Sell gold in Milwaukee: compare the cash for gold places

Thousands of Milwaukee residents inherit every year jewelry, coins, watches, diamonds, dental gold, ingots, silverware and other valuable things. Well, also other reasons like a divorce or just the demand of money can bring a need of gold buying locations. The majority of potential gold sellers have no idea about the value. Having no idea can cause problems as you will learn by reading our information guideline. You ask yourself how to sell gold in Milwaukee getting paid a very high price? It can work but it won’t work without some efforts. Many consumer report of very bad gold and jewelry selling experiences in their hometowns. Bad quotes, unfriendliness and unreliable behaviors are no exemption, sadly. Finding a place for really high prices is a true challenge and comes with wasted hours for comparing the locations. Lots of people are not interested in such a hassle and sell gold online to one of the online gold buyers. Many online buyers publish quotes what makes comparing easy. It would be great if you could call gold buyers in Milwaukee and they would tell you their prices but unfortunately it won’t work that way. We called 10 gold buyers in Milwaukee and asked them for the current scrap gold prices. Only 2 out of 10 called buyers were willing to tell us the price per pennyweight. All the other cash for gold dealers invited us to come to their store. Telling a quote on the phone “is not possible” they insisted. That’s just a lie. Well, it’s not possible to give a phone quote for a unique diamond Tiffany ring but it’s absolutely no problem to tell the current purchase quotes for 14K gold or 18K gold.

Why that? I’d like to sell gold in Milwaukee by comparing prices

It’s just a simple fact: they don’t want you to do a comparison. If you come to a gold buying store in Milwaukee, showing the valuables you plan to sell can increase the odds that you leave without your stuff and cash in hand. These guys are trained to convince you for selling. Most of these gold buyers work non-transparent: they try to avoid telling you the quality of your gold and especially the weight of your items. Knowing weight and purity leads you to knowledge. You can easily use gold calculator tools to unlock your gold’s value. And using such tools is unwelcomed. Very reliable buyers offer round about 90% of the real gold value, unreliable gold buyers between 30% and 50% and sharks less than 30%. Meeting a gold buying shark can end up in losing significant amounts of money. Never sell without various opinions, especially if you know that you own something very special or extremely valuable. Online companies like offer a free appraiser meeting. You can provide photos and additional information to get an idea about the value.

How to compare gold buyers in Milwaukee?

A comparison is easy to run. You need your gold, a list of cash for gold spots in Milwaukee that you’d like to compare, a pen to note down the quotes and some time. Let us share some basic warning, before you start with your comparison in Milwaukee:

  1. Just take 5 to 10 pieces, if you own a lot of gold. Maybe take a picture of your items. We have heard about “strange-loss” of jewelry during a dealer’s visit.
  2. Don’t carry too valuable things. Especially if you enter unknown neighborhoods. In worst cases improvident behaviors could cause an ambush.
  3. Don’t walk into a trap or a lure. Some gold buyers might offer bonus payments for “right-now-selling”. They tell you that it’s a special offer, valid just today. Don’t do that.
  4. Don’t believe them credulously: badmouthing your gold or jewelry is more common as you think. Very often you hear that “it’s just scrap gold”. But guys, it’s gold and gold is one of the rarest metals all over the world. It’s definitively very valuable.

Start with your comparison of gold buyers in Milwaukee

Start with a gold calculator first, if you have some knowledge or if you know the basics from a certification, friends or relatives. Information is power and being prepared for a comparison-challenge is a huge advantage. One of the first questions you will get asked if you enter cash for gold spots in Milwaukee is, “how much money do you want to get for that”. Such or similar questions are most common – nationwide. Such questions are asked to figure out what you know. What happens probably, if you call $200 for a ring worth $800? Right, you will get out with 200 bucks in your pocket. But guys, that’s not satisfying. You should expect getting paid the highest price for your gold.

Lesson 1 if you plan to sell gold in Milwaukee: never call a shot. Let them come with an offer. Stand your ground, also if they try to convince you for selling. Lie that you have to ask mom, dad or a friend, if you feel better. But don’t make a fatal mistake to agree to a price offer.

Be honest if you want: tell the gold buyers that you shop around. It’s “your gold” or “your mom’s gold” and you compare gold buyers. It’s absolutely ok to do that. Gold buyers will hate this honesty but it brings pressure to them. They have to calculate a high price to have the chance of buying your gold.

Ability and experience is not self-evident: It’s easy to set up a gold buying business. But it’s not easy to reach the needed skills for buying very valuable things. It takes years to become a well-trained appraiser. We recommend you to figure out how long a buyer is in the industry if you sell very exclusive jewelry. Compared with online jewelry buyers, local buyers are working in a localized neighborhood what means that he has access just to a limited amount of customers. Online buyers attract people from New York to Los Angeles and can afford to hire qualified experts. Always check the abilities and the experiences of a buyer where you plan to sell gold or jewelry.

Some Cash for Gold spots in Milwaukee

Sell gold in Milwaukee to one of these companies: Capitol Jewelry, located at 3070 E Layton Ave or to David Derzon Coin Co, located at 2069 S 108th St or to International Gold & Silver Buyers, located at 6113 W Bluemound Rd or to a buyer named Harry C Glinberg Jewelers, located at 2675 N Mayfair Rd or to the Gold Exchange, located at 6235 N Teutonia Avenue or to the Midwest Gold Buyers, located at 1234 South 108th Street. You find a lot more guys: some are very honest guys and others have unreliable indentions. Just be aware and use your mind to reveal their tricks. Good luck and keep us informed.

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