locations too. Summarized, the average are not better buyers than normal gold buyers. It’s always a matter of luck. Forman’s Pawnshop, located at 626 S 12th St or Jolley’s Money Loan, licated at 6214 Woodland Ave are two other pawn shop options in Philadelphia you can compare.

      We Buy Your Stuff, located at city limits, 1505 MacDade Boulevard might be an option if you offer various things for sale. This guys are in Folsom but easy reach.

      Online jewelry buyers, local buyers are working in a localized neighborhood what means that he has access just to a limited amount of customers. Online buyers attract people from New York to Los Angeles and can afford to hire qualified experts. Always check the abilities and the experiences of a buyer where you plan to sell gold or jewelry.

      Gold Buyer

      1750 Deptford Center Rd
      Deptford Township, NJ 08096

      Yelp Rating: no reviews

      Gold Buyer

      120 S 7th St
      Philadelphia, PA 19106

      Yelp Rating: 5.0/5.0

      Gold Buyer

      109 S 8th St
      Philadelphia, PA 19106

      Yelp Rating: 1.0/5.0

      Gold Buyer

      1701 Chestnut St
      Philadelphia, PA 19103

      Yelp Rating: 4.5/5.0

      Gold Buyer

      7249 Frankford Ave
      Philadelphia, PA 19135

      Yelp Rating: 5.0/5.0

      Gold Buyer

      10101 Verree Rd
      Philadelphia, PA 19116

      Yelp Rating: 3.5/5.0

      Gold Buyer

      1620 E Passyunk Ave
      Philadelphia, PA 19148

      Yelp Rating: 5.0/5.0

      Gold Buyer

      3528 Cottman Ave
      Philadelphia, PA 19149

      Yelp Rating: 5.0/5.0

      Gold Buyer

      717 Sansom St
      Philadelphia, PA 19106

      Yelp Rating: no reviews

      Gold Buyers In CITY Serving Districts

      Northeast Philadelphia, Upper North Philadelphia, North Philadelphia, West Philadelphia, South Philadelphia and Center City.

      Gold Buyers In Philadelphia Serving Metro Area

      Reading, Warminster, Lancaster, Wilmington, Harrisburg, Lebanon, Allentown and Harrisburg.

      If you plan to sell gold in Philadelphia… get paid at least…

      10K Gold | $44.64 per pennyweight | $28.80 per gram
      14K Gold | $62.78 per pennyweight | $40.50 per gram
      18K Gold | $80.48 per pennyweight | $51.92 per gram
      24K Gold | $113.16 per pennyweight | $73.01 per gram

      We tested 10 accidentally chosen gold buyers from Philadelphia. The test was performed 12/5/17 between 11:00 am and 4:00 pm. We called the gold buyers and asked them for a price quote for 11 grams of 18 karat scrap gold. All tested buyers remain anonymous and the published addresses are not in relation with the test-results.

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