How much is my Breitling watch worth? Let’s price your Breitling watch!

Breitling Navitimer Cosmonaute 18k goldHow much is a Breitling watch worth? This is a question that concerns many watch enthusiasts and others who want to become one. Our reDollar watch experts can tell how much your Breitling watch is worth and want to share their watch expert knowledge with you. Our highly skilled professionals work day and night to give you the best advice on the topic of selling luxury watches. Personally, we are big fans of the highly reputable watchmaker Breitling, based in Grenchen, Switzerland. Breitling was founded in 1884 by Léon Breitling. They are well known for their high-precision-made chronometers, especially for aviators. In this article, “How much is a Breitling watch worth” we will help you learn more about the value of Breitling watches. Below you can find a price list and an interesting appraisal conversation with a customer who had serious plans to sell Breitling watches and asked our watch expert for advice.

Breitling Model or Series How much this Breitling watch can be worth
Breitling Avender up to $8,000
Breitling for Bentley up to $18,000
Breitling Blackbird up to $4,000
Breitling Cockpit up to $7,000
Breitling Colt up to $5,500
Breitling Crosswind up to $6,000
Breitling Evolution up to $15,000
Breitling Flying Fish up to $2,000
Breitling Headwind up to $2,700
Breitling Hercules up to $2,200
Breitling Lady J up to $1,000
Breitling Navitimer up to $10,000
Breitling Skyracer up to $3,200
Breitling Windrider up to $5,500

18k gold Breitling for Bentley Motors

How much is a Breitling watch worth?

Steve, I own three Breitling watches and I have to sell them for personal reasons. My problem is that I’m not familiar with luxury watches at all. I need your advice and help for selling. I know that all three Breitling watches are valuable, but I have no idea how much they can sell for. How much is a Breitling watch worth? How and where can I sell them to while getting a fair price?
William from Milwaukee in Wisconsin

Dear William, thanks for contacting me. I could check your Breitling watches for you. Thank you very much for providing photos and your paperwork. I’m pretty sure that I found out some interesting facts in addition to the value. You will be very excited, especially if you don’t follow luxury watches. Breitling is one of my favorite watch brands and in the U.S is well-known for its aviation and Bentley editions. But besides the aviation watches, Breitling shows a long history. Let’s start with the appraisal, William.
reDollar appraiser, Steve Redrich

William wants to know, how much is a Breitling watch worth?

William: We have three Breitling watches for sale. Due to personal reasons, the deal has to be done quickly. We are not familiar with Breitling watches, but we know that they are very valuable. Especially the diamond watch, it seems to be appealing for collectors, isn’t it? How much is a Breitling watch worth and where can I sell them?

Breitling Datora Montbrillant ChronographSteve: You own very nice watches, William. And I agree that especially the diamond watch is very special. But Breitling is more than just a watchmaker setting diamonds on their watches. Breitling is a company with an early history that began in 1884 in Saint Imier, Switzerland. Léon Breitling, the founder of Breitling watches, was in his middle twenties when he started to produce the first watches. From the beginning, he created very complicated watches, chronographs and even chronometric instruments. At the start of Breitling’s success story, the watch manufacture was named “G Leon Breitling” and changed later into “Leon G. Breitling Montbrillant SA Watch Factory” after moving the company to La Chaux-de-Fonds to expand the fast-growing business. Over centuries the company became one of the most important companies for innovation and inventions in the watch making industry. Your three watches are modern and were made during the last centuries. Breitling watch collectors know that the original brand closed its business in 1979 because of decreased profits. The brand was sold to Ernest Schneider, a pilot and watch making business man. He is the reason that Breitling watches experienced a true renaissance. All of your watches were made under the new leadership and they display superlative quality, precision and modern design.

William: Sounds really interesting. Breitling went bankrupt or they just stopped producing?

Steve: They just stopped their watch making production. It was possible to sell the trademark rights to Ernest Schneider because they never went bankrupt. The first watch I would like to talk about today is also the most valuable watch of your collection. It’s called the Breitling For Bentley Motors Limited. This watch is an extremely rare authentic and vintage edition in XL-size, honoring Bentley motors. The case and watchband are made of stainless steel with 34 round brilliant diamonds set. Each diamond weighs about 0.40 carat, in total approximately 13.6 carats. Such a Breitling watch can easily sell for at least $20,000. When I viewed your photos, I could see that this watch has never been worn. Is that true?

William: Yes, all the Breitling watches have never been worn. I’m really surprised about the value. I knew that my watches were valuable, but I have never expected that this watch can sell for $20,000.

Breitling Superocean Heritage watchSteve: I told you, your Breitling watches are very appealing. But besides your diamond watch your so-called Montbrilliant watch is very valuable too. Your 18K gold edition has a nice crocodile band. Made in the 2000’s the watch comes with an analog display, 43 mm case, manual winding movement, and officially certified as a chronometer. This watch can sell for about $6,000.

William: Wow, both watches are worth $26,000. That’s awesome.

Steve:  Yes, and your third and last watch is valuable too. It’s also a Breitling Bentley watch but in “Barnato-Midnight-Carbon” design. Your watch has a black carbon case with a black rubber strap and a fixed black carbon bezel. The dial type is analog and the dial itself is black with silver hands and index hour markers. The watch has a tachometer around the rim. Your watches movement is an automatic movement with a 41B Breitling caliber. The sapphire crystal glass is scratch resistant like the watch case. This watch is in great demand by Breitling collectors and can sell for approximately $6,000.

William: Ok, not bad even if I thought that this watch can sell for a bit more. But I like the total sales amount of $32,000. But what about selling now? Who would buy my Breitling watches fast?

Breitling Headwind watchSteve: Well, you know that we buy watches. Our margin for these watches is 12%. So, we would pay for all your three Breitling watches for $28,160. I’m sure that you can receive $32,000 or $33,000 for your watches if you sell them privately or in an auction. But you would need to consider the selling commissions and additional fees. Furthermore, it takes some time through those avenues. I know that our prices are very high and that’s a great benefit and a pro of selling with us. But you do have other options. Think about pawn shops, jewelers, gold buyers or asset dealers. They all buy Breitling watches and some guys may offer you a decent price. But William, I would never go under $28,000.

William: Ok Steve, I will ask some buyers in the city. If they go with your price I would sell them there because you know that I need the money fast. I want to be honest with you.

Steve: It’s up to you. But William, if you start selling today with us you would have the cash by the day after tomorrow. Plus, if you don’t like selling using a bank account, we offer money order too. Please consider these details. Selling with us is very fast, attractive and discreet.

William: That’s good to hear. I didn’t know that. Under these conditions selling with you seems really tempting. Let me speak with my wife. I’ll let you know.

Steve: Of course! Thank you very much for your interest in our services!

William: I thank you too Steve.

More information about the selling process

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