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What can you do if you have some gold or jewelry to sell in El Paso? You think about gold buyers, flea markets, jewelers, craigslist, auctions or online selling? Right, you have a lot of selling options but how to find out which is the best option for your needs? Most people first think about gold buyers and pawn shops but gold buyers can be honest or unreliable. Other people think about selling jewelry on a flea market but you could get robbed. And what about online auctions? Consumers need knowledge and experience when they plan to sell gold and jewelry. You have to provide an accurate description with liability for your specifications and furthermore some handsome photos. Is it worth that? That’s questionable. And craigslist? Ready to meet strangers? No? What remains? Selling gold online, but what to do if you don’t know a reliable place like You see, selling gold in El Paso is more difficult than it seems at first appearance. Investigate your selling options before you go to the next El Paso gold buyers. Know your options, know what you have and be well prepared for negotiations.

What’s the greatest risk if selling gold to a gold buyer in El Paso?

Let’s start with a small quiz. Which question will you be asked very often when you offer gold or jewelry to a gold buyer, pawn shop or jeweler? They ask you HOW MUCH MONEY YOU’D LIKE TO GET PAID or they ASK YOU FOR THE PROVENIENCE or they ask you IF YOU ARE EMOTIONALLY READY TO SELL your gold. Guess? They ask you how much money you’d like to get paid for your items. Do you think that’s a reliable question? No it’s not, because they should tell you how much money you can get paid. How can a consumer answer such a question? What you learn first is that you should never answer such a question. You could ask for too little cash and a tricky gold buyer could try to make the deal on your called amount. Always answer that you don’t know how much it’s worth and how much money you can expect, if an El Paso gold buyer asks you that question. And be honest by letting them know that you shop around and you won’t sell without comparing.

Some gold buyers may put pressure on you

We know that lots of gold buyers try to put pressure on their customers to finalize a sale. This can also happen to you by visiting gold buyers in El Paso. Don’t let them go with that, especially not when you need that money. Wouldn’t it be awesome to get $1,000 instead of $700? Sure, and therefore running a carefully comparison is the key to a successful selling experience. And please also don’t trust your well-known neighborhood jeweler blindly, also not if you know these guys since years. Some are very reliable and honest and others are unreliable. And for you as a consumer it’s hard to detect if someone tries to run a gold buying scam on you.

Never shop around alone when you plan to sell gold in El Paso

A comparison can be dangerous. Take that seriously, we aren’t kidding you. Always hide what you have and watch out for strangers. Observe your surrounding carefully and never ever hand out change while walking around with gold or jewelry. Enter the cash for gold spots in El Paso quickly and leave them as quick as you came. Park close to the stores that you would like to compare and ask a friend to attend you. Especially women should never shop around alone. They are easy victims.

I take the danger seriously, where can I sell too?

You can bring gold and jewelry to local auction houses in El Paso. But consider that selling with them cause commissions and maybe also fees for photography, storage insurance or other outlays. Furthermore you have to wait weeks or even months for your payday. You can pass by Parker Walter Auctioneer Inc, located at 3801 Frutas Avenue or El Paso Auctions, located at 1855 Trawood Drive. Think about this option but consider our mentioned drawbacks.

A further option is selling online. You can find reliable gold buyers like They are easy in dealing and save your precious time.

First, I like to try to sell my gold in El Paso! Where can I go?

You can visit places like El Paso Coins & Collectibiles, located at 2200 North Lee Trevino Drive or El Paso Gold Buyers, located at 4716 Montana Avenue or maybe also Paso Del Norte Gold, located at 507 South El Paso Street or El Paso Diamond & Gold Exchange, located at 5045 South Desert Boulevard or also Cash America Pawn, located at 7010 Alameda Avenue.

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