How to pack properly

We are proud to say that we haven’t had a single lost package in the last three (!) years and we’ve only had one (!) lost package in the last five years. Please help us keep those low numbers by simply packing your items very well. UPS packages will not get lost if packed properly.

What Not to Do

Never use a letter envelope without bubble wrap to ship your items – not even for a tiny piece! There is absolutely no insurance coverage if shipped that way. Please don’t use a very small box, and please secure all items inside your shipment so that they are not loose.

Paper Envelope

Please NEVER use a paper envelope for shipping jewelry or other valuables. There is ZERO insurance coverage for paper envelopes used to ship your items. Do not even use paper envelopes if you wrap your items. The paper is simply too thin.

Super-Small Boxes

Please do not use a super-small shipping container like this 3 x 3 mailing box, as it can fall through a conveyor system while being processed in a shipping center. It’s also almost impossible to attach a shipping label to these boxes.

No Filling Materials

Please do not put your valuables in a box without using a kitchen towel, bubble wrap, bags, or other items to protect them during transportation. Not only could sharp edges cut through your shipping box, but you also don’t want the packed items to move around and make noise when they are handled.

Box filled with gold jewelry and watches

The Right Way to Pack

Please use your common sense when packing your beloved items. A solid shipping box, a bubbled envelope, and any other sturdy packaging can be used for shipping. Use tape very generously by going around your package or envelope, and please make sure that your merchandise isn’t loose inside the box. Use a kitchen towel, old newspaper, or any other soft material to secure your items. Simply make sure that everything is packed very well in a safe and durable container. Your items will not get lost if packed well.

Bubble Mailers

Bubble mailers are very safe for shipping your valuables. In addition to packing safely, using a good amount of packing tape will ensure that your items arrive in our lab without any delays. To check if you’ve packed properly, make sure you cannot feel or hear the contents of your package.

Solid Shipping Box

USPS, UPS, and FedEx will usually provide a free shipping box. Their boxes are made to withstand potentially rough shipping and handling. Make sure that you bolster all items packed inside and use a good amount of packing tape.

Recycle Shipping Materials

Most people shop online regularly and receive shipping boxes and bubble envelopes with their purchases. Why not help the environment by reusing those shipping materials? Again, please don’t forget to use a good amount of packing tape.

Please help the environment by reusing shipping materials from your last online shopping order. Most online shops use solid shipping boxes and durable envelopes that are perfect for shipping your valuables safely.

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