No Risks & No Obligations – That’s reDollar

The founding team of reDollar created a selling process based on what we personally would expect if selling highly valuable items online. We have a strict “no fees, no charges, no obligations” policy, ensuring that the whole selling process is controlled BY YOU and not by us. We do everything we can so that you feel comfortable throughout the entire sales transaction.

Free Shipping

We offer free shipping for all your items, from just a single ring to a whole jewelry or coin collection.

Insurance On Us

We work with you to pick the right insurance coverage for your shipment. Insurance is added for free and chosen based on the information and/or photos you provide.

No Fees Policy

We have no fees or charges hiding in the fine print. We are well-known and appreciated for our “no fees” policy, as we believe in a transparent selling process.

Professional Handling

Only REAL experts will touch your merchandise. Highly valuable watches, coins, and rare jewelry will only be handled by highly skilled and experienced experts.

No Obligation To Accept Offer

Many people worry about being forced to accept the offer presented, but with us, you can relax. There is absolutely NO obligation to sell.

No Obligation To Pay For Return

There is no shipping and handling fee if you claim some or even all of your items back. Everything will be carefully packed and returned in the same condition as when we received it.

Package Screening

We check all incoming packages for damage to make sure your precious items arrived safely.

Privacy Policy

We do not create customer accounts, we do not save your information, and we never, ever sell your personal data to other companies. Your privacy matters most. Period.

Photo Records

If needed to explain an offer presented, we’ll provide photos of your item(s) so you can better understand how we calculated your quote.

Top-Notch Communication

Our support team always receives 5-star reviews from our customers, as we strive to answer ALL emails within 60 minutes. We are well-known for providing fast, efficient, and unbeatable customer service.

Late Evening Chat Support

After normal business hours until late in the evening, at least one of our skilled employees is reachable via chat. Any questions you have about an existing order or how to place a new order can be answered immediately.

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