Selling Process “Manual”

About The Selling Process

The Selling Process | We offer easy and convenient ways to sell

Getting Paid | There are many ways to get paid

Our Reputation | Learn why you deal with the good guys

No Risks & No Obligations | It’s a risk free selling transaction

Returning Your Merchandise | If you claim some or all items back

Cold Feet To Sell | It’s okay to have cold feet but you can relax

Photo Request | Why we may requested a photo

Understand The Evaluation

Gold Calculator Manual | How to calculate a price

Gold Jewelry Evaluation | Understand the gold jewelry evaluation

Diamond Evaluation | Value of diamonds

Coin Evaluation | Understand the evaluation of coins

Weight Is Critical | Understand the importance of the weight

5-Dollar Scale | No scale for weighing?

Melt Request | Understand our melt request

Before You Ship

Pack Well | Learn to pack properly
Photo Request | Why we are requesting a photo
Silver Markings | Understand silver markings

How We Work & Evaluate

Our Offer & Lab Report | Learn how we present your offer

How We Test | We use latest high-tech equipment

Our Experts | Get to know our leading experts

Stone Removal | We offer free gemstone removal

Small Diamonds | Small diamonds are included in our offer

Trust, Reviews & Reputation

Trustpilot | We are only top-rated (external link)

Reputation | Learn about our great reputation

Our Story | Read about our story

How much we pay for…

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