Learn to understand why we want to melt your gold or silver

First and foremost: we will never, ever ask you to melt down fine jewelry, diamond jewelry, pieces of historic importance, or any other very valuable items. We pay high premiums for diamonds, gemstones, branded jewelry, and rare pieces.

If you decline our melt request, we will provide an offer based on our experience. You may get a little less, but you’ll have the certainty that your items are not getting destroyed during the melting process.

We try to avoid situations of uncertainty for our customers as best as we can by providing a pre-melt estimate or a guaranteed minimum payment. We do this to ensure that you feel comfortable agreeing to our request. It’s our main goal to guide you through the whole selling process with the best possible advice.

Why We May Ask To Melt

Badly Tangled Jewelry

Sometimes, jewelry can get so badly tangled that it’s impossible to separate pieces from each other. We may ask to melt your items down because it’s the only way to provide an accurate purchase offer.

Tiny Pieces

We may ask to melt your items if you mailed in a lot of tiny pieces. This usually applies to customers from the jewelry-making industry, but also to retail sellers cleaning out their jewelry boxes.

Purity Check

Sometimes jewelry contains less gold than you’d expect. This doesn’t happen too often, but regularly enough that if we have concerns or doubts about an item’s gold content, we may ask for permission to melt it down.

Dental Gold

We usually don’t melt down a single tooth, but if you sent us more than just a few crowns, we may ask to melt your items. We test not only for gold but also for palladium, platinum, and silver.

Melted Materials

You pan on selling already melted items? We usually have to remelt already melted items. This applies to a small button as well to already melted silver ingots. There is no need to melt your gold at home before submitting to us.

Unusual Materials

You would not believe how often we receive unusual materials – platinum wire from pacemakers, palladium from catalyst, or even screws or joints from surgery. We have to melt items like these.

Please Understand

If we sent a melt request and if we included a guaranteed minimum amount to be paid, the customer understands and accepts that (1) those items cannot be returned and (2) the sale is final and the customer agrees to get paid an amount equal to or greater than the guaranteed minimum amount.

(Source: Terms & Conditions)

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